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Time is money: Time is money, what does this expression mean to us?


What does the phrase "time is money" mean?

In 1748, having written the essay "Advice to a Young Merchant", a prominent American politician and scientist Benjamin Franklin used the expression for the first time: "Remember that time is money."

The expression “time is money" sounds as simple as possible: do not waste time for which you can earn money, since the loss of time is equivalent to the loss of capital that could have been earned during this time.

Later, Benjamin Franklin developed his idea about the value of rational use of time for achieving financial success and wrote that one should not waste time in vain, one must be constantly busy with something useful. It is assumed that this phrase was borrowed from the ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus (about 372 – 287 BC), who wrote: "Time is a very expensive waste."

Time is money: Time is money, what does this expression mean to us?

Time is priceless because money cannot buy it.

An indisputable truth for any successful entrepreneur today: time should be saved and spent sensibly, since it is still the same money. Many consider time to be the highest value.

The very phrase “time is money” means that there is a direct relationship between time and money: the more time you spend on a useless business, the less money you will have in the future. Since prosperity (a very large amount of money) frees up the main time of a person’s life for his realization of creative inclinations and ambitious plans for self-realization.

Time is money: Time is money, what does this expression mean to us?

You can buy hours, but not time.

Can’t buy time

Many people often complain that they don’t have enough resources, strength, money, emotions… We don’t like what we have and we would like more. And in many cases, there is nothing wrong with that. But we forget that the most valuable, most significant resource in our lives is our time.

We are all given a certain amount of time to live life, to make our dream, our destiny a reality. But often we forget that the bar for the time of our life can only decrease from today and further.

‘Cause we can’t buy time, we can’t grow time, we can’t ask for more time. We can only waste and waste time.

And after we lose time, we have no idea how much is left. And that makes it even more valuable. Our lifespan is a mystery.

We humans live much longer than other inhabitants of this planet, but at the same time we do not spend the right amount of time on what is really important.

The very idea that we have as much time as we think leads to the fact that we simply waste it in many cases, use it incorrectly, this causes inactivity, we begin to feel very comfortable.

Time is money: Time is money, what does this expression mean to us?

Appreciate your time.

We can always set aside money, share it, but not time. We can lose our position, business, housing, relationships, and soon get or rebuild it back. But with our time, we cannot do this.

Whatever we do, how we spend our time defines who we are.

Looking at what we spend our time on, you can immediately understand what we are pursuing, what we want or don’t want, and most importantly, how much, and in general, whether we have some kind of dream, the direction where we are moving.

How much time do we spend working on ourselves? How much time do we spend every day working on our dreams? And in the last month, how many books have we read? Over the past year, what knowledge and skills have we acquired? What investment, what investment have we made in ourselves? What you do is the most important guarantee of your success.

The only thing that separates you from who you are and where you are now from who you want to be is how and with whom you spend your time. It is important to understand the value of your time. Our time is not infinite.

Many people do not understand that it takes time to get a worthwhile result, to achieve something great, to realize your dreams. You need patience, a lot of time for work, development, study.

While quick win seekers are impatient, they get frustrated at the first setback, blame themselves and others, and give up. Forgetting that any undertaking, any business, any worthwhile dream requires a lot of time and constant perseverance.

We are extremely busy. And some think that because they are busy, they are efficient. But look at your day, your schedule for just a minute. And ask yourself: “Am I really efficient?

Value your time. Keep track of your time. Know why, for what, and for whom you spend it. Your time is priceless.

Stop killing your time, because sooner or later it will turn against you, because time is constantly killing you. Only you have complete control over yourself, only you can prevent the loss of your own time. Value your time.

Be sure that using your most important resource correctly, you can become the best version of yourself, finally make your dreams come true, surround yourself with really important and loved people, and not have regrets that you didn’t have time to do something there. Why? Because they learned to value their time!

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