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Profitable niches for earning: find out how to make money


What profitable niches for good earnings exist? The world economy at the present stage is characterized by high instability, but more and more people are starting to think about starting their own business.

However, not all young companies manage to survive and develop in the conditions of the crisis that is observed all over the world. Many, unable to withstand the competition, are forced to leave the market. To reduce your risks, even at the stage of developing a business plan for opening a company, you need to know the popular niches for making good money today, which will be the most profitable for you to start working. Every business should start with good planning.

Profitable niches for earning: find out how to make money

What is a business niche and how to choose the right one?

A niche, as a fundamental factor for any business, is a part of the market with sufficient demand, where the entrepreneur has the opportunity to offer his goods or services. The payback and speed of this process largely depends on the correct choice of the direction of activity.

To occupy a good niche in the market, you need to choose up to 10 promising areas, paying attention to the following points:

  • what are the most competent, you can give advice, recommendations;
  • what interests you besides work, your hobby;
  • your social status;
  • annoying factors.

Next stage

At the next stage, you need to check the demand for each selected direction in order to cross out those that are unpromising. To do this, you need to enter the appropriate query in the search box and see how many views per month. Obviously, if a product or service is of interest to approximately 100 people per month, this niche can hardly be called a successful business. Such free niches should be crossed out immediately.

Next, you need to check each remaining direction according to a number of criteria:

  • Clarity and simplicity. To ensure the quick launch and development of any business, you need to know all its subtleties and nuances.
  • Average income. It is necessary to assume approximate earnings from each transaction in order to compare which niche will be more profitable for work, taking into account the costs and the result obtained.
  • Deal cycle. It is better for business beginners to choose niches with an instant payback, for example, the sale of goods and services that are characterized by a short cycle.
  • Purchase frequency. It is easier to work when clients become regulars. For example, niches such as the production or sale of essential goods will allow you to get regular customers who will constantly return.
  • Scale. If possible, it is advisable to work throughout the country, and not in any one region. The provision of services remotely will also be justified.

Rate each niche on a 10-point scale. Delete from the list the ones with the most points.

An obligatory step in choosing a niche for your business is a detailed analysis of competitors. To do this, you need to enter the appropriate question in the search engine and view all the main competitors, their advantages, ongoing promotions, how they offer products. You need to think about how you can highlight your product or service.

The final stage of testing, in order to occupy unoccupied business niches, is to test it. The easiest way is to create a landing page and launch contextual advertising. The simplest site can be created quickly and free of charge in special constructors by filling in the information and running ads.

Actual ideas for a profitable business

Profitable niches for earning: find out how to make money

You can start your business today by buying a franchise, which is more profitable in every sense than starting a business from scratch. Buying a franchise allows you to get a ready-made business model that already has its customers and makes a profit, so the risks of unprofitable activities are practically eliminated. The range of franchises offered is huge, ranging from a coffee shop to a clothing store.

If you still cannot decide in which direction to develop, this will help the list of niches that have been specially selected as one of the most profitable, and their implementation is available not only in megacities, but also in other settlements of the country.

Doing business on Instagram

Instagram account holders actively use the popular resource for doing business. This can be selling goods or services to make money on the social network itself, promoting and administering accounts, selling photos, or completing tasks.

The platform allows you to choose a convenient option for making money easily, keep a block on any topic.

Every year, the advertising effectiveness of Instagram is growing, but many aspiring entrepreneurs, wanting to make money on this resource, quickly lose motivation. All because they want to get a return quickly, not wanting to wait for a long time, they simply do not have enough experience, their expectations are very high, mistakes are made at the start of the project.

As the popularity of the account grows, many instablogers start selling advertising posts, making money on it.

Creating and maintaining your own website or blog

Everyone can now earn on their hobbies. To do this, it is important to create a resource that will be attractive to other Internet users and will be able to occupy unoccupied business niches.

At the very beginning of a blog or website, it is important to approach the matter with all seriousness, create a lot of content, show discipline and perseverance, this is the only way to bring the resource to the TOP.

To achieve monetization of your resource, skills in Internet marketing are important.

Provision of beauty services at home

Beauty services will always be in demand, because more and more people strive to be beautiful and well-groomed, and there is not always time to visit salons, and besides, they are much more expensive.

Doing manicures, makeup, haircuts or eyelash extensions at home does not require significant investments. It is enough to complete the courses, as well as purchase materials for opening a profitable business. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy the entire arsenal of products; for a start, the very minimum is enough, just buy the necessary tools and materials as needed.

Working from home, you can gain invaluable experience, acquire regular customers, and when financial opportunities allow, you can open your own beauty salon.

Event agency

If you have a lot of creative ideas, constantly strive to implement them, you are a mass entertainer, you like to organize various events for friends and acquaintances, creating an event agency will be a profitable business idea for you.

Specialized firms today organize weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, so that the holiday meets all the wishes of customers. The prestige of such agencies will grow as the number of satisfied customers increases, and this is achieved by the professional work of a team of specialists capable of organizing any holiday at the highest level.

Creation of an online store

Today, almost everyone can open an online trading platform, but in order for it to be different from existing resources, profitable, it is important to choose the right profitable niches for an online store.

It is better to sell only what you are competent in, offering goods or services that you are well versed in.

Today, the online store is a profitable business. The main advantage is that there is no connection to any geographic location, it is unnecessary to pay expensive rent every month. But when creating an online store, you will have to attract customers yourself, which can take a long time until the product or service becomes in demand. If this is a retail outlet that is located in a place with good traffic, it will quickly become popular.

The right choice of goods and assortment groups that are in demand will ensure the rapid growth of customers, make the resource in demand, and ensure profit growth.

Profitable niches for an online store: clothes and shoes, school supplies, household chemicals, appliances, art supplies, etc.

Self-service car wash

Profitable niches for earning: find out how to make money

Every year more and more people buy cars. Therefore, various business ideas related to machines will be attractive and profitable.

Not all vehicle owners have the opportunity to wash their car, because they live in apartments, and they consider it too expensive to use car wash services all the time.

That is why the popularity of self-service stations is growing. According to statistics, their productivity is several times higher than that of conveyor or manual stations. Even when operating at a quarter of the capacity of a self-service car wash, the investment will pay off in two years.

Tire assembly

A promising business niche, like many other types of auto business, which is facilitated by the rapid growth of the country’s car fleet. The attractiveness of the business is in small investments and quick payback, but the competition here is quite high.

Tire fitting, which was previously performed in garages, is now being replaced by workshops that provide a wide range of services. Often they are combined with auto supply stores and mini-cafeterias where car owners can relax while waiting for specialists to work on their vehicles.

Opening of an auto goods store

The sale of auto products and auto parts will be relevant as long as people buy cars. Even though you can see the rapid growth of online shopping today, many buyers still prefer traditional points of sale where they can buy materials and parts at an affordable price. You can sell both spare parts and accessories for cars: covers, mats, car enamels, etc.

Organization of transformational games online

The popularity of games of this format today is one of the most popular online business niches. The bottom line is that the organizer of the meeting tells the participant the principle of action, assists in achieving the desired result. The participants of the game need not only to win, but also to endure invaluable experience for its application in real life. Games can be held on different topics: family relationships, business and career, self-development, etc.

To organize such a business, which was previously available only offline, investments are practically not needed.

Children’s development center or art studio in a shopping center

Additional education is in demand in our time, because general educational institutions cannot fully meet the modern needs of the younger generation.

Children’s developing clubs are a popular business niche. But for their organization, you need to develop a high-quality educational program or purchase a ready-made franchise.

Children’s creativity studios are a popular area of ​​children’s education. As a rule, they are organized in the form of islands in shopping centers. Parents can leave their child in a place where he will really be interested (play educational games, sculpt, draw, make mosaics, etc.), and go shopping themselves. Opening a mini-studio does not require significant investments, and a business project will pay off quickly.

cleaning company

Specialized companies providing cleaning and complex maintenance services. Cleaning services are in demand in the corporate segment: shopping centers, office buildings, premises of large companies. Their service is the most profitable, but private clients who want to order cleaning of their apartment or private house can also use such services.

Often such firms are opened for a specific company, for the needs of which the necessary equipment is purchased, and specialists are recruited.

Opening a themed cafe

Increasingly, cafes in the “beast" format are being opened in different cities of the country. The attraction of such establishments lies in the fact that visitors can not only taste delicious food or drinks. But also get live communication with cats, puppies, raccoons. As a rule, guests of such cafes pay for the time they spend in such establishments. You can also offer a photo session with pets for an additional fee.

The pet in the cafe should not be alone, it is also necessary to create conditions for the animals to be as comfortable as possible. Provide the right diet and various accessories.

Creation of a training center

Now the potential of training centers in our country is only being revealed. Therefore, this direction can be very profitable.

The activities of training centers are possible both online and offline. As for the topics, they can be varied: manicure techniques, language skills, training in design skills or working in the currency market.

In some cases, teaching an activity can be much more profitable than organizing this business.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​will help you find a good job, travel the world, communicate freely with native speakers. But general education schools cannot provide a high quality of learning foreign languages. Therefore, private schools are a popular niche.

Investments in the opening of a language school pay off after about six months of work. If classes are organized in an interesting way, popularity will grow rapidly, attracting those who want to receive high-quality knowledge.

Cosmetics store

Not only women, but also men today are trying to monitor their appearance. Therefore, they are ready to give a significant part of their income every month for effective cosmetics. Today, manufacturers can offer a wide range of such products for every taste from different categories. For example:

  • elite
  • professional
  • natural
  • decorative
  • branded
  • medical
  • homemade
  • handmade.

For the implementation of cosmetics, you can choose a convenient format of work. For example, catalogs, online stores, large points of sale or islands in shopping centers.

Proper business organization will allow you to achieve a quick return on investment and increase the popularity of the business.

Street food outlets

Low investment combined with fast and high returns makes this business niche in demand and popular.

An entrepreneur can choose different products: pies, donuts, shawarma, hot dogs, pizza, pancakes and many other products.

In order for a business to develop, it is important to choose the right place for a small retail outlet.

Opening of a carnival costume shop

A studio or a carnival costume store offers to rent beautiful and original costumes at any time of the year and for any holiday. Not only children, but also adults love entertaining and festive events. The range includes not only carnival costumes, but also evening dresses, masks, wigs and other accessories. Everything that allows you to create a festive and bright image.

Profitable niches for any business are characterized by a quick payback, which in this case is approximately three years. But a lot depends on the locality. It is also possible to offer goods through social networks, which greatly expands the scale of activities.

Animal hotel

Profitable niches for earning: find out how to make money

Zoo hotels are very popular today. Therefore, they are a sought-after and profitable idea for a business; here you can occupy a profitable niche for making money. Do not confuse them with overexposure or shelter. In special hotels, a beloved animal that needs to be left for a few days will be surrounded by care. And, of course, properly fed, he will be groomed and cherished.

The opening of hotels for animals in large cities is especially important. After all, their residents are often away for work or other reasons.


Outdoor events are becoming more and more popular. Company management often prefers corporate events or meetings in this format. But there are not so many organizations that would serve them, provide restaurant food, today.

And if earlier such a format of events was ordered only by large companies and organizations, today there are much more applicants. It can be a youth gathering, a festival, a wedding celebration, various children’s holidays, etc.

When organizing a catering company, you can earn income from several sources. For example, full support of the event, only the provision of equipment for rent. Or only food delivery, only serving and other options.

Opening a bakery or pizzeria

Despite the fact that today in every city there are already operating pizzerias and bakeries, new establishments are also opening. That speaks about the vacancy of this market. So, these are profitable niches for your earnings. Pizza and pastries are in high demand. Therefore, even with high competition, you can open and develop a profitable business.

Small bakeries can offer tastier and fresher baked goods than bakeries. In addition, their assortment is adapted to the tastes of local residents. As for pizza, it is a favorite delicacy of children and adults, it amazes with a variety of tastes. For entrepreneurs, the advantage of this niche business lies in the ease of preparation and low cost.

Art goods store

Handmade goods are very popular today, but to make them, you need materials.

The assortment of such stores can offer everything you need for sewing, knitting, embroidery, decoupage, modeling. All this is necessary to realize your creative ideas in reality.

When opening a store with goods for creativity, it is important to take care of the range of products in order to satisfy the demand for it.


Once profitable niches for your business have been finally chosen, a firm decision has been made to develop in a particular direction, it is recommended to create a financial model for your business. All processes should be calculated in advance. Namely, investments, resource costs, purchase or rental of premises, profits and possible losses. This will allow you to determine when the investment will begin to pay off.

It is important to understand that there is no one way to develop a business from scratch. Especially if you don’t put in the effort. Long-term and persistent work aimed at development will help to achieve success. The mistake many budding entrepreneurs make is that they are too selfish. They want to make money faster, but at the same time they don’t even have a plan for developing their business. Even if you plan to hire people who will sell a product or service, you need to independently study the entire range. Because a true professional must know all aspects of his business.

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