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Simoron. Technique for attracting money.


Do you feel an acute shortage of funds, can not afford much of what you need? Then urgent Simoron for money will become your real salvation and the right way out of this situation. Simoron’s technique is both simple and very effective, not in vain, because she managed to fall in love with a huge number of people around the world.


Simoron is a special technique that allows you to realize the most secret desires. What are the differences between Simoron and other magical rituals? In the latter method, the result is achieved not thanks to magic, but due to the impact on the unconscious of a person. A typical feature of all Simoron rituals is a certain amount of absurdity and fun. Money, as you know, likes to be treated lightly, so Simoron’s enrichment techniques are distinguished by a positive attitude.


  • A person must sincerely believe in what he is doing. Faith is the main lever that launches any magical mechanisms. Even the Bible indicates that everyone will be rewarded according to their faith, and if you sincerely believe that the ritual will work, it will definitely work. And if you have any doubts, distrust of the ritual, the effect will be corresponding (if at all).
  • If you want to improve your financial situation, it is not enough to use this or that technique. You can’t just do the Simoron ritual for money and continue to wallow on the couch. The main task of Simoron is to open various opportunities for you (in this case, financial ones). Higher powers send clues to the asker on how he can get more money. For example, you may receive an offer to move to a new, higher-paying job, or you come up with a valuable idea, expressing which you will earn bonuses.
  • Money needs attention. They quickly leave those people who treat them consumerly. And so that they stay with you, provide them with maximum care: get a beautiful roomy wallet with a lot of compartments. From time to time, take out money, review it, smooth out crumpled bills. And always express your gratitude to money for coming to you.


We give effective Simoron rituals for money urgently, which are aimed at attracting finance into your life.


But did you know that money can be bred in the same way as, for example, rabbits are bred?

To do this, you will need to prepare a beautiful empty box and build a money house out of it. Put a green cloth on the “floor" of the house – this is a kind of “grass” for money rabbits. Attach a mirror to one wall of the box – this way you will increase the amount of funds.

Simoron. Technique for attracting money.

When the house is prepared, populate it with "eared animals", hang them regularly and do not forget to feed them on time!


The green color is perceived by the human psyche as an open road. Probably due to this, it is this color that symbolizes the beginning of movement at traffic lights.

In addition, the green color correlates with the energy of money, it is not in vain that magicians advise buying a green wallet if you want it to always be filled with money. You can also write down any information related to the topic of money, exclusively in green ink.

There is also a variant of the money green talisman. It is made from a coin with a face value of 5 conventional units, on which green yarn is wound. It is necessary that the diameter of the resulting ball is 5 centimeters. Hang the ball on a sufficiently long thread, fasten it securely and finally apply a couple of drops of patchouli oil to it. The talisman is ready! Place it at the entrance to the dwelling. Now every person who enters will attract finances or good gifts to you.


Set a specific amount of money that will fully satisfy all your requests. The amount should be large, but realistic. At the same time, indicate what specific needs these finances will go to, for example: 10,000 for repairs in an apartment, 15,000 for a new car, 5,000 for vacation, and so on. Hit the balance to get the final amount.

Then he takes his check from the bank or a small denomination bill. Sketch the prescribed number on the check, write down the amount of the dream instead. And just add the required number of zeros to the bill. After that, the papers are hung in prominent places. Every time your eyes fall on them, experience a feeling of joy, as if you already have the desired amount, and thank yourself for it.

Ritual to get out of poverty

To complete it, you will need to purchase a large box (such that an adult can fit in it). And when you find it, thank heaven and take it to your house. Get rid of its contents. The ideal option is to take a box in which industrial goods were previously stored.

When you come to your place, put the box on the floor, open its bottom so that it looks like a cardboard "pipe". And the lid, on the contrary, closes, but does not stick – the place where the halves are connected must be fixed with an A4 sheet. Write the word "POVERTY" on it.

After that, lie down on the floor, crawl into the box and sit in it for a while. It is important for you to establish your poverty level. It is not forbidden even to shed a tear if your financial situation is so unsatisfactory. It is important at this moment to feel full confidence that in the future the situation will normalize. Then open the lid, while tearing the leaf with the inscription. Consider that this was your deliverance from poverty.

You can also use an alternative option. For him, you will need to take a chair, hang a bedspread on one side of it (you can replace it with a large rag), pin a piece of paper with a similar inscription to it. After that, crawl between the legs of the chair. Think about how much poverty interferes with your life and how soon you will definitely get rid of it!


This Simoron ritual is very popular. For him, you will need to stock up on ordinary AA batteries and a few large bills. Batteries are wrapped in money and left for approximately twenty-four hours. Then you can use them for their intended purpose, spend the money. Now they will attract more and more new large bills to you.

Simoron. Technique for attracting money.

You can also use a magnet instead of batteries. But in this case, it is not recommended to spend money, as they will attract other bills. Carry them always in your purse.

If you sincerely love money, take care of it, spend it wisely and, in addition, perform the ritual you like the most, the desired financial well-being will come into your life.

If a person wants to say goodbye to financial difficulties once and for all, he should try out a very high-quality ritual to attract money using the technique of Simoron rituals. With the help of such a rite, a person will be able to improve his financial situation after a week. First you need to learn the fact that simoron is a special technique for making wishes come true, which is not based on magic, but on the correct setting of consciousness and the level of your subconscious.

It is important to note that rituals of this kind can very often seem completely absurd and even stupid, but this is precisely their main strength. Money loves fun and positive, so they need to be attracted with a sincere smile!

Simoron. Technique for attracting money.


It is better to carry out this ritual with a growing month, since it is at this particular time interval that the energy of money is the most active.

To carry out this Simoron ritual, a person will need new green socks. The fact is that this shade attracts money and provides real energy for monetary growth.

  • You should put in each sock a coin of five conventional units and hang them all night on your window.
  • In the morning you need to pull out your nickels, put on your socks and go on business. In the evening, you need to take off your socks and put coins in them again.
  • Such operations should be done within a week.
  • A week later, green socks will lead the owner’s legs to new financial opportunities and prosperity.


This ritual to attract money will help you constantly beckon money into your wallet. How often does a person charge a mobile phone? By itself. And how many times did he charge his own wallet? Definitely never in my life. But in vain, because it also requires energy supply!

A person should imagine that the wallet is powered by electricity, and if it is not constantly recharged, then money will not come into it. You should make it a habit to plug in your smartphone charger every night when preparing for bed, and put the end of the wire into the hole in your wallet. By morning, the wallet will be charged and ready to attract money. A person himself will not notice how the wallet becomes a magnet for money.

Simoron. Technique for attracting money.


You can try to multiply your money. To this end, you can arrange a real date for money. We must wait until evening, take the two largest bills that are available, and then send them to the window. You need to light two candles, turn on romantic songs, pour 2 glasses of red wine and put them near the banknotes. This is a true romantic evening for money, which will end in an amazing night of love. It is after her that the couple will begin to breed.


If the flow of money going to a person suddenly dried up and does not want to resume in any way, he should perform such a Simoron ritual. You need to take a hair dryer or a regular vacuum cleaner and start slowly, but at the same time very confidently, cleaning the space from dust, mentally thinking about how quickly the path is cleared for the flow of money.

It is necessary to concentrate on thoughts and not stop meditating until the vacuum cleaner itself is cleaned by a person from the collected dust. In the very near future, the money will return to its owner again and become eternal companions in life. But at the same time, a person needs to confess his love to them and give them attention, as if in love.


An excellent way has long been the method of charging water with material wealth, since water is a very powerful energy conductor. To attract money in this way, you should pour boiled water into a glass and put the container in front of you. Then you need to get as comfortable as possible, close your eyes and begin to visualize in detail different images of prosperity and well-being.

A person should imagine how he receives the necessary amount, won the lottery, or learned about a sudden increase in income ten times. After such representations, one should drink water, while receiving true bliss, as if what the person imagined was an event that had already happened, which greatly and brightly pleases. The rite must be repeated three times a month or more often.

Simoron. Technique for attracting money.


Incredibly efficient and very high quality equipment.

  • In advance, you should prepare several handfuls of coins of various denominations and from any state.
  • After that, you should take the largest bill that a person has, while it is better to try to find the maximum denomination in advance. A person must select this banknote himself, without borrowing it.
  • Then you need to chop the cabbage and prepare beautiful lemons.
  • All of the above must be laid out in the bathroom, taking also various other symbols of wealth, for example, a money toad, hotei or other protective figures. If a person does not have such talismans, he can use a photograph of money, rich people or presidents.
  • Then water is drawn into the bath, green salt is added, and photos are hung from the ceiling, figures are placed around. A large bill is placed so that you can look at it. Lemon slices and cabbage are also lowered into the water.
  • From now on, you can dive into the bath and get true bliss from the realization of complete wealth. Cabbage leaves sticking to the body are money.
  • Completing such a sweet procedure, you need to collect cabbage and lemon slices, and, throwing them into the toilet, say: “Swim and tell all the money to come to me.”


You need a lot of helium balloons that inflate, and money is tied to them. Let the balls with banknotes fly around the apartment. One should happily jump up and down and catch them.

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