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How I found out about Robert Kiyosaki – my story!


At that time, I completed my second year at the local technical school and went to Yalta for the summer to a Christian camp as an assistant.

Our job was to help organize the concert, build the stage, and at night it was necessary to guard the equipment, the kitchen and generally keep order in the camp. They worked in pairs. It was necessary to defend the shift for 24 hours, then 2 days of rest.

The first day we usually slept after the shift, and on the second it was already possible to take a walk, go to a concert or go to the city or go to the market. Various seminars were also held during the day, including business seminars.

I decided to go to one of them. Our speaker talked about himself, about how he made money and created a business, in general, it was interesting to listen to the story of a successful businessman. If I’m not mistaken, he himself was the founder of the Nyuga Best business.

So, after the seminar, a married couple approached us. They themselves were from Kyiv. The man was also a security guard and kept order like me, and his wife just went with him. They offered to talk in the evening about one business proposal that might be of interest to us. In principle, I was not opposed and agreed. Since at that time I already became interested in money and ways to earn it.

We met at one of the tables in the summer cafe of our camp. At first we just talked a little about life in order to get to know each other better, and then they began to talk about the business they are doing.

It was the Amway business (maybe someone does not know the Amway company – it promotes its products through a network of so-called distributors – information about products is transmitted from person to person, and not through stores, for example. Anyone can become an Amway distributor and build my business in the company) – then I still did not know anything about network marketing and everything they told me was very interesting and intriguing. They drew circles, wrote numbers, as they usually do in a standard presentation.

I remember well that at that time I was not so much interested in the business itself, but in the very idea that this business can give a person, namely, the idea of ​​creating a structure that will work for you, and you will receive passive income from the efforts of other people.

That’s what hooked me the most – Passive Income.

For the first time I learned that there is such a concept. All I knew about money at that time was that if I needed it, I should get a job, work for a month, and at the end get paid. That is, to work for money and for the sake of money. But as it turns out, you can take the time, create a structure or business, put it all on autopilot, and you don’t have to work until the end of your life, but only earn income and enjoy life, travel, and so on… That’s what I liked. At the end of the presentation, they recommended that I read a book written, of course, by Robert Kiyoyosaki. The book was called Poor Dad Rich Dad.

After I returned home from the camp, the first thing I did – literally the next day – went to the bookstore. The book Poor Dad Rich Dad was not on sale. But the seller offered me other books by Robert, which I did not know which to buy – but among all the books there was a book called "If you want to be rich, don’t go to school." I liked the title. I immediately remembered the school and how I sat and got bored in the classroom. and dreamed that the lesson would end as soon as possible. This is the book I bought.

Everything I read and learned had a HUGE EFFECT on me. It’s like saying – I have seen the light. The thoughts, ideas and methods of Robert Kiyosaki made a real REVOLUTION in my head. Everything was so strong that I even wanted to quit my engineering studies and start building my own business. My parents were stunned by my statements, but still managed to convince me to complete the training …

That’s it. This was my story of getting to know the ideas and thoughts of Robert Kiyosaki. Of course, this is not a success story yet, but nevertheless, I take steps every day to achieve my goals.

I am very interested to know how other people found out about Kiyosaki, or using his methods achieved financial freedom or created additional sources of income, if you have a desire, please send your story to me at [email protected]  and I will gladly publish it Online.

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