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Virtual bank card – differences, advantages and method of obtaining


Today, plastic cards are one of the most popular banking products, which are actively used by many millions of citizens in their daily lives. At the same time, not every of these cardholders has an idea that in addition to the usual "plastic", there is also a so-called virtual card, especially since this type of bank cards has been steadily gaining popularity lately.

What is a virtual card, how does it differ from the rest?

In fact, this is a complete duplicate of an already existing plastic bank card, which does not have its own physical carrier, which has almost the full functionality of the original, or a completely new and independent bank account. Typically, such a card does not involve cash withdrawals, however, it is fully suitable for any mutual settlements, especially on the Internet, since all the necessary data will be available, namely:

  • Card number;
  • validity;
  • code CVV2.

It is worth noting that today some banking structures allow their customers not only to order a virtual card, but also to receive its real plastic carrier. Such a card, as a rule, does not have a microchip or a standard magnetic stripe, that is, it is not suitable for use in ATMs and payment terminals, but the above details will be applied to its surface, which in this case act as a regular memo for the owner.

How to get a virtual card and what is needed for this?

To do this, it is desirable to be the holder of any bank card (debit, credit, payroll, pension, social, etc.), then the virtual card will become additional to the existing one, otherwise a special bank account may be opened for you, to which and the issued card will be linked. As for how to apply for a virtual card, there are many ways for this, which may vary in each particular bank, but most often this application can be submitted through:

  • using the possibilities of Internet banking online;
  • making a phone call or sending SMS to a special number;
  • creating an appropriate request at an ATM or payment terminal.

What are the benefits of a virtual bank card?

Virtual bank card - differences, advantages and method of obtainingThis banking product is not in vain enjoying high popularity today, because a virtual card, issued separately or as a duplicate of an existing one, creates many additional opportunities for its owner. If we talk about the main and most significant advantages of such cards, then with full confidence we can distinguish the following:

Processing speed

Almost all existing methods of issuing a virtual card involve its instant issuance, that is, you immediately receive the details necessary for making any payments. The only thing is, if for one reason or another you need its physical carrier, then its production may take some time.

Passive economy

Nobody prevents you from ordering a virtual card at once in several banks or popular payment systems, including foreign ones. This is not only convenient, but also allows you to avoid paying commissions when making payments between different issuers, which will be a very good way to save some money.

Maximum security

It is this moment that is the most important advantage of any virtual bank card, because in the process of using it you do not need to indicate the payment details of your main plastic cards, which will greatly complicate the theft of money from the card. In addition, you can set a limit on online payments or simply replenish a virtual card with the required amount before making a payment directly.

A virtual card issued by any bank, without a doubt, is not only a very convenient and even profitable, but also an extremely reliable financial instrument.

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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