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20 Priceless Things Money Can’t Buy


George Lorimer says

“It’s good to have money and everything that money can buy, but it’s also good to check from time to time and make sure you haven’t lost what money can’t buy."

In fact, everyone loves money. They have enough power to determine happy or sad moments for some people. This is partly because money can trigger your emotions. However, there are many priceless things that money cannot buy.

20 Priceless Things Money Can't Buy

Written by Jacqueline T. Hill

Written by Jacqueline T. Hill

Money will allow you to experience the luxury of things like a Tesla, an estate, or first-class tickets to anywhere in the world. But money can’t buy you everything. There are aspects of your life, yourself, relationships and encounters that will forever remain priceless.

So what are the 20 priceless things that money can’t buy?

1 love

You must have seen this happen because of how much it has been preached throughout life.

Love is a genuine action with beautiful emotions that develops between people who know each other to some extent.

People “fall in love” for a variety of reasons. Love is unconditional and keeps people connected to each other.

Money can bring you attraction and attention, but love? Not at all.

2 Real friends

Everyone likes to have money because it’s almost impossible to survive if we didn’t have a cent or two. And it’s only normal for people to associate themselves with people who are making an effort to make money.

But sometimes people are only attracted to what you have and what you can give, not who you are.

It works just like love. When your money runs out, real friends should stay.

3 Family

We all know that a family consists of a father, mother and children, so let’s look at the individual elements.

A father becomes a father only as a result of the relationship between him and his child. Can money buy relationships?

The same concept applies to mother and child, and if the relationship with the father cannot be bought, then the relationship with the mother and child cannot be bought either.

Even if it’s a big family, you still need to have a relationship with someone who connects you to another person. This is not rocket science.

4 Wisdom

Someone has defined wisdom as "the mother of knowledge", and how does a person acquire knowledge? He or she gets it from experience.

So, if you cannot buy experience, you cannot buy knowledge. And if you can’t buy both, then wisdom is definitely out of your league. You have to study, meet people and just experience life to deserve it.

5 Happiness

According to Eleanor Roosevelt,

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

Mrs. Roosevelt even admits what money can’t buy. She emphasizes that money cannot buy happiness.

Despite all the money a person may have in the bank, they still may not have the happiness we all crave and deserve. Money cannot afford happiness.

6 Health

Money can help us afford better health care, but health itself? Not certainly in that way.

We’ve seen millionaires and billionaires die from a range of ailments that all their money combined couldn’t cure.

The Dalai Lama said

“What surprises me the most is the ‘man’ because he sacrifices his health to make money and then sacrifices his money to restore his health.”

So, in addition to the fact that it does not bring us health, sometimes the pursuit of it robs us of good health.

7 Long life

During birthdays, we wish people a long, prosperous and healthy life. Money would be the best gift one could send to loved ones to buy these things.

But since you can’t, you wish these people the very best that life has to offer. You can also give them pleasure and love without money.

8 Time

The universe has been impartial enough to give us all 24 hours to do whatever we want. But no one, with all his wealth, could not buy a single extra hour, not even a second.

9 Respect

They say it’s mutual. In other words, you can only get respect when you give respect, and last time we checked, there was no money for respect.

So if you can’t give something in any currency, then you can’t receive it in any currency either.

10 Character

Character is the sum of a person’s attitude. Attitude depends on how you behave, and although money can affect a person’s character, it cannot buy a good person.

11 self-confidence

Any "confidence" built on money is not really confidence. It is a shade of pride and usually ends in sheer show. That, dear friend, is not certainty. Confidence is a quality that you build over time.

12 Beauty

There are countless beauty products on the market, and they all cost money. These cosmetics can only enhance the beauty, hiding imperfections, and some go as far as changing some features of the body.

But no one has been able to change anyone’s natural beauty. If you are considering surgery, then you are still changing natural features, not changing them. You cannot buy good looks from your mother’s womb. It’s just not possible.

13 Sense of humor

Some people are born with the gift of making others laugh. Most of the comedians in the area got rich because of their sense of humor.

Humor did not come for money. Nobody became funny overnight because of an increase in their bank account.

14 Trust

Why do you trust people? Because they have proven to be trustworthy by nature. Their character has earned them this trust.

15 Talent

Talent is a natural skill that needs to be discovered and honed. Just like beauty and everything else that comes naturally, talent cannot be bought.

16 Purpose

People attend conferences and seminars to help them understand their purpose in life. These conferences may be free or paid, but their purpose was not achieved for the money.

They already had a goal before they knew they needed to find it. Many poor people have discovered their purpose and used it to become rich. This goes on to illustrate that money can come from finding a purpose, but it cannot give you a purpose.

17 Satisfaction

If there is one thing that money can never buy, it is satisfaction. Even if money finds a way to get any of the other items on this list, it will never bring satisfaction. Money increases our desire to have more money. The more money, the more hunger.

18 Sympathy

We have never heard of a person who bought the ability to empathize, and we never will, because empathy is a feeling. Feelings cannot be bought.

19 World

Why do people use sophisticated security systems? Because they want peace when they go to bed, but even with all this peace has never been received in exchange for money. This happens as a result of a clear conscience and a good heart.

Ironically, money can bring enemies that end up disturbing your peace.

20 Good Name

The proverb says: "A good name is better than silver." It’s like comparing two different things: a name and silver (which could be called money).

What is a "name"? Is it a form of identity, and how is it perceived? Your lifestyle and character help people accept you.


In general, these things are priceless and confidently show that money cannot buy everything.

At the same time, money is needed, so don’t quit your job just because it can’t buy you happiness. And spend your money and time wisely.

Also, try your best to make people happy. Their money cannot provide this necessary emotion. Don’t waste or abuse your health trying to get money.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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