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Do you need marketing for your business or not? Needed!


Is marketing good for business or not? Whether to try marketing or not. Do you need marketing for your business or not? Sooner or later, any businessman asks these questions, especially often such questions arise when problems begin in business. World market leaders, such companies as Apple, BMW, Google, know the answers to these questions, and therefore become leaders, which is confirmed, for example, by the analysis of the Apple brand.

The answers to these questions are always different, but not always unambiguous. Very often, a businessman cannot find answers to these questions at all, because, trying to find an answer, he gets more and more questions that seem endless. As a result, some businessmen do not use marketing at all, or rather they think they do not, because they cannot fully understand the role of marketing in business. Some business people try marketing, but get frustrated with it and stop using it, or rather think they stop using it.

The correct answer to the questions above, especially to the question of whether or not a business needs marketing, is that, in fact, everyone, absolutely all businessmen, are doing marketing, even if they think they are not doing it. Why is that? Yes, because marketing is the algorithm of a successful business. To understand this, it is enough to read articles about business and marketing. 

For example, when a businessman opens a new restaurant, he thinks about the prices that will be on the menu. He does not set any invented price, he sets the market price, i.e. the price a restaurant customer is willing to pay. If it is usually a restaurant, then the price is set, which is approximately the same as that of competitors, because if you set a different price, then visitors will go to the competitor.

If an exclusive restaurant, then an exclusive price is set. Deliberate pricing is pricing, and pricing is marketing. Accordingly, marketing plays a key role in business. In turn, the totality of businesses is the economy, which means that the role of marketing in the economy is also key.

Marketing is generally such an interesting thing that it is not clear when it is and when it is not.

You can take another example: a businessman decides to open a beauty salon. The question of whether marketing is needed or not for a business is hardly initially raised, just as it is hardly a question of whether this business is possible without marketing, because there are many other questions. In particular, in order to open a beauty salon, you need to choose a set of services that this beauty salon will provide. A competent businessman will not do this by sight, because you can burn out.

In order not to burn out, he will talk to those who visit beauty salons and find out what services they really use and to what extent. Then he will analyze the sites of future competitors in terms of what services they provide. Only after the businessman does this, he decides on the range of services, which means, perhaps without knowing it, he applied marketing, because the choice of assortment is marketing.

Marketing is generally such an interesting thing that it is not clear when it is and when it is not. Let’s take a business like a car service. The car service has customers, just like any other business. Clients are different. There are complete strangers and such customers are assigned the maximum price. But there are also familiar people who are very often offered a lower price by acquaintance. In turn, there are very good acquaintances, friends and relatives.

These customers are usually offered the lowest price. But if you please, dividing customers according to their characteristics and offering them different prices in this regard is nothing more than market segmentation. Market segmentation is one of the main marketing tools. Thus, whenever a businessman divides customers into different segments, he is actually marketing.

Whether or not marketing is necessary for a business is up to you.

Do you need marketing for your business or not? Needed!

There are many examples, and there is always a place for marketing in these examples. Accordingly, everything, absolutely all businessmen use marketing, although sometimes they do not know it themselves. This means that the question of whether or not a business needs marketing really translates into a question of how much marketing a business needs and a question of how to organize the most effective interaction between marketing and sales.

These are very important questions, because marketing is the technology of a business, a successful business. The more marketing in the business, the greater the result from the business. The better the pricing policy is worked out, the more money you can earn. The better the assortment is worked out, the more money will be earned. The better you manage to segment customers, the more money you can earn.

You can always safely answer that business needs marketing, at least, because marketing and business are basically the same thing.

In addition to the fact that marketing is a technology for a successful business, it is also a way to gain experience, and experience is one of the main assets of a business. If competitors collide in the market, then in 100% of cases the victory will go to the company that has more experience and applies the rules of marketing. Experience almost always wins even big money. For this reason, experience is worth gaining, accumulating and preserving.

Doing business through marketing allows you to gain experience, highlight the main thing in it and keep it in your business even if key employees leave you. They can carry away their experience, but not the experience of the company. Accordingly, if you are ever asked whether business needs marketing or not, you can always safely answer that business needs marketing, if only because marketing and business are basically the same thing.

Business without marketing is impossible in principle, because it will no longer be a business, but something else. A businessman can do marketing on his own, he can hire a marketer, or he can just get advice on business and marketing, but this must be done. It should be noted that the latter option is the cheapest. The main thing is not to make a mistake with consulting, to choose the one that suits a businessman, because there are different types of consulting .

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