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Roman Abramovich – a story of amazing success


Roman Abramovich is a successful businessman, ranked 107 in the world and 10 in the current Forbes 2019. Assertiveness, entrepreneurial skill, undeniable diligence and hard work helped him come to power and unimaginable wealth.

Childhood – hard trials before overwhelming success

On October 24, 1966, in the city of Saratov, Roman Arkadyevich was born – the future billionaire, so beloved by the Forbes list. The child lost his mother when he was only a year old. At the age of 4, he was left an orphan. His dad died from an injury sustained at a construction site. The boy was brought up by his uncle Leib, who lives in Ukhta. To finish the capital’s school, he had to live with another relative.

The guy received a certificate and went to the army. He served in the air defense, strengthening his already strong character. Returning, Roman continued his studies at the Industrial Institute of Ukhta. Here he began to actively show his leadership qualities. Already in those years they were equal to him. Incredible ambitions and an undeniable mind did not allow Abramovich to complete his studies and receive a diploma of higher education. Apparently, this was not important to him, because even then he was interested in entrepreneurial activity.


Abramovich began to actively conduct business in the late 80s. Together with his first wife, they sold toys in the market. According to rumors, the newlyweds did not invest their own money in development. The funds were donated by the relatives of Abramovich’s beloved. Olga Lysova and Roman Abramovich were able to properly manage their money, which helped them get their first capital. The first and important step towards success was the opening of the cooperative organization "Uyut", specializing in the production of children’s toys. The company brought a good income, but this was not enough for the ambitious Roman.

After some time, the entrepreneur began to actively engage in trading operations. At first he worked with intermediaries. Realizing that important decisions should be made only by him, Abramovich began to solve the main issues on his own. Huge ambitions helped the businessman become the head of the largest enterprise AVK-Komi, which operates as an intermediary in the oil market. Working with fuel almost brought Roman to the dock. Upon discovery of a major theft, a criminal case began. An experienced and successful businessman helped the investigation. The thieves were found. There was no evidence of Abramovich’s involvement in the case.

The endless ambitions of Roman Abramovich made him move on. Boris Berezovsky noticed the professional skills of the entrepreneur. He had been looking for a person for a long time who would be able to efficiently manage the financial and raw material flows of Sibneft. In 1996, Roman Arkadievich became a member of the management of JSC Noyabrskneftegaz. At the same time, he ends up in the Moscow office of Sibneft.

The working relationship and strong friendship between Berezovsky and Abramovich continued until 1998. It seemed that nothing could interfere with the partners. But in business, the main goal is money, for which many are ready to do anything. They tried to unite Sibneft and Yukos, but failed to come to a unified decision. Disagreements led to serious discord. By this time, Abramovich’s fortune was about $ 14 billion, which allowed him not to be particularly upset, because the quality of life had not changed in any way.

Important projects

The 2000s were no less successful for Abramovich. His capital continued to grow. He developed new companies that brought him huge profits. The Russian Aluminum project, co-founded by Oleg Deripaska, was very successful. Roman Arkadyevich actively bought shares. He bought a controlling stake from Aeroflot. Some time later, Abramovich purchased shares in ORT from Berezovsky, and then resold them to Sberbank.

Sibneft gradually strengthened relations with Belarus. In 2002, Roman Abramovich bought out a 10% stake in the Russian-Belarusian concern Slafneft. Together with a partner TNK, the businessman acquired 74.9% of the shares. The assets were divided in equal shares, thanks to which further cooperation was carried out without conflicts.

Roman Abramovich - a story of amazing success

Big business cannot develop without serious problems. In 2003, public services became seriously interested in Abramovich. An experienced entrepreneur was suspected of illegally acquiring shares in several companies. He had to pay a large fine, the amount of which amounted to $ 1 billion. Abramovich promptly sold shares in numerous organizations owned by him.

Political activity

Sooner or later successful businessmen become interested in politics. Roman Abramovich was no exception. In 1999, he managed to become a State Duma deputy from the Chukotka constituency. Why this particular area? Everything is quite simple! It was here that organizations performing operations with petroleum products on behalf of Sibneft were registered.

Abramovich was never afraid of difficulties. In 2000, he became a member of the Committee on the Problems of the North and the Far East. Until 2008, the young politician was happy to be a governor. With full responsibility, he carried out the assigned tasks, actively developing the region. In 2006 he was awarded the Order of Honor.

Roman Abramovich - a story of amazing success

In 2005, the businessman sold Sibneft shares to Gazprom. According to the latest data, he received $13.1 billion for 75.5% of the shares. At the same time, he gets tired of working as a governor. He tries to leave, but remains in office after a conversation with V.V. Putin. But with the advent of Medvedev, Roman Abramovich decides to stop exercising governor’s activities.

2008 was no less successful for the politician. He took part in the elections in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. Almost 97% of the votes were for Abramovich. Thanks to this, he managed to become chairman of the Chukotka Duma.

Football Passions

Football is an integral part of Abramovich’s life. In 2003, he bought the Chelsea football club, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. The financial capabilities of an experienced businessman helped him solve problems with debts. He updated the team. With an investment of around £150 million, Abramovich has transformed the club.

Roman Abramovich - a story of amazing success

Some will think that Roman paid attention only to foreign football. But it’s not! recently he has succeeded in establishing the National Football Academy Foundation. Roman Abramovich paid money from his wallet to Guus Hiddink, the head coach of the national football team recently.

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