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Work for the day – real ways to make money fast


Working for a day is a good opportunity to urgently earn money without obligations and documentary employment. This option may be of interest to students and other students. As well as temporarily unemployed citizens or people on vacation. But those who urgently need additional income, etc.

In the conditions of the modern labor market, finding a part-time job for the day is not difficult. The main thing is to know what to look for. And where to apply for employment to avoid trouble.

Let’s take a closer look at what a day job can be without investment. And without obligations, profile skills and abilities.

How to make money in a day – Options without skills and experience

Working for 1 day without serious qualifying skills and abilities is a real opportunity to earn money for anyone. This section includes tasks related to physical labor and other simple tasks. But such work is paid not too expensive. Although the requirements for job seekers are appropriate.

The list of vacancies for one day without skills and experience includes many professions. Let’s talk about the most popular.


As a rule, they are involved in the processing of goods, cargo and other physical work. Usually in stores, trading bases, warehouses, etc. Nothing supernatural is required of them and the salary is obviously small.

Therefore, you should not dream of golden mountains. But if you’re looking for a way to make a quick buck, this is a good option. You can find orders for a variety of skills, for example, on YouDo.


They are involved in unloading shipping containers, moving services and other matters related to cargo transportation. But, of course, you are already perfectly familiar with this profession.

Therefore, we will not go deep. let’s just say that the search for movers is constantly. And usually the payment of labor occurs on the spot. So this is one of the best ways to make money in a day. If your strength allows.

Washing dishes

There is often a lack of staff in various cafes and restaurants. And most often employees are required to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, washing dishes.

Therefore, with the number of restaurants, it will not be difficult to find a quick part-time job.

car wash

At hand washes, personnel are required regularly and frequently. And employers agree to accept employees for one or more days.

The work can hardly be considered noble and prestigious. But you obviously should be able to make money in a day.


Employee for performances at children’s parties and other events. Popular part-time work among young people. Entertainment employers welcome new hires.

The pay is small, of course. But if you like performances and holidays, this is an ideal option for making money in 1 day.


Work on promotions, tastings, as a barker. Usually during surveys or distribution of promotional materials. You probably see promoters every day.

And anyone can find one. The main thing here is patience and stress resistance.

dog walking

An ideal opportunity to earn money in a day if you love animals and know how to behave with them. You can walk one or more pets. This option is easily found in large cities. Such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.


Day jobs without experience are most often jobs associated with manual labor. To the same category of vacancies, you can include the work of a taxi driver. It does not require great skills.

But you must have a personal car, knowledge of the city and good driving skills. If necessary, you can connect to a special program for taxi services or try to look for customers yourself. Uber and Yandex.taxi applications are now popular.

Part-time work in the specialty

For specialists in any field of work, finding short-term vacancies will not be very difficult. We are talking about the performance of remote work or directly at the customer’s site ordering the service. The list of vacancies in this direction, you can include the following types of services:

  • Accounting services – prepare reporting documentation, check reports;
  • Setting up computer equipment – setting up a network, collecting equipment, installing software, etc.;
  • Minor construction services – installation or repair of plumbing, wiring, finishing and other minor activities.

This category includes both options for periodic part-time work, as well as the possibility of permanent cooperation with customers. Such offers may be of interest to people who want to work in freelance or self-employment mode.

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seasonal side job

Seasonal work for the day is related to agriculture related work. For example, in large farms, additional employees are regularly required during the harvest season to pick strawberries, berries, apples and other fruits and vegetables. In addition, personnel are required to manually sort the same berries, apples and other products before they are sold or processed. Such work is easy to find in summer and autumn, especially for those who live near rural areas and large farms.

Also during the season you can earn a living by picking berries, mushrooms, birch sap in the forest. Points for receiving such products are formed in almost all relatively large villages.

Where can I find offers

Where to look for suitable vacancies in order to find an interesting and profitable offer with a guarantee. There are several main ways:

  • Free job boards – vacancies from individuals often appear here. For example, for babysitting services. As well as from organizations and legal entities that need promoters, remote employees, workers for a warehouse or store;
  • By contacting your direct employer. For example, you can contact a processing factory or a farm during the seasonal work period, a cafe, a restaurant or a large warehouse;
  • Word of mouth – it is worth attracting relatives and friends to your own employment. Many people regularly need an assistant for moving, assembling furniture, for minor repairs, for babysitting, etc. Help from a person I know in absentia with payment for services will be readily accepted.

If you are interested in a job for 1 day, it will not be difficult to find it. The main thing is to pay attention to the search for vacancies. And it is better to do this search in advance, so as not to grab onto not the most profitable options.

How not to run into scammers

In the process of searching for suitable vacancies, you need to be attentive to their features and assurances of the employer. Even if a job is offered for a day, the customer knows with what skills he needs an employee. Therefore, you should avoid vacancies with vague descriptions. In particular, without specifying skills, age, job responsibilities, work schedule, cost of services, etc. Also, do not trust offers where they offer an excessively large amount of remuneration for the vacancy. Because there is a high risk of encountering a scammer.

The best solution would be to have a standard contract form with you, which can be concluded with the customer of the service. Having registered at the same time the terms, scope of work and the amount of remuneration. Such a decision should be mandatory for professionals offering services in the field of accounting services, for private masters of hairdressers and make-up artists, builders, installers and other professionals who independently cooperate directly with the client.

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