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What is coaching?


We often hear the phrases “business coach”, “coach”, mentor, mentor. But what is coaching?

A coach is a specialist who helps the client understand what he wants, what is preventing him from achieving his goal. He is a mentor who helps to establish different areas of life. This may be about business, family, health, or anything else that is important to a particular individual.

Coaching is a new line of work, although it dates back to the 1830s at Oxford. It was the name given to a supervisor who instructed a student in preparation for exams. Over time, coaching "went to the people."

A new niche in psychology appeared, it happened a little over 40 years ago: then coaching was a system of life hacks that allowed you to work more efficiently. One of the leading business coaches John Whitmer, famous at that time, spoke about them.

Despite the similarities to mentoring or coaching, coaching is a little different. The coach does not give ready-made solutions, advice, he tries to reveal the abilities of the student. It does not focus on professional skills, but helps to pump up personal qualities.

How to become a coach and make money on it?

Any person can become a coach if he knows how and loves to communicate. This job is for you if you think there are no wrong people. You will become a good specialist if you believe that people can change. Your main task will be to help a person see resources that he did not notice before.

If you are determined to become a coach, we recommend reading popular books such as How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere by Larry King. In addition, a good solution would be to get a degree in psychology or take courses accredited by one of the coaching associations. Such programs are available at the Institute of Applied Psychology or at the Global Coaching International University.

Remember that it is important to go through the same steps that the client goes through. Set goals for yourself, achieve them, analyze mistakes. Then you can become recognizable and share the experience with others.

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