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Easy money on the Internet: how to find


How to find easy money on the Internet?

The possibility of making money without leaving your home computer periodically interests everyone. Everyone has their own reasons for this: someone plans to make the most of their free time with the possibility of monetizing it, someone does not want to work “for an uncle", spend time traveling and think about how to find easy money, mothers on maternity leave also want to receive additional income.

There are many options for self-realization without leaving home:

  • use of skills in free time, for example, tutoring;
  • development of a hobby into a business with a steady income;
  • learning new areas with the subsequent monetization of their skills.

All these ways of making easy money on the Internet are united by the main thing – the presence of several hours of free time a day and the desire to make money at home. A person who strives to receive additional income must have such qualities of character as: responsibility, independence and focus on results. It is far from a fact that from the first days the money earned will fall into the wallet, for this you will first have to carefully study the chosen niche for income, the needs of customers and try to constantly develop in the chosen direction.

Important! A freelancer is a person working at home, a “free artist”, he can be both a creative person and with technical skills. Today, you will be able to realize your skills in many areas, and for many it will be the easiest money in life.

Where to start remote workFirst of all, you need to choose the niche in which there is at least some minimal knowledge. Write down common options on a piece of paper. Search the net for those destinations that are popular. In this article, we will analyze 15 effective ways to make money as a beginner on the Internet.

Important! Since the calculation takes place in electronic currency, you need to take care of the electronic wallet. If you don’t have one yet, it’s better to have it in advance. It could be Yandex. Money, Qiwi, or WebMoney.

Easy money on the Internet: how to find

Job Exchanges

This is a simple option for making easy money from your phone or computer. There are many exchanges that offer their performers to earn money for elementary tasks. These include: registering accounts, likes and comments on social networks, posting, filling out questionnaires and surveys, watching ads and videos.

Of course, payment for such tasks will be minimal, but, nevertheless, this option of earning will introduce the user to the elementary requirements of customers. This type of income is unlikely to be suitable as a substitute for official work, but these are only the first steps.

Transcription of video and audio recordings

For this type of work, you will receive more serious amounts. The main criterion here will be the ability to quickly type text and perseverance, because. transcription is a rather lengthy process that requires maximum attention and concentration on the task.

Customers in this case are usually journalists, bloggers, television workers and entrepreneurs. Translation of audio text into printed text significantly saves the time of parsing the material, for which we are ready to pay worthy fees.

A big plus of the transcription skill will be the improvement in typing speed, as well as the memorization of information, and this is important for the transition to a more serious stage of freelance work.

Selling goods through social networksThe modern sales market has changed significantly in recent years, online trading is gaining momentum every day more and more. Not everyone is ready to go shopping when the Internet offers the purchase of everything your heart desires, directly without leaving your phone or computer.

The development of your own online store on Instagram or any other social network should start with choosing a product, then study the demand for it in your region, find out about competitors and the prices they offer. So it will become clear whether it is advisable to engage in online sales at all.

Give customers a good service in the form of product advertising, large selection, quick feedback, and the ability to order goods with delivery. The promotion of an online store will take some time, financial costs for advertising and delivery. But as soon as the first regular customers appear, the costs will begin to pay off.


Easy money on the Internet: how to find

If literacy is in your blood, you can always try yourself in the field of copywriting. Writing sales texts, promotional materials and informative articles for media resources will always be in great demand.

To begin with, do not take on difficult tasks, try your hand at rewriting – rewriting articles on a specific topic in your own words while maintaining the main meaning.

In this area, you will constantly have to develop and improve your own skills, broaden your horizons by reading useful materials, learn to be creative and think outside the box. For a full-fledged job, you must know elementary sales techniques, marketing tools and have at least minimal negotiating skills.

A good, competent and responsible copywriter is highly valued in the labor market, the prices for his services grow depending on what he can offer to the customer. SEO studios, online stores, owners of blogs and Internet resources act as buyers of unique content.

To search for the first orders, register on one of the content exchanges, where a large number of customers work simultaneously, who cooperate with both professionals and beginners. This will allow you to fill your hand, get the first realistic reviews and replenish your portfolio, which will make it possible to switch to more expensive orders over time.


For those who speak at the proper level any language other than their native one, it is easy to find additional income in the form of translations of texts. Translation services are not cheap, so this kind of earnings from a part-time job will eventually turn into a full-time job at home for good money.

Knowledge of the language for high-quality work must be at least B2, in which case you can proofread and edit already written articles, translate custom texts into the selected language, add subtitles to videos, prepare press releases and any other tasks related to translation.

Photo processing

Easy money on the Internet: how to find

Most often, photo studios, private photographers, editorial offices, bloggers and just individual customers are happy to cooperate with specialists who have the skills to work in photo editors such as Photoshop.

In such an area, it is important to constantly expand the horizons of knowledge and skills, follow new programs, ideas and improve your skills in retouching, color correction and work with white balance.

Important! There are many free video tutorials on how to edit photos on YouTube.

This direction is promising, it allows a person to develop from an amateur to a professional with high earnings. The main thing here is to constantly monitor the development of the photo industry and new trends in processing.

Replenishing your portfolio with quality work will allow customers to get acquainted with your best work, which will increase the chances of more expensive orders. Professional platforms like Behance or Dribbble help the master find good customers abroad with minimal knowledge of English.

Video editing

Video editing as a way to earn money will require deep knowledge of modern video editors. To begin with, try to practice on small rollers, gradually complicating your task to improve your skills. Helping bloggers and editing short videos for Instagram stories will also bring good money.

As soon as you get the hang of it, and the video processing process becomes faster and better, gradually move on to more complex orders, take tasks from YouTube bloggers, production studios, professional cameramen working at weddings and holidays, holiday agencies, etc.

To improve qualifications and skills, you need to constantly read professional books about directing, techniques and types of video editing, study video lessons that are in the public domain.

Such a creative profession has a number of advantages:

  • permanent income with gradual career growth;
  • communication with interesting, creative people;
  • expanding your own horizons;
  • career growth that will not keep you waiting, provided that you increase your knowledge and skills.


For those who have good writing skills, a desire to share their experience and ideas with others, Yandex developers have created a platform for authors – the Yandex.Zen website, where you can acquaint readers with interesting stories, tips, everyday life hacks and news. If the articles gain a certain number of views, the service turns on monetization and the author begins to make a profit for interesting texts.

Here it is important to choose one main direction of topics and write your stories, relying on it. In this case, the service will show articles to those readers who are interested in them.

Design development

Easy money on the Internet: how to find

How to find easy money if you have basic skills in Photoshop, InDesign and other graphic editors? Try to get initial knowledge from video tutorials on the YouTube channel and professional sites. There is a lot of open information on the net, so at first you should not overpay for special training courses.

What is included in the list of good design skills:

  1. Development of corporate identity of the company.
  2. Creation of logos.
  3. Website design drawing.
  4. Creation of document templates (letters, diplomas, resumes, portfolios, etc.).
  5. Creation of various kinds of animations.
  6. Drawing characters for mobile and computer games, etc.

The main task of a graphic designer is to create objects that are not only beautiful and harmonious, but also functional.

Good designers are attracted both to work on single projects and can be invited to work in the company’s staff. The career prospects for the designer are high. A simple graphic designer, constantly replenishing his treasury of knowledge and skills, can eventually grow to an art director of projects.

Testing sites and applications

The essence of the work of a tester is to check and test sites, game applications until the moment when they fall into public use. You can be hired to determine the usability, the attractiveness of the appearance, the functionality. Upon completion of the work, a detailed report is drawn up for the customer, where all the shortcomings and bugs will be indicated.

To get started, you will need to speak English at least at level B1. Because the terms, names and specifications will be in English. Since the services are mostly foreign.

For this type of work, you need to be diligent. Indeed, sometimes it takes several hours or even days to test a game or application. Especially in order to form your own opinion and prepare a detailed report. Analytical skills will also come in handy here.

In recent years, the IT sector has been developing rapidly and is one of the most profitable niches for making money. To start working as a tester, it is not necessary to have professional knowledge. All comes with experience. But if desired, a part-time job can develop into an interesting and highly paid profession. At first, with a good command of English, it will be possible to earn from $ 10 for easy tasks.

Application Development

Having initial programming skills, you can start making money on creating mobile applications. A programmer writes codes, develops new applications from scratch, prepares updates for them with improvements. Getting a job as a developer is always easy. Try to find clients both on freelance platforms and among large companies that recruit employees to their staff.

Before getting started, it is important to learn programming languages, the basics of working with templates, and the basics of OOP. The demand for such a specialist will always be high, because The number of users is constantly growing, and modern technologies are improving faster and faster.

Video blogging

Keeping your own blog is suitable for sociable people who want to share personal knowledge and experience in a particular area. Get started on Instagram by posting interesting stories and live streaming with your followers. If you feel that this is your niche, try running a YouTube channel.

First, decide on the topic of the channel, select a schedule for the publication of the material. Learn the principles and algorithms of video hosting in order to attract the audience with a well-written description and title.

Before starting a blog, you need to make sure that the necessary equipment is purchased and installed. Including: microphone, camera, laptop or PC with video editing software. This is an initial investment, on which the quality of the content will depend. In the course of blogging, the author quickly pumps many skills. Work with the camera, graphic editors, video editing, performing arts.

When blogging, there are several ways to make money:

  1. Connecting Google Adsense ads. This is the ad that appears when you watch videos online. It pops up automatically, and for each view, the owner receives a fixed monetary reward.
  2. Advertising integrated with a popular brand. The author of the video himself records the commercial and mounts it in the video. Often inserted along with a link to the product or service being offered. For these actions, the author receives either a fixed fee or a percentage of future sales.
  3. An experienced video blogger can give personal advice in a field that is close and interesting during a live broadcast or one-on-one communication. You can, for example, sell your own tips on how to succeed with your personal blog. But this way of earning only works when the author has a wide audience and is popular in professional circles.
  4. Donations and donations. This way of earning is used by most bloggers on the Internet. Often, during live broadcasts, subscribers transfer money as support for the account they like.


SMM is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The SMM manager is engaged in the development and promotion of business pages on the social network. The main task of the manager is to attract new customer traffic, thereby increasing the percentage of sales. He thinks over the ways and strategy of advancement. As well as integration with other popular bloggers for traffic exchange. Fills social networks with thematic content, deals with paid advertising, answers questions and comments. In total, the SMM manager is the main driving tool for account development.

Start your career in this industry in the early stages with the administration of the page for little money. The main task will be to respond to incoming comments. Publish ready-made stories, records, take orders and communicate with customers. Earnings, of course, at first will be less than that of an experienced SMM manager. But this way will allow you to study the nuances of communication, sales techniques and business processes.

Online classes. Tutoring

Easy money on the Internet: how to find

As a way to make money at the computer, it is extremely multifaceted. First of all, it is important to give people useful knowledge or to be a certified specialist. Today, tutoring, consultations with a psychologist and holding thematic master classes are popular. Because it is relevant in a pandemic.

For organizing distance learning, it is important to have equipment (computer, laptop). Only first you need to install such video communication programs as Skype or Zoom. The speed of the Internet should be sufficient so that communication with customers on the site is not interrupted and does not lag behind during the conversation.

Where to look for a job:

  1. Try yourself as a teacher in an online school. Look for job ads on freelance exchanges, such ads appear there with regular frequency.
  2. Create your own online school. This is a difficult path that requires constant employment and knowledge. But as a result of the work done, a constant cash income will appear.
  3. Get involved in school tutoring. Organize preschool education. Or vice versa, help graduates prepare for final exams.
  4. If you have a psychology diploma on the shelf, start organizing online therapy for those who wish. The first consultations can be held among relatives and friends. And then the flow of customers will increase. Especially if the transferred knowledge will be useful. The word of mouth effect works with a bang.


Recruiting and recruiting for projects is a profitable niche for making money at home. The decisive aspect for the user here will be sociability, the ability to understand people. And also you need to assess the skills and knowledge suitable for the chosen type of work. It is recommended to start with a mass selection of applicants for such vacancies as: cashier, waiter and handyman. Here, basic knowledge of human psychology will be important.

Whatever direction of remote work you choose, it is important to devote maximum time for self-development. And also to study professional literature in a specific niche. In order for a hobby to grow into a favorite pastime and a full-fledged job, you will have to learn how to set goals for yourself. And gradually go to them, constantly improving.

Where can I find easy money? Use popular freelance platforms for this. Because this way it will be possible to exclude deception from unscrupulous customers, and get the money earned.

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