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How to start a business selling goods from China?


Currently, the business of selling goods from China seems to be more than a profitable direction for financial investment. Indeed, in our country, as in many others, a huge amount of goods comes from China. And the purchase price of these goods allows them to be sold at a very good margin! But where to start a newbie in this business? And how to start a business selling goods from China?

Choosing a niche and product to sell

In this type of business, literally everything depends on the right choice of product. Especially when it comes to the first experience of such sales. After all, the first negative experience of reselling goods from China can discourage a person from testing his strength in business for a long time. Therefore, the choice of goods should be treated very carefully. Such a choice depends on the niche in which the novice businessman decided to plunge.

Business with China: what to sell?
And there can be a huge number of options. You can sell absolutely everything. From ballpoint pens to large household appliances. You just need to know the demand for such a product in the market. And to obtain such information, you will have to test the niche by placing ads for the sale of goods that are not yet available. Please inform interested customers that the item is currently out of stock. And then offer to call back after receiving the goods. Thus, you will lose a certain percentage of possible deals, but you will test the niche and determine the relevance of the product.

Supplier selection and delivery options

How to start a business selling goods from China?The next step on how to start a business with China will be the choice of a supplier. The quality of the goods and the timing of their delivery depends on the supplier. There should be no problems with volumes, because China produces everything on a huge scale, and this statement applies to almost every manufacturer.

Some Chinese Trading Platforms

  • Alibaba.com. The platform is focused mainly on large wholesale.
  • AliExpress.com. Focuses on small wholesale and retail.

To check the quality of the goods and the integrity of the supplier, it is first better to order a small batch. So you can see the product in reality and, if it does not meet your requirements, refuse further cooperation. The rest of the batch can be sold for a low price, while returning all your invested funds. Some suppliers offer delivery at their own expense, and we are particularly interested in such an offer. In this way, we reduce overall costs, and we can put the saved money back into circulation.

And do not forget that for the normal functioning of the business, the warehouse must have the necessary stock of goods. If this stock is not available, then the time spent on delivering a new batch of goods can become an unaffordable luxury and lead to financial losses. That is why the issue of clear and measured financial planning becomes especially relevant here.

On a note!
If you do not have the opportunity to organize your warehouse, you can try your hand at working with China using the dropshipping system. What is dropshipping is a sales scheme that consists of drop shipping. A businessman (he is also an intermediary and a dropshipper) is the link between the manufacturer and the buyer. In short, the essence of the work is as follows: the buyer purchases the goods on the businessman’s website, and after payment, the supplier directly sends the goods to the buyer.

How and where to sell goods?

The issue of the sale of goods is no less important than the rest. It may even require a more careful approach. Indeed, where to sell goods? First, attention should be paid to the various opportunities for selling goods on the Internet. The easiest option to start a business with China is to post your offers on free message boards. Sites that provide such ad placement services are highly advertised. And you will not need to additionally advertise your own website or product. Here your offer will be seen by a huge number of potential buyers. And that’s all we need.

How to start a business selling goods from China?The second option is to create your own website. Even if it only has one page. This option looks more impressive. But it is worth putting such a project into practice when there is something to sell in an online store, and the sales system has already been established and expansion and an increase in the number of sales are required. That is, this is already a step towards serious business. Here you can already talk about creating your own brand and a recognizable name. That’s when it makes sense to create a website. And with small volumes of sales, you can limit yourself to free bulletin boards.

Another option is to create a physical point of sale. This may be opening a store or renting space in a large shopping and entertainment center. It is the latter option that is the most promising when concentrating on sales of a rather unusual product. The product that evokes intense emotion and a desire to immediately make a purchase.

If you combine all these methods of sales, you can already get a very significant result. With the potential to open a network of own stores.

In fairness, it must be said that such projects require appropriate financial investments and it is better to bring everything into life gradually. Several categories of goods, the presence of reliable suppliers and an established transportation system allow you to turn your first attempt at investing money into a real business.

Advertising and promotion

When choosing a product, pay attention to its popularity. A popular product does not need to be advertised. But if you bring something new, you can’t do without advertising costs. This is about the product. The second point here is advertising your own online store and advertising your brand. You can do this by absolutely all available methods. From buying contextual advertising to distributing leaflets with an invitation to visit a website or store. It should be noted here that people are very greedy for everything that you can touch and experience for yourself. That is why hoverboards have become so popular. Demonstration sites and the ability to conduct your own test have become a decisive factor in the purchase of many customers.

A big journey begins with a small step. Big business starts with a small batch of goods. And the Celestial Empire will not get tired of delighting us with the latest innovations in the field of electronics and technology for a long time to come. And a huge list of other goods from China surpasses all possible competitors in price and quality. It’s still a global factory. So away doubts! Make your own plan and go to your goal. And then there will be one more successful businessman in the world!

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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