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Affirmations for Success and Prosperity for Women


Prosperity and abundance are rightfully mine!
I accept them with open arms….

I control my feelings.

I choose joy!

Prosperity and abundance are rightfully mine!

I accept them with open arms.

Every day I become happier in every aspect.

My joy is infectious.

I open up and freely accept new sources of income that the Universe gives me with love.

Gratitude fills me. Today I gladly accept my abundance.

I deserve the best.

Today, like all the days to come, is full of wonderful opportunities.

And I accept them with an open heart.

Money comes into my life easily and freely.

I visualize abundance for myself and others.

Thank you Universe!

Success and wealth come easily to me.

What my attention is directed to grows and increases.

That is why I direct my attention to joy and prosperity.

My abilities are a gift to the world and I feel the desire to share them.

I believe that what I have created is precious.

I have a huge potential to become the way I want: happy, kind, loving, generous.

I am beautiful!

I can achieve anything I want!

My possibilities for success are endless.

When I help others, I help myself.

My creative ideas flow freely and unhindered.

I am a spiritual being!

My mind is capable of recreating anything I can imagine.

I proclaim happiness, success, love, healthy relationships, a life-affirming idea, positive people around me, prosperity, wealth, beauty, peace, light and miracles.

My happiness is transmitted to everyone around me.

I have excellent health! I’m rich! I am important!

I am valuable! I am positive! I am blessed!

I trust myself. I am the architect of my life.

I am grateful to life. My dreams come true.

Success and achievement are the natural result of my work.

I’m reaching the pinnacle of success.

Success and growth inevitably come to me as a result of my efforts.

A constant stream of abundance flows to me.

Success lives both in my mind and subconscious.

I become spiritually rich. From my heart flows love and compassion for all living beings on this planet.

I love making my dreams come true.

Success is my natural state.

I am grateful to the universe for everything it gives me!

I successfully climb up to the pinnacle of prosperity!

I am a magnet for success and abundance!

Everything I do brings me success.

Sun my dreams come true. I achieve everything I believe in.

I look at the world around and smile. I feel joy and pleasure.

I find joy and pleasure in the simplest things.

I am always in a great mood. I charge with my mood everyone who is near me.

My heart is filled with joy and love.

Every day I become happier and more successful.

I feel strong, capable, confident.

I breathe in my self-confidence. And breathe out peace.

Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible!

I am filled with love.

Peace fills me with every breath I take.

Every day my life is getting better and better!

Life and the Universe love me.

My choice is to be happy!

I accept it. I accept myself.💖

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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