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How to make money on a YouTube channel: start with a strategy


Not every user understands how to make money on a youtube channel. On the one hand, anyone can be on the other side of the camera. Well, if he knows how to set up a video on his computer and click “record".

And it can provide more than 1000 views per day. Or bury the video project at the start. With this article, we open a series of publications with working tips for making money on youtube.

We will tell you how to ask yourself the right questions and develop a strategy to increase income.

What are the right questions

Calculating the total number of youtube users is a more difficult task than attaching a counter of not-yet-extinct stars to the “backend” of our solar system. If you are a beginner video blogger or the company you work for gave you the task to make money on a youtube channel, do not rush to start creating content. If you value your time and budget (or maybe your goal is to make money without investment), start with strategic planning. 

In the article about triggers, it was mentioned that turning points in life start with the right questions. If you are already using the strategy of hourly questions to yourself, then you will easily find answers for your video project and get income. We suggest how to choose a direction at the start.

The first question that marketers like to ask themselves at the beginning of work is about goals. It’s clear here. The goal is regular income. Advertising will provide it. On average, for every 1000 views, from 2 to 5 dollars are charged.

And here the fun begins.

The second question is who will watch you? Determine the audience for which the video will be recorded. The more accurately you draw a portrait of your viewer, the more clicks, views and subscribers will be. Create useful content. Learn to make a quality video product to increase your income quantitatively.

How to monetize a video blog

How to get your first 1000 likes on youtube channel ?

Youtube has developed tutorials on creating interesting content and attracting viewers. In the section of the service “Academy for Authors” you will find useful tips. If you’re used to getting new knowledge the old fashioned way, read Michael Miller’s YouTube for Business. Effective Video Marketing.

In the meantime, you have not delved into the theory – we offer a little more brainstorming. Think about what you want to communicate to the viewer? Try to analyze his needs and reflect in the video not only your message. What does the person on the other side of the screen want to hear? How does this fit in with your goals and objectives? Look for a balance between these two.

Ask yourself the difference. What makes you stand out from your competitors and are there any? Maybe your informational message is unique. Or maybe it’s trite, and it’s not different from others. Then think about how to improve it. Collect information about other similar videos and analyze how they differ from each other, what unites them. At the junction of a compilation of similar content, unique selling propositions are often born, the ideas of which always seem to lie on the surface, but no one uses them because of perception fatigue. This state is typical for those who work in a certain direction for a long time and do not forget to analyze the process.

Do not give up the habit of analysis in the future. When the channel will generate income, do not forget to periodically monitor the “on-air grid”. This work can also turn into a separate section of the channel. The modern viewer does not have time to study all the videos on the topic. He chooses the top ones, those on the 1st and 2nd pages of the issue. Collect the most interesting that is on your topic and offer the viewer. You will save his time and analyze the market at the same time.

What will be the measure of your success?

So, you know exactly what the viewer wants. What do you expect from him? Who is he for you – a potential buyer, student or possible business partner? Do you want the user to go to your site or are you selling the product directly? Do you provide information support or training?

Of course, you can track the number of views and limit yourself to just that. But it won’t be efficient.

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