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7 affordable ways to make money during self-isolation


Almost all countries and regions have introduced quarantines and recommend that citizens remain in self-isolation during the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19. How long will have to stay at home – no one knows. Employers and employees have been hit hard – some industries have stopped receiving revenue and are on the verge of ruin, others have been able to transfer their employees to remote work, but at the same time, there is increasing talk that wages will be reduced, or that some will fall under cuts and how to earn in self-isolation.

If you have been transferred to remote work, then for sure you will have more free time than when working in the office. For you, this list of work has been compiled that will help add some money to the budget.

7 ways to make money during self-isolation

Admitad Extension для Google Chrome

The most convenient tool for placing advertising links and searching for coupons. Want to make money online but don’t know where to start? Admitad Extension Lite is a great solution that will suit even a beginner.

Install the extension, generate links in one click, search for coupons and help your friends save! The stores that Admitad Extension works with are marked with the extension logo in the search engine. The extension is free.

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QComment is an exchange for making money, which will be mastered by both mothers on maternity leave and schoolchildren, as well as engineers with higher education in self-isolation, it is enough to have access to the Internet.

The exchange pays for any activity on the network, for example:

  • subscriptions, likes, reposts and comments on social networks;
  • commenting on websites and blogs;
  • registration and creation of topics on forums, participation in discussions;
  • visiting sites and watching videos on YouTube;

Unlike Yandex Toloka, where most of the tasks are issued from Yandex itself, here the tasks are placed by individuals and organizations, and accordingly, earnings will be much higher. For example: for visiting a site through the Yandex search engine, payment is 8-9 🪙, and payment for writing reviews on thematic sites can reach up to 300-400 🪙 per piece, while earnings are not limited by anything except your time and rank in the system.
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To gain access to writing comments on the exchange, you must pass a simple exam (write a text of 500 characters). This is necessary so that the exchange administrators can assess the degree of literacy of the performer. Take the exam seriously and get access to high-paying assignments.

How to make money on the QComment exchange:


The largest text exchange in the current segment of the Internet is also able to give you a job. There are always jobs here, and different ones, from joining groups on Facebook and VK, to writing biographies, filling websites, etc. You can also sell your texts on the exchange, whether it be reviews, news or author’s stories.

The level of earnings strongly depends on your experience.

At first, it will be difficult to get profitable orders, so you will have to do inexpensive work up to 100 🪙. But in the future, if you get on the Whitelists of customers, you may get large tasks for 300, 500 or even 900 🪙 per text, and there can be several such tasks per day!
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For example, I work as a customer with the Advego content exchange, because it is very convenient to create a task there, deposit funds into the account, the exchange constantly monitors the quality and uniqueness of the content, and also has its own article store where you can buy several ready-made articles on the required topic.


Similar Advego exchange. Of the benefits – a convenient system for checking texts and the constant availability of orders. Of the minuses – the price for the work performed here is lower compared to Advego.

7 affordable ways to make money during self-isolation



This site can hardly be called a means of earning money, but nevertheless it knows how to motivate people who leave their reviews on it well and pays them small rewards. The amount of such a reward is only a few 🪙, but on the other hand, you can leave reviews about literally everything – books, films, music albums, cars, planes, hotels, resorts, cities and entire countries – all this is on the site. And if suddenly there is not the thing about which you want to leave a review, then you can add it there yourself.

As a result, you can withdraw several hundred 🪙 from the site in a week of writing reviews.

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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