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Where to make money in the summer: fast + without investments + for teenagers


Where to earn in the summer? Summer is not only a time for vacations and recreation, but also a “labor" trimester for schoolchildren, teenagers and everyone who wants to earn extra money. Many vacancies open during the summer period.

Therefore, it is worth considering in detail all the ideas where you can earn money in the summerhow to get a job and what are the requirements of employers.

Where to make money in the summer: fast + without investments + for teenagers

Conditions for getting started

According to the Labor Code, employers have the right to hire persons not younger than 14 years of age. Under 16 years of age, parental consent is also required.
Adolescents should not work in hard physical work, they have a limited number of hours a day. By law, an employment contract is required.

Minor children cannot be placed on probation, and if a teenager was officially employed, then it is not so easy to fire him.

Due to the large number of nuances, employers are reluctant to accept schoolchildren as employees. In the summer, the situation changes, because this is a time of great demand for part-time jobs. Entrepreneurial businessmen are expanding the number of vacancies and inviting children to work part-time.

Where and how to find a summer job

Where to make money in the summer: fast + without investments + for teenagers

When the question arises, where to make good money in the summer, the first thing that comes to mind is employment by acquaintance. This is due to the fact that teenagers are much easier to deceive in work matters, underpay, set excessive conditions. Searching for a job through the advice of friends and acquaintances allows you to find a proven vacancy where the requirements will match the salary.
Employers who do not want to bear responsibility, first of all, are trying to make money on the niche of temporary part-time jobs for schoolchildren.

If this method did not bring the desired results, it makes sense to search the Internet for promoted resources with a number of vacancies. The administrators of such sites try to moderately control the decency of employers and check incoming offers.
If there are doubts about the honesty of the workplace, you can contact the manager or owner of the enterprise or store directly.

It is also important to consider the specifics of the desired profession. It is easy for girls to find a part-time job in the following areas:

  • as a waiter or bartender in cafes, restaurants and other public catering establishments;
  • holiday animator;
  • maid in hotels;
  • babysitter;
  • cleaning company employee.

During the summer period, in these areas of business, employers are loyal to the appearance of students or schoolchildren in the workplace.
Guys can find work in these areas:

  • handyman at a construction site;
  • assistant in repair work;
  • loader.

These professions need new, strong people who are ready to earn extra money on a temporary basis.

Despite the fact that the age of technology is in full swing, print newspapers are still a relevant option for finding a place where you can earn money in the summer. Ideas and suggestions are sorted there by direction, so finding the right option is much easier.
It remains only to call the specified contact numbers and arrange an interview. But it should be borne in mind that here you will have to act at your own peril and risk, it is impossible to check the reliability of employers in advance. There are no reviews of places of employment in newspapers.

Who and how can you make money in the summer

Where to make money in the summer: fast + without investments + for teenagers

There are many seasonal summer business ideas for the most adventurous teenagers and schoolchildren. If there is a desire to productively spend 3 summer months, and you need to find where to make good money in the summer for your needs and desires, you should consider common options for earning money in the warm season.

Tour guide

During the holidays, many tourists and guests appear in every city, especially when it comes to large metropolitan areas. Summer is an actual time for visiting popular places, excursions and walks. If you have knowledge about your hometown and want to share it with others, you can try this opportunity.
The question of how to make money in the summer as a tour guide will be relevant: you will have to carefully plan your future excursions, take into account all the interesting sights in the city, prepare stories and legends associated with each place.

The easiest way to gather groups for excursions and walks is with the help of social networks. Most people monitor information before traveling and traveling through the Internet. A good option would be the opportunity to negotiate with local groups and publics on social networks so that they advertise the services. The principle of word of mouth also works in this direction – with the help of relatives, friends and acquaintances, you can spread information, thereby gaining many new customers.

Help for summer residents

Some people, especially retirees, find it difficult to cope on their own with the large amount of physical work required in summer cottages. It is worth offering services for plowing beds, digging, watering. It is advisable to choose the type of work that will be within your power.
You can spread information about services using word of mouth, through parents or your grandparents. It will not be superfluous to post ads in the nearest summer cottages.
Additionally, it is recommended to place ads on Avito, Yulia, YouDo, Profi.ru

Distribution of leaflets

This is the most common option where a student can earn money in the summer. Suitable even for those under the age of 16, but the employer has the right to require written consent from the parents.

Distribution of leaflets on average lasts 3-4 hours a day, you can earn from 500 🪙. The cost of wages depends on the company that requires promotional services. You can find job advertisements through acquaintances, using job search sites, through a newspaper. Sometimes it is enough to go directly to the store or salon and find out if they have open jobs for distributing leaflets. Employees will tell you who to contact to clarify the issue.

Renting things

This type of summer business is not for everyone. However, if the question arose, where can a teenager earn money in the summer, you can rent out useful things for a small fee. For example, a bicycle, a scooter, a tent, an air mattress, and other travel accessories. For such services, there are specialized sites: OneTwoRent or Next2U.

When deciding to rent your property, you should follow the safety rules, take a deposit that corresponds to at least a large part of the value of the item. You should also consult with your parents.

ice cream sale

Where to make money in the summer: fast + without investments + for teenagers

During the summer months, ice cream stalls and carts pop up on every corner. This is one of the most profitable seasonal businesses, and a good way to make money in the summer. Few people refuse a sweet treat on a hot day. You can find a job posting through friends or on job search sites. Sometimes a paper about finding a new salesperson is hung on the ice cream carts themselves when the previous employee is about to leave.

Entrepreneurial teenagers purchase a batch of ice cream and a cooler bag, distributing the goods themselves. The farther from the stores the sale is carried out, the more successful the business will go.

Talented amateur performance

If you want to find a place where it is easy to earn money in the summer, the student should remember his own talents. Teenagers often know how to draw, dance, sculpt or play musical instruments. This is a great option for a temporary part-time job when you need your own money.

In parks and busy streets, you can always find kind customers who will pay for a little entertainment. Do not count on large sums.


The holidays are a great time to take new photos. In summer it is convenient to combine business with pleasure and take a walk together with a photographer. If you have a camera, knowledge of the basics of photography and a lot of enthusiasm, you can get to work.
It is not recommended to overestimate the price tag, especially in the absence of experience. Conducting photo shoots for a symbolic cost, a teenager will get his hand in a creative craft and earn extra money for his needs.

You can find potential customers on the sites YouDo, Avito, Yula, Profi.ru. If in the future you want to continue studying the profession, you can create your own official page on social networks and run ads.

Word of mouth also works, you can ask friends and relatives to tell their friends about the opportunity to hold a photo shoot.


The services of animators are always in demand, so if you need a way to make money in the summer, you should pay attention to this vacancy. Animators are required for children’s parties, birthdays, participation in events at recreation centers.

You can find an employer using the Internet or through acquaintances, or organize your own work yourself. In the latter case, you will have to prepare, think over a script for a fun program, prepare a costume and props.
You can find customers using word of mouth, through advertising services in social networks or on the websites Avito, Profi.ru and YouDo.

Many parents "pass" good animators from hand to hand, so you will have to responsibly approach the fulfillment of duties. In a good scenario, it will be possible to make good money and get a lot of new customers.

Overexposure of animals or care of plants

During the holidays, many families go on vacation to other countries or to a dacha in the village. This raises the question of overexposure of a pet or taking care of existing plants.

Before you start looking for potential clients, you should discuss this issue with your parents. If they are not against the temporary keeping of animals in an apartment, then you can safely start earning as a responsible "nanny" for cats, dogs, rodents and other animals.

First of all, it will be necessary to discuss with a potential client all the nuances of who and how will buy animal feed and other required things. It will not be superfluous to draw up an agreement in which all the details will be spelled out: the breed, color of the animal, information about vaccinations, what kind of diet is needed, a walking schedule, etc. Overexposure of animals is an extremely responsible occupation, so it is better to weigh your strengths before starting work.

Sale of hand-made

This method of seasonal business is suitable for needlewomen who love to create in their free time and are looking for how to make money in the summer. You can knit, sew, embroider, sculpt, make bouquets and crafts, stand for accessories and much more.

You can search for buyers and offer your services on Yulia, Avito or using social networks. If you want to monetize your hobby faster, you should think about targeted advertising. The more a person learns about the sale, the more customers will appear.

Who else can get teenagers in the summer

Where to make money in the summer: fast + without investments + for teenagers

Some youth centers organize employment for schoolchildren and students during the summer season. Jobs are offered depending on age, physical data and health status. Guys can be sent to work in repair and construction teams, girls are offered easier work.
Wages in this scenario are formed from budgetary funds and additional payments from the employment center.

It is also worth considering alternative options for how you can earn money in the summer.

Cleaning porches and other public areas

This job is available to everyone from the age of 14. It is enough to be responsible, hardworking and be able to work with household equipment. From one entrance you can receive up to 200 🪙.

The work includes sweeping the territory, mopping, taking out the trash. On average, it takes about an hour and a half to clean one entrance, but it should be borne in mind that children under 16 are not allowed to work more than 4 hours a day. For those who want to earn their own pocket money, such a vacancy will be a good option.

Packers and packers at enterprises

These vacancies are suitable for those who want to work during the entire summer period and are ready to work every day. During the holidays, there are many temporary vacancies for part-time work. Both men and women can work on packaging or packaging. Most often, such vacancies are offered:

  • bakeries;
  • confectionery factories;
  • production of stationery;
  • warehouses.

The employee will need a health book and a willingness to work. Work is performed while standing, so you need to be prepared to constantly be on your feet.

Part time job as a courier

Employers do not have the right to draw up a liability agreement for minors. Therefore, most of them do not want to cooperate with teenagers. If you have a desire to work as a courier, you should look for a suitable free vacancy in retail chains: delivery of flowers, food, gifts, balloons.

Before starting work, it is recommended to check the employer and study what exactly you will have to do. It is not uncommon for schoolchildren to be involved in illegal activities and the distribution of prohibited goods in this way. On average, being a courier, you can earn up to 500-600 🪙, which is a good bonus for a minor child.


New companies often resort to the services of advertisers. All that is required of them is to post announcements on boards at the entrances, to deliver leaflets to mailboxes. Some employers offer telecommuting options by phone, it will be necessary to cold call clients and offer them to use services or purchase goods.

The vacancy involves walking, so you will have to stock up on patience and endurance. In one working day, you can get an average of 400-500 🪙.

Beauty services

This job is suitable for girls who have a skill in the field of beauty: make-up artists, manicurists, eyebrow and eyelash masters. In the summer, these services are especially relevant, because the period of weddings and graduations is coming.

If a schoolgirl has skills in any of the areas, you can advertise your services and look for potential customers. The sites Avito, YouDo will help with this. The principle of word of mouth and advertising on social networks works here. Most girls are now looking for masters for themselves through Internet sites. Because there you can immediately get acquainted with the portfolio, read reviews and ask questions of interest.

Sellers on the beach

Summer vacation means spending time on the beach. Therefore, the vacancy of a seller of snacks and other goods in beach areas becomes extremely relevant. You can sell hot snacks, boiled corn, ice cream, drinks.

It should be borne in mind that many hours of work under the scorching sun will not be a feasible task for everyone. Most often, such sellers are put to work in pairs, so they are more mobile. In one day, sellers receive from 1000 🪙 and more, depending on the number of sales.

How to find the right job for you

Where to make money in the summer: fast + without investments + for teenagers

In this matter, you will have to pay attention to many factors. In big cities, finding a suitable part-time job to get money quickly is much easier than in small ones. You should also take into account the following tips:

  1. It is important to evaluate the prospects. The first step is to enlist the support of parents. Because their approval can be useful when applying for a desired job. Don’t try to make big money right away. After all, vacancies that promise mountains of gold, as a rule, either turn out to be a hoax or involve illegal activities for which you will then have to be held accountable.
  2. When looking for vacancies, you should listen to the opinions of more experienced people in this matter. These may be friends who have already worked part-time in the summer or relatives who are faced with a similar issue. Attractive jobs, as a rule, are not stale on labor exchanges, so you will have to carefully monitor the job market and constantly monitor new offers.
  3. Age estimate. The older the age, the more available vacancies are opened for a minor child. At the age of 14, finding a place to earn money is much more difficult than at 17. An important role is played by the unwillingness of employers to take on extra responsibility for a teenager.
  4. Showing initiative. Finding a part-time job that will generate income, and at the same time be happy, is quite problematic. If the path to companies and enterprises is closed, it is worth considering all the possibilities of independent income. Help around the house, gardening, babysitting, walking dogs, selling art. Do not be afraid to offer your services and set prices for them. Even if the cost seems too high to someone, the other person will agree to pay.

It is important to sensibly assess the possibilities and set adequate price tags for your proposals.

Benefits of a summer job

Adolescents thus learn to appreciate strengths and possibilities. Some are easier to do physical work, others are effective in intellectual work. This factor is important for high school students who will soon be graduating from school and searching for their future life path.

The second factor is that the appearance of their own earned money makes the child more independent and teaches him financial literacy. Most children easily spend pocket money given to them by their parents. They treat independently earned funds with care, because they got it with the help of personal labor.

The child also contributes to the family budget. Even if he works to satisfy his own desires, he thereby saves his parents money.

There are many options where you can earn money in the summer. It is important not to be afraid to take the initiative, to be persistent and carefully study all proposals. During the summer period, employers are more loyal to hiring minors, with competent cooperation, both parties will be in a winning situation.

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