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How to make money in 2021 and not lose money


How to make money in 2021?

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, in 2020 the economic system of the country suffered significantly. Because of this, the earnings of many citizens have decreased several times. And more than 20% of the population fell under the reduction.

However, the current year, 2021, according to experts, will allow stabilizing the domestic and foreign economies. It will also enable citizens to turn their business ideas into reality. Since the economy is just bouncing back, it is likely that the initial income from this will be minimal. But in the near future, after the normalization of the market situation, this way of earning can bring good money. Let’s take a look at the most relevant ideas on how to make money in 2021.

The first steps

Do not be afraid of the crisis and unstable economic situation. It is necessary to understand that this is a great opportunity to start something new. Companies that have existed on the market for more than one year are closing, monopolists and market giants are declining and going bankrupt, the usual market is being rebuilt. The main skills that will help you make money in 2021 will be:

  • Ability to analyze;
  • Ability to anticipate new trends and consumer needs;
  • Ability to feel the situation in the market.

It is necessary to find a niche that could not only bring good money, but also pleasure. It is important to act quickly before the places left after the exit of large companies from the market are taken by others. So, we will give examples of the most profitable options for making a profit.


The main human need and a great opportunity for start-up entrepreneurs to earn good money is food. People buy it every day, regardless of the economic situation and its cost. You can cut spending on entertainment, recreation and hobbies, but food is an important part of life, on which most people in the country do not save. Therefore, if you are interested in a way to earn money with minimal investment, but high profitability, then supplying the consumer with inexpensive food is ideal. It can be implemented in several ways:

  • Supply of farm products – this option is suitable for those who have their own land. You can grow vegetables on it. This business idea will be a great opportunity to earn a good amount of money with minimal investment.
  • Home baking – you can learn the skill of a pastry chef quite quickly, for this you only need access to the Internet, a set of dishes and recipes. More and more enterprising people are starting to use this method in 2021. It is possible to create a small home bakery with even a minimal initial amount. At the same time, such a business idea is one of the most promising for the current year.
  • Production of homemade pickles and preservation – almost anyone can make jars with various salads, jams or pickles, regardless of their place of residence. Such products are most often used by citizens who do not have time resources for self-preparation of preserves.
  • A grocery stall or store – this business idea is the most profitable of the above options. However, it will require a little more initial investment, and the execution of all necessary documents can take a long time. However, further income will make it possible to recoup all the money and time resources spent. If the business is successful, then after some time you can open a large grocery store and double your income.

Despite the unstable state of the ruble on the stock market, you can start a business related to the production of food products without fear of losing a significant amount, since the initial investment will not be so large.

Lotteries and bookmakers

This type of earnings is suitable for those who have a stable Internet connection and a small initial capital. Even in a crisis situation, when the future of the country’s economy is too vague, people continue to hope for a miracle and wait for large sums of money to appear without making much effort.

The business idea of ​​u200bu200bselling lottery tickets to the public gives people hope for quick earnings of large sums of money. At the same time, opening such a business, you can not worry about its demand. Even in difficult crisis conditions, there will always be those who are ready to invest their savings in the purchase of lottery tickets. However, such an undertaking can be dangerous, since all gambling is tightly controlled by law. In order not to have problems with this, a novice businessman can buy a franchise from already well-known gambling companies.

auto repair shop

After the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, many residents of the country had a question: “How easy is it to make money in 2021"? A great idea for making money during a crisis would be to open a car repair shop. Since sales of new cars have fallen significantly due to the unstable economy, people do not have enough money resources left for such a large purchase. Consumers have become more likely to purchase used cars, as their cost is much lower. The other part of motorists does not want to part with their old vehicles, even if it requires expensive repairs. In this regard, the demand for tire work has increased significantly, as well as their price.

To avoid major breakdowns, owners of used cars often resort to the services of a car service. Most often, they perform diagnostics and minor repairs. And in order to make the business idea more advantageous and successful, in addition to repair services, you can offer the consumer quality parts under warranty. To do this, it is enough to conclude an agreement with regional suppliers or order parts in bulk through online stores. Such a business can quickly pay off. But only on condition that spare parts are not obviously of low quality. If you choose the right suppliers, you can get a good discount. And the margin on the goods being sold will allow you to quickly get a high income from such a business.

The payback of this idea will be at least 6 months and directly depends on the number of consumers applying to the workshop, as well as on the number of spare parts sold. details. In such a business, it is important to place as many advertisements as possible, as well as to do all the work as efficiently as possible. In the field of car repair services, a significant role is played by the reputation of the service.

Internet earnings and freelance

How to make money in 2021 and not lose money

Even those who do not have any initial investments or those who do not have certain skills can earn on the network. Also, to earn significant amounts, it doesn’t matter what kind of education a person will have, age or amount of 🪙 in his wallet. Below in the article, consider the main ways to make money on the Internet:

How to make money fast in 2021 – working with texts

Article writing, copywriting, rewriting and SEO optimization – this option is perfect for people who know how to correctly and organically present information.

This is a particularly relevant way to earn good money during the crisis and the depreciation of the ruble on the global stock market. You can earn up to 1000 🪙 daily by writing articles. At the same time, the income will depend solely on the number of orders taken and the capabilities of the contractor.

The higher his rating and skills, the more, respectively, he will have money. This idea is relevant and can bring a good annual income.

Advertising and SMM

Advertising and SMM – this money-making idea is perfect for crisis conditions. Many are interested in how much you can quickly earn in 2021 by engaging in such activities, the answer is quite simple – as much as the contractor can take orders for work.

This method is often used by people who maintain their website or blog. To start earning from advertising, it is enough to register on a special Internet resource. For each viewing of a commercial or banner, site owners will be able to receive a certain percentage in monetary terms.

The more people visit the site where the advertisement is placed, the more earnings will be.

Social media

Social media is another good way to make money in 2021. It is especially relevant for people who are away or in self-isolation. It is not necessary to visit the physical branch of the office or go out on the street to get a few thousand 🪙.

To start making money on social networks, you only need to have a page, everything else depends on the personal capabilities of the performer. It can be like writing various comments under posts or videos, reviews or administrative activities in groups. Such an idea of ​​​​how to make money in 2021 is feasible even without a minimum initial capital.

To find a job in the social The network just needs to register on the freelance exchange and start completing simple, inexpensive jobs. As the rating increases, earnings will increase and it will be possible to take on more expensive projects.

How to make money exactly in 2021 – photobanks

Photobanks are an ideal way to make money for people who are fond of photography. With such a hobby, you can definitely not worry about how to make money effectively in 2021.

There are a huge number of specialized resources or photo stocks in the Internet space. To get started, you only need to create a personal profile, after which you can upload your pictures and offer them to other users at a good price.

If the performer takes good quality photos, then they will definitely be in demand among buyers.

Website development

Creating your own sites – on the freelance exchange, this way of how to make money in 2021 is very popular. However, at the moment, the number of professional performers is minimal.

Therefore, you can improve your own skills in this area and start earning good money. Customers appreciate responsible performers, so you can increase your income in a short time.

The main thing to remember when starting to make money in 2021 in the Internet space is to take a responsible approach to the orders taken into work. You can quickly earn a high rating, acquire regular customers and completely go to a remote mode of work. However, many still doubt whether it is possible to really make money in 2021 in this way. These doubts can be dispelled by official statistics on the income of freelancers, which is posted on various Internet resources. If the fear still remains, you can consult with other performers who have switched to freelancing. For this, there are many specialized forums on the Internet.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

How to make money in 2021 and not lose money

This method is suitable for anyone who thinks how easy it is to make money on bitcoin in 2021. Because it does not require special skills or large initial amounts. To better understand how cryptocurrency exchanges work, we recommend reading special articles or visiting forums. The general mechanics of their work is quite simple.

It is necessary to invest a certain amount of money that will accumulate and generate income. For 2021, there are a large number of such exchanges and types of cryptocurrency. The main thing is to choose the one that offers users the most favorable conditions. It is also important to pre-read reviews on this exchange in order not to fall for scammers.

With this method of earning, there are certain risks, since the exchange can be hacked and then all the accumulated funds will be impossible to withdraw. However, the amounts that can be obtained from investing in cryptocurrency are quite large, so it is up to the user to decide whether to risk or not.

Educational courses

A business idea is especially relevant during a difficult economic situation. Because many people begin to spend time on self-education and on the education of their children. According to statistics, the crisis does not particularly affect the educational process. However, with the onset of the pandemic, tuition prices have risen significantly. That is why many young people do not want to go to college or university after graduation. The most popular way to get an education are educational courses.

If a person has any skills, for example: to play the guitar, sing well, or knows a foreign language perfectly, then you can upload training videos to various platforms. According to them, other users, for a fee, can learn any skill. Such courses cost significantly less than getting an education at a university. And guarantee the receipt of a certificate at the end of the entire period of study.


Along with food, the need for clothing is one of the main ones. Social norms play a big role for a modern person, therefore, the need for clothes and shoes does not disappear even in a difficult financial situation. Therefore, if the question is how to make money in 2021, then you can try to open your own small store, sewing workshop or atelier. Another way that you can earn good money is your online store.

Since lately people have become accustomed to rarely leaving their homes, online shopping has quickly become popular. Online trading is developing rapidly, so ample opportunities open up for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can buy clothes in bulk from the manufacturer. As a rule, this is much cheaper than buying models in small quantities. And sell them in your store at a premium. The difference will be the income of the seller.

But doing your own tailoring is not a very good way to make money in 2021. If before starting work in this industry the question arises: “How much can you really earn in 2021” by engaging in such activities, then statistics on earnings among owners of ateliers and sewing workshops can help answer it.

This service is slowly disappearing from the market and ceases to be in demand in times of crisis. If your goal is precisely to increase income, and not to engage in a hobby of interest, then it is better not to start a business of your own tailoring.

The property

The crisis period contributed to a sharp decline in housing prices. At this time, according to experts, real estate transactions will become the most profitable option. If a person has additional living space that was previously rented out at the same price, then it is best to sell it. A couple of months later, buy similar housing at a lower cost. The difference in price will be the income. In the context of a pandemic and the fall of the ruble on the market, it can reach several hundred thousand.

Another equally profitable option is the completion of unfinished houses. Since recently, many people who previously purchased lived. area in unfinished houses, they began to actively sell it, an enterprising person has every chance to earn a decent amount of money. It is enough to increase your initial capital to the required amount and purchase an apartment in such a house. After the project is completed, it can be sold at a higher price. Thus, you can earn good money.

The easiest and most advantageous option is to rent out your own home. It is suitable for those who have their own lived. area, but does not want to sell it. Best of all, such a business is implemented in resort towns. And also in places popular with tourists: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan. And all the cities of the Golden Ring in recent times. If the apartment has a good repair and is equipped with new appliances, then it will be more in demand in the real estate market. And, accordingly, will bring more income. How much you can actually earn in 2021 by renting out housing depends solely on the established price tag and the economic situation.

Top most in-demand professions in 2021

How to make money in 2021 and not lose money

In addition to starting your own business, you can get a high-paying position, of course, if you have certain skills. However, some of the following professions can be easily learned on your own.

  1. IT specialist is one of the highest paid professions today. The earnings of an average programmer can reach 300 thousand 🪙 per month. To become a qualified specialist, you need to have certain skills. Which, however, it is quite possible to master at home. Also, when applying for a job, you must present a portfolio and draw up a program code. In modern realities, IT-specialists are sorely lacking. Therefore, even novice personnel will be in demand and can be guaranteed to hope for good earnings.
  2. Manicurists, massage therapists, etc. – the beauty industry has always been a profitable segment of the service market. As in the case of IT-specialists, you can learn this profession at specialized courses. The main thing is experience, practice, advertising and customer base. In times of crisis, depilation, massage and nude make-up procedures are especially popular.
  3. Sales – any company has a strong sales manager at its headquarters. A good specialist can significantly increase the income of the entire enterprise. You can sell anything, from ordinary cosmetics to expensive electronics or furniture. In 2021, online sales are becoming popular. However, it should be borne in mind that most employees do not work as a sales manager for a fixed salary. And for a certain percentage of the transaction. This job option is ideal for students, good speakers or women on maternity leave.
  4. Creative professions – in the last year, the demand for creative people has increased. As a rule, the top of such professions are screenwriters, artists, designers, dancers and copywriters. If a person has any creative, creative hobby, then this way of making money is perfect for him. For the ability to think outside the box and create unique, original content, lately they are ready to pay good money. Even in times of crisis.
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