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What is a mind map – how to use it and how it can help


It is difficult to keep a large amount of information in your head at the same time. Because some of the necessary information is forgotten. And a mental map will help organize data, improve intelligence. Or generally simplify the generation of new ideas and be able to remember a large amount of information in a short time. But what is a mental map?

We have studied this issue. And now we present you an article that will help you master this tool. Perhaps after it you will be able to increase your efficiency.

What is a mental map?

What is a mental map?

A mind map is a mind visualization tool. Their structuring and creation of an action plan.

Outwardly, it resembles a tree. To create a map, all you need is a pencil and paper. The idea of ​​creating a mind map was suggested by Tony Buzan. Appearing in the seventies of the XX century, the card is used to this day. And the diagram shows:

  • ideas and thoughts;
  • tasks;
  • any other information.

In the mind map, not phrases are fixed, but the words that are associated with it. Information is placed on branches diverging from the central topic. And at the same time, the connections must be active. But sometimes pictures are used for better memorization.

Gradually, you can develop your own style. At first, ready-made examples will do. Some mind maps look like paintings. And in the process of their creation, the creative potential is revealed. Also, original ideas can come up. And they can be used in the future.

Why compose?

A mental map improves brain function. Because the mind map tool makes it easy to learn a new topic. And therefore, with the help of this method, the learning process is accelerated. Moreover, even if the action is performed independently.

And it also helps to make a decision. Therefore, it is used in brainstorming. A person will be able to capture lightning-fast ideas, arrange them concisely and concisely. And in the future, it will be possible to study all the data obtained without any problems.

In the form of a mind map, you can prepare a presentation at work. And the scheme will be clear to everyone. It will allow you to quickly answer questions that arise. Therefore, it is actively used in business. And visualization of thinking helps to develop new ideas. And identify problems, come up with marketing promotion, develop a business strategy. But also to perform a whole list of other tasks.

Process of creation

Features of card design depend on convenience. Typically, data is entered on paper by hand. But today a mental map can be created online. And in this case, you will need to download applications or use sites. If the classic method is used, it is necessary to proceed according to the following scheme:

  1. Take a sheet of at least A4 format and place it horizontally. On hand you need to have colored pencils or felt-tip pens.
  2. The main images or words are placed in the center. Use bright colors. Because action stimulates thinking.
  3. Draw some branches coming from the base. It is better that they are crooked and wriggling. Therefore, it is recommended to highlight the branches in a separate color. Choose words for each line.
  4. Consider the branches and start making associations. Don’t limit yourself. Let the mind work freely.
  5. Separate branches can go from auxiliary lines. And they are also supplied with keywords. Use additional images. Because they will make the map interesting and memorable. And besides, pictures generate more associations.
  6. When the initial stage of work is completed, start asking yourself additional questions. And keep improving your mindmap.

Enter keywords in capital letters. Better to use black. Because the information should be clear and precise. And place it right on the lines that represent the relationship. Don’t box keywords.

The line should be identical to the length of the word, not exceed it. And do not place information too densely. Only one word can be present on one line. Do not be afraid that additional information will be forgotten. Information can be remembered if bright, characteristic, catchy data are chosen as keywords.

Using the card

When figuring out how to use a mind map, consider creating one. If the diagram is needed to generate ideas, an image should be placed in the center of the page. And already the image defines the theme. Then it’s worth thinking about.

Any new ideas are placed on separate branches. But the finished map is worth looking at again. And always brainstorm. For each subgroup, at least three new ideas are recorded. Then carefully study all the options. And from the resulting list, choose the best ideas.

If you need to remember information, make a note in the center. And put on it the most important information. From them come the main ideas. Sections of the third level may contain examples, quotations, and own comments.

But if you need to solve a problem, write it in the center of the sheet. 6 branches come from the keyword. Key questions are placed on them – what, how, when, who, where, why. Answers are given on the branches of the second level. But then you need to start free association. And action will find a way out.

If you need to set a goal, decide what exactly you want to achieve. Then specific goals for different areas are fixed. And they are again divided into smaller ones. As a result, you will get a visual map of life.

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Additional details

When doing mind mapping, don’t overload yourself. Because work shouldn’t be a burden. And try to have fun. Then the efficiency of the final result will increase.

So get creative. Let the scheme be bright. Because it’s good for memorization. Use all available information. Group information and structure, highlight important data.

Using computer programs will save time. But a do-it-yourself scheme will allow you to better absorb the information. And if the final result is too large, you can redraw the map. For example, removing secondary data. When all the information is needed, first work out a draft. And this action will reveal important thoughts.

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