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How to find earnings on the Internet: without investments and problems


How easy is it to find a job? For most people, job searches are limited to using personal or family ties. As well as ads in the media, the services of recruitment agencies or through labor exchanges.

However, the incredible odds are not only for the search. But also for income generation, earnings, the Internet communication network provides. This article will talk about several options for how to quickly find earnings on the Internet.

How to solve material problems with the help of digital technologies, achieve the goals of gaining financial independence. And also to realize creative, intellectual and professional abilities. But the main thing is getting money for it.

How to find earnings on the Internet: without investments and problems

Options for earning online without initial investments or investments.

In order to start realizing the task of generating income in the Internet network space, minimal financial investments are required. There are many ways on how to find earnings without investing in the network, without investing a single ruble.

However, regardless of the option chosen, three minimum conditions must be met:

  1. Free time is a resource that is paid for. For example, devoting 2 or 3 hours to mailing marketing ads on the instructions of the customer, a person monetizes, turns time into tangible money. This is much better than this time would be wasted on a little useful activity.
  2. Constant access to the network, regardless of location, as there are client services where it is critical to be in touch. For example, "remote workers" (who constantly work remotely) call center employees or technical support network administrators.
  3. Demanded skills in the labor market. One is able to write competently texts, term papers and theses for students. For some, English is their current native language, and they can easily translate texts, audio, and video recordings. Household or professional skills – construction, repair (for example, household appliances), agricultural, awareness in accounting and in the 1C program. The knowledge of doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and experts in the field of mortgage lending is in demand. Numerous skills, creativity can bring income. This is feasible provided that a person knows how and where to sell talents.

So, let’s look at how networking works.

Option one

How to find earnings on the Internet: without investments and problems

Writing texts or copywriting. This is an affordable and relatively simple way to earn your first money exclusively through the Internet.

To do this, you need to register on Runet on text exchanges, such as, for example, ETXT. You can also search for orders directly by contacting the relevant client sites, but for those who are just starting a career in copyright, it is recommended to use the services of exchanges, because:

  1. There you can choose the appropriate task according to the level of complexity, interest or competence. A novice copywriter can choose the simplest text.
  2. All users on the exchange go through the registration and verification stage, which provides protection from obvious scammers.
  3. The exchange is an intermediary and guarantor in the production of financial settlements between the customer and the contractor (a commission is charged for this service).
  4. The withdrawal of earned money is carried out either through payment services such as Yandex.Money, or directly to a bank card.

The topics of text assignments are very diverse – from writing reviews for a forum or an Instagram post to complex medical or legal texts. There are also translations into various languages, including even such exotic ones as, for example, Kazakh or Vietnamese. Any literate person can write such texts. The average price for the work of a copywriter is in the range from 20 to 250 🪙 for every 1000 characters (without spaces). On average, each article has a volume of 7000 characters. With a certain acquired work skill, a copywriter in a few months can consistently earn at least 10 thousand 🪙 per month, devoting 4 hours a day to this.

However, in addition to writing texts, you can expand your competence. With the experience gained as an author, you can try your hand as a content manager of an Internet portal, administrator or editor of a network resource, work in the field of SMM marketing. Here you can already receive an order of magnitude more income with amounts amounting to several tens of thousands 🪙 per month.

Second way

Using the incredible features of YouTube. A personal “YouTube-channel" is the use of videos of the world giant of the network industry, which can make many, if not millionaires, then wealthy people. In order to make money on videos in the YouTube channel format, you need to be well versed in what exactly is in demand in the video content market. The most popular videos and information channels dedicated to:

  1. Socio-political, social, environmental problems of a particular territory.
  2. News programs related to the life of a particular city, village.
  3. Educational programs. Starting from language courses, a school of cutting and sewing, to video training on how to fly a helicopter, a sailing yacht.
  4. Programs related to finance, personal wealth management, stock and cryptocurrency markets, ways of earning on the securities market.
  5. Videos that offer viewers various cases from life – life hacks, for example, "how I made myself rich and successful by starting to trade seeds in the market."
  6. Video about travel, especially to unusual, hard-to-reach places on the planet, wildlife life.

People are also interested in gaming and entertainment topics. What is the essence of making money on the YouTube video channel? This is purely advertising. The more views and subscribers a channel has, the more attractive it is to potential advertisers. They are willing to pay good money.

What and how to advertise in the video

  1. Direct advertising. For example, a YouTube channel directly and unabashedly advertises the operation of a new super-washing machine sold at a local supermarket. Or it could be an advertisement for a Korean language course at one of the city’s language schools. In this case, the owner of the channel receives his remuneration directly from the advertiser.
  2. You can broadcast advertising of your own business or some professional skills or services through the channel. For example, there are skills to perfectly repair lawn mowers. Accordingly, the videos will tell not only about what problems exist in technology, but also how skillfully, quickly and inexpensively you can deal with them in the service.
  3. Hiden advertisment. For example, a video channel dedicated to learning how to play golf subtly advertises sportswear from a certain brand or brand.
  4. Through participation in affiliate programs of large network advertising agencies or hosting. For each attracted through the YouTube channel, a fixed rate of financial reward is paid.

As for the question of exactly how much you can earn on the YouTube channel, the amount of remuneration largely depends on the chosen topic of the videos and the number of their views.

How to find a job – the main topics

How to find earnings on the Internet: without investments and problems

The most expensive and popular topics at the moment:

  1. Financial theme. These are trainings, training seminars, life hacks for making money on securities or investing in bitcoin. The average cost of advertising for every 1000 views is in the range of 1 to 5 dollars.
  2. Automotive theme. Especially when it comes to tuning, new brands of cars, car accessories. The average reward is $4 for every 1,000 views or subscribers per channel.
  3. In second place are topics related to medical treatment, body care, SPA procedures, and cosmetology. Prices – from 50 cents to $ 2 for every 1000 views.
  4. Training videos on various practical topics are in demand: repair, construction, landscape design, language courses. Price – from 20 cents to $ 2 per 1000 views.
  5. Music videos, clips, plots of musical and choreographic art are steadily in demand. Prices – from 30 cents to 1.5 dollars.
  6. The least in demand in this rating are political and gaming videos. The cost is not higher than $ 2 for every 1000 views.

As you can see, you can make good money on the YouTube channel under an important condition – if you correctly approach the choice of the topic and format of videos targeted at a specific audience. On average, video bloggers earn $700 a month or more.

Earnings on social networks

This is the third most accessible and popular way of real monetization of time, abilities and talents, especially among the younger generation, up to 25 years old. The principle of earning is similar to receiving remuneration for advertising on YouTube, but already placed on social networks. First of all, we are talking about such the most interesting and popular platforms as: Facebook, Tik Tok, VKontakte. These are various thematic Telegram channels, blogs on Instagram and other similar forum platforms. The main thing for such social networks is to increase (cheat) the rating by increasing the number of views, visits, likes. The higher the rating of the network, the more expensive the advertising placed on it. How you can make money on social networks:

  • placement of short posts, reviews, comments on the relevant topic;
  • promotion of the resource rating through affixing likes or dislikes;
  • placement of referral links for advertising goods, services, social or cultural events;
  • moderating, administering or editing content on a forum, social network.

The idea of ​​making money on social networks is to attract as large an audience as possible to the site of a particular network. The challenge is to place targeted or targeted ads and receive appropriate rewards from the advertiser. The income of such professional targeting marketers, focused exclusively on the audience of social networks, is at least 15 thousand 🪙 for each advertising line organized by them in the network alone. An experienced network targetologist successfully manages 10 forum sites. Accordingly, his real earnings are an order of magnitude higher and amount to more than 100 thousand 🪙 per month.

Finding a remote job

How to find earnings on the Internet: without investments and problems

In many ways, this way of working via the Internet resembles the work of a person in an office, with the only difference being that instead of an office workplace, he can perform certain tasks and functions at home, “on the couch”. The main condition is the availability of appropriate free time, so that nothing and no one distracts from duties, there is an excellent connection and the office equipment necessary for work functions.

The main directions of remote work:

  1. Marketing, direct sales, "cold" phone calls to potential customers using databases provided by the customer.
  2. Work in the information center of a large retail company, bank, travel or insurance organization.
  3. Administration of the online store.
  4. Dispatcher functions, for example, a taxi or a courier service.
  5. Transport, logistics and customs clearance.
  6. Remote accounting and financial reporting management.
  7. Search, selection and questioning of working and administrative personnel.
  8. Jobs for programmers, web designers and those who are directly related to the IT sector.

Over the past 2020-2021, the remote work front has expanded significantly due to the coronovirus pandemic. Many companies have moved office staff to work from home.

You can search for remote vacancies through such well-known online recruiting platforms as: the SuperJob portal, HeadHunter, Indeed, LinkedIn, Freelancer.com, as well as through the website of a regional or city recruiting service, employment centers.

The remuneration of remote workers may be somewhat lower than in the normal office regime, however, for most remote positions, a contractual or piecework form of remuneration is established.

TOP 5 ways to earn income using the Internet with minimal investment

How to find earnings on the Internet: without investments and problems

The next most popular question that interests those who are looking for additional income is how easy it is to find earnings on the Internet. The following time-honored tools are among those available and prioritized options.

Building your own website and earning from ads

The essence of the idea is that a site is being created on the most popular topic on the web: home, family, children’s education, health and medicine, pet care, travel, recreation. For example, a person likes the landscape design of a summer cottage and is ready to share his ideas with others on his own website. You can create a website yourself. There are quite a few special, ready-made applications and templates on the Internet. You can use the services of specialized marketing agencies or a familiar IT specialist. The cost of creating a small website will cost a maximum of 10,000 🪙. Plus $50 a year to pay for hosting, site hosting on the chosen platform.

The higher the site traffic rating, the more expensive advertising on it. In order to increase the rating of the site, it will be necessary to constantly post any articles on it. But any interesting video content or forum discussion platform will do. This is required in order for search engines to see constantly updated information on the resource. And, accordingly, continuously indexed in their search engines.

Creation of an online store

A more sophisticated way to profit from working in the network space. This option is suitable for those who already have their own small trading business, know one or another sector of the consumer, retail market, and have connections with suppliers. Most suitable for individual entrepreneurs. The income of the store depends not only on the assortment of the offered goods, but also on the degree of its recognition, advertising on the network for the selected target audience. On average, creating a small online store with full functionality, linked to payment systems, with a turnover of up to 1.5 million 🪙 per year, can cost 150,000 🪙, not counting the costs of registering a business with the tax office as an individual entrepreneur.

Investments or trading in financial markets

A good additional income can be obtained from investments in the stock market. There are many options for how to buy shares, Sberbank, Gazprom, Facebook, Tesla, dollars, euros. For this, there are special applications such as, for example, Sberbank. Investor" or "VTB. investments". The minimum investment of money necessary to really feel the profit is in the range of 100 thousand 🪙 and the investment period is more than 2 months. Here it is necessary to immediately recall that such investments are associated with financial risk. Before actually starting to invest your money in securities and other financial assets, you should carefully study the information or consult with specialists. You can use a more secure option – buy OFZ (federal loan bonds) through IIS (individual investment account).

The average yield on these guaranteed government bonds is 9% per annum. Moreover, there is an opportunity to form your investment portfolio. And so that the profit will be credited to the investor’s account every month. In addition, investments through IIS provide for a tax deduction in the amount of 13% of personal income tax with an initial investment of at least 400 thousand 🪙.

For example, investing initial capital in OFZ in the amount of 400,000 🪙, such a deduction will be 52 thousand 🪙. Which is comparable to the average monthly salary in the metropolitan area. At the same time, it is important to know that if the securities in the account have not been sold for 3 years or more, then the tax on profit from their sale in the future will be zero percent.

Creation of auction, intermediary Internet sites

A large selection of opportunities on how to make money online with minimal investment is in the field of mediation. In this case, we are talking about platforms or services that help people buy or sell something. Or find the necessary information, exchange some data, services.

To do this, there is a variety of online auctions, exchanges, intermediary services. For example, the most proven option is an urban (village) format exchange platform, where users can exchange services with each other. Someone knows how to sew, and someone needs to repair a washing machine. But if the interests of these two clients are brought together via the Internet, then each of the participants in the process will receive what they need. Because for the repair of the washing machine, payment will be received in the form of a tailored suit.

You can organize a local labor exchange, bulletin board. Because there, potential customers will find out about the availability of the goods or services they need in a particular city or settlement. Such projects can be implemented both through the creation of a website and through social networks. By organizing an appropriate platform or public community there.

This will cost the minimum amount. Up to 10,000 🪙 to create or purchase an online platform. Plus payment for the services of a moderator, network administrator. But this is not more than 15,000 🪙 per month. Income from such projects is obtained in the form of commission fees from each transaction. Or an exchange posted by an ad, including advertising revenue.

Use of crowdfunding, crowdinvesting or crowdlending Internet resources

This is a relatively young direction that helps some people get money for the development of their projects or income, in those areas where it is impossible to find income in the usual format of hired work. What is the principle of operation of such services? Let’s explain with an example. A person has an idea to organize a farm for the production of dairy products, but he has no money. The bank does not give a loan, there is no one to borrow from. There are specialized platforms where you can borrow money from members of the online community, in the form of a small investment from each. In return, the participants receive either a fixed income from the implemented project or other remuneration.

Recently, the crowdfunding platform "Planeta.ru" has been popular. With its help from the network community, money for any project. From writing a book, composing music, to exotic ideas like building a house on Mars. But the main task of the applicant for investment is to present the project on the network in such a way that the participants have a desire to invest an extra 100 🪙 in it. But if we return to the farm project, then each of the investors can receive a fixed income on the money invested. Or a percentage of the farmer’s profits, or a reward of a liter of fresh milk every morning.

How to find earnings – the result

Naturally, in the top 5 projects, how can you find earnings on the Internet with minimal investment, you can include:

  1. Sports betting earnings
  2. Investments in binary options

Such risky and dubious ways of making a profit are not suitable for the majority of the audience of readers. Namely, for those who have earnings on the Internet – the only income.

As a conclusion, it is worth noting that the options presented on how to find a job are a small part of the opportunities that modern digital and communication technologies provide. With due diligence and perseverance, you can choose for yourself any suitable way of earning.

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