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Opening a clothing store


Clothing belongs to the primary needs of a person, because people are not able to adapt to the environment and temperature. But the choice of clothes is not always determined by climatic conditions – people choose clothes based on fashion trends and personal preferences.

Clothing stores are divided into 2 types: a supermarket and a boutique. While a supermarket offers a wide range of products to customers, a small business is more specialized in boutiques that sell clothes in specific categories, for example:

  • shoes;
  • business suits;
  • sportswear;
  • casual style clothing.

Market research

Opening a clothing store

In the beginning, decide on the category of the goods being sold, for this, study the market properly.

Market research is the basis of entrepreneurship, helping to determine the direction, because in our time the choice of clothing is quite diverse: specialized clothing, clothing for adults and children, men’s or women’s clothing, there are a lot of options.

Basic information can be obtained from the region’s website. Attention should be paid to the average income of residents and the age structure. At the same time, analyze the offers, for this visit the establishments of the alleged competitors. This will help determine the surplus and deficit of the market.

Do not discount online shopping. They are quite popular, so it is better to browse these sites, having determined the price range of the goods sold.

When the selection of the offer is left behind, an equally important question arises – where to locate the store?

Choosing a store location

The question of the location of the future boutique arises even before an experienced entrepreneur, to say nothing of a beginner. The correct location of the store is the key to a profitable business, because most customers prefer to visit the same proven boutique. Therefore, the greater the traffic, the more regular customers. Therefore, the owners of shopping centers rent out sites to businessmen. But renting a place in a shopping center has one minus – a high price. If there is not enough money for rent, then purchase a plot near a shopping center or other places with a high degree of attendance.

Selection and equipment of the premises

Now that the location for the boutique has been selected, you should select a room. Beginners are not advised to take pavilions that require refurbishment or additional permits. This will lead to unnecessary difficulties and expenses.

Opening a clothing storeIt is important to pay attention to the proximity of the pavilion to public transport, car parking, as well as the presence of a separate entrance. A separate column is the design of the room, because a beautiful interior will give the visitor aesthetic pleasure.

As it was written, people prefer to go to the same store, but if the quality of the store equipment is low, then you should not rely on regular customers. Don’t neglect quality when buying mannequins, chairs and shelves. Poor quality equipment can easily fail, which will not please the customers of the store.

Drawing up a lease agreement

When negotiating with the landlord, you should carefully draw up the contract. “Early termination of the contract due to low profitability" will be a big plus for the tenant. In order not to lose money in case of early termination of the contract by the landlord, include penalties in it. And feel free to ask for a rental holiday (deferred payment).


When creating a business, keep in mind that you will not only receive, but also spend. The main expenses go to paying employees, renting a pavilion and ordering goods. The number of employees depends on the size of the boutique. If the store is small, then two or three salespeople who also perform the functions of a cashier will suffice.

There is no way in business without an accountant, while he will be on the staff or outsourced – the choice of the entrepreneur. Keeping a freelance worker will save on wages.

Selecting a supplier and purchasing goods

When the previous conditions are met, think about where it is better to take the goods.

The choice of supplier must be taken seriously. Conduct an analysis of available suppliers according to the criteria:

  1. price;
  2. quality;
  3. range.

Study the relevant corporate websites, see what brands they work with, as well as the terms of delivery, and then make a list of suitable suppliers.

Too low quality can easily frighten off the buyer, so you should not save on this.

Try to establish contact with the supplier you like and do not hesitate to clarify the terms of cooperation, discounts, payment for vehicles and delivery times.


Opening a clothing store

Advertising is the main way to attract customers. Without attractive advertising, store promotion will simply be impossible. You can advertise the store from the moment you sign the contract with the landlord. You can hang an advertising banner near the future entrance to the store. On which the opening date and information about discounts are indicated. But the banner may not be effective, so you should think about creating a website for a clothing store and online advertising on social networks and search engines. With the help of online advertising, the store will attract a large number of new customers.

In parallel, it is desirable to create a page for a clothing store on social networks and add new items and promotions there.

clothing store profit

The store’s main income comes from sales. Therefore, constantly monitor the quality of service and goods. Order goods based on fashion trends, and to control the service, arrange surveys among customers or use the services of a secret client.

Loss of profit

The main reason why a business loses profits is low demand. Along with low demand is poor location, too high or too low prices, and poor customer service. To minimize the risks, take the creation of a business plan seriously.

We draw conclusions – profit depends on demand. To ensure that customers do not bypass the store, constantly monitor the observance of the quality of service and goods.

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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