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How to make money on a manicure – all ways


Are you interested in how to make money on a manicure? After all, manicure services are in demand at all times. Women and even men want to look attractive. They want their hands to look well-groomed and their nails beautiful. But in salons, manicure is not cheap. And not everyone will allow themselves to visit such institutions. Because it is more profitable to sign up to a specialist at home. But making money on your own by creating original nails and building up is quite realistic.

It is worth familiarizing yourself with the nuances of setting up your own business, the features of the provision of services, the costs associated with doing business. How to make money on a manicure so that the occupation brings the main income, and what is required for this, further in the material.

Pros and cons of the nail business

The occupation of nail extension and the creation of a manicure has positive aspects:

  • there are prospects for career growth and development, business expansion, from an inexperienced trainee to a professional;
  • availability of devices, materials, sold everywhere – in stores, shopping centers, websites;
  • a large selection of materials, shades of varnishes;
  • when registering an individual entrepreneur at home, a small amount will be spent;
  • expanse for creativity and the embodiment of the ideas of a nail designer.

Not without cons:

  • many competitors, not everyone can withstand the onslaught;
  • the need to constantly monitor trends, as fashion changes every season;
  • lack of experienced craftsmen.

Types of manicure masters

To begin with, a woman needs to decide how she will work. Because the manicurist determines the schedule, the number of visitors. There are several types of nail service specialists:

  • masters working in beauty salons, studios;
  • individual entrepreneurs who register their own business and personally open a studio;
  • nail designers working at home;
  • visiting masters who, by agreement, come to customers and draw up nails.

Each type has its pros and cons. How much a nail extension master earns now depends on many factors. Read on carefully so as not to miss important information.

Income of salon manicure masters

The income of salon designers is about 40% of the cost of a manicure in the institution where the master works. But at the same time, the designer is obliged to use exclusively personal tools. Because this is where an inexperienced person should start.

Despite the fact that the earnings are small, this is a great start and an opportunity to fill your hand, make useful contacts and acquire customers. But the advantage of the work is that there is no need to purchase materials. Because consumables are provided by a beauty studio. For the master, this means lower costs for the nail business.

People registering their own IP will face a number of difficulties. Because you will need to select and rent a room, purchase appliances, consumables, organize jobs. And also register, collect the necessary documents. But then you need money to promote the salon. Many salons are closed, unable to withstand competition. But if the institution takes its niche, then high earnings are guaranteed. Because the master must be stubborn and go in personal plans to the end.

Income of nail designers at home

Nail designers serving visitors at home have to furnish an entire room. Women earn good money. It is also convenient – a businesswoman saves personal time, in between clients she can go about her business. Working from home excludes the cost of renting a salon, transportation costs. You will need to purchase the necessary for the design of marigolds – appliances, materials, equip the room and spend money on advertising.

Nail masters who visit customers at home spend a lot of time on the road. There are also additional transport costs. But there is a high risk that materials will deteriorate during transportation. The income is the same as that of those who work at home. Despite the additional expenses, such masters make extra charges, and their services are more expensive.

It is most profitable to receive clients at home or open your own salon. An inexperienced person should start by working in a beauty studio. This will allow you to gain experience and acquire customers.

Salary for a nail technician

How to make money on a manicure - all ways

Women who decide to do nails are interested in how much a manicurist earns now. But his income is not limited to a strict figure. Because the amount of earnings depends on many factors:

  • location;
  • material quality;
  • experience;
  • professionalism and demand among clients.

Not only an experienced master can make money on manicure, but also a novice person. The main criterion noted by the clients is not the track record of a professional, but the quality of work with nails and the presence of zest, original style and approach. Creating a manicure is a creative activity, so each visitor needs to be approached individually.

The question arises, how much does a manicurist at home earn. Because the salary of a specialist serving clients in his apartment will average from 12,000 to 100,000 🪙 But it depends on the region of residence, the quality of services, the number of visitors. Beginner services are cheaper – from 300 🪙. If the master serves three clients per day, then the income will be about 1000 🪙. By working 5 days a week, you can withdraw 20,000 🪙, which will be a good start in your career.

Gradually, having learned how to competently and beautifully create a portfolio, attracting more and more customers, the price for services will increase. The amount of net profit will increase by 2-3 times.

Another question that is worth sorting out is how much a manicurist who works in a beauty salon earns. Interns will receive from 6000 🪙 per month.

Seasoned specialists with extensive experience working in a beauty studio can get from 30,000 🪙 Income will grow if he works in a prestigious salon that is in great demand. Regardless of skill and professionalism, a manicurist must give the salon at least 40% of the amount that the client paid for the services.

Is it profitable now to do nail extensions, women ask. Recently, the procedure has been in great demand. Women will acquire beautiful long nails. Also, thanks to the extension, it is possible to hide the defects of the nail plate, the ingrown nail. One procedure, together with the design of the nails, will cost the client 1500 🪙. If you take 3 women a day, you will get a good amount per month.

How to learn nail art

How to make money on a manicure - all ways

Any work should be done with high quality and well, so you do not need to resort to watching YouTube videos to learn how to create a manicure. Lessons will be useful and useful, but as an addition to the main program.

For the professional performance of services, it is necessary to undergo training, enroll in courses. Because they will teach the technique of applying varnish, creating a design. And they will also talk about the structure of the nail plate, the features of caring for it. The student will learn the rules for processing tools.

But the cost of learning nail art varies depending on the institution, the number of classes. Mostly the courses involve intensive completion of the program with the maximum amount of practice. Because before you start working, you need to comprehend all the knowledge.

Initially, you will need to pay about 3000 🪙 for the courses for 5 lessons. But prices depend on the skill of the teacher, the class of manicure, the material used. First, it is enough to get basic skills.

The basic course for creating a manicure on average in Moscow costs 13,000🪙, the advanced one is more expensive – 17,000. If the master wants to learn how to build nails, he pays an additional 12,000🪙

Professionalism and study of the basics are confirmed by a certificate, diploma. This will prove the qualifications of the master and help open a manicure as a business.

Employees and equipment

If you plan to open a salon, you will need to equip 2 workplaces. At the initial stage, this will reduce costs. Each table will have one nail designer. Employees are looking for before buying material. Searching is often difficult. It is worth contacting specialized centers that train people in nail service.

Before hiring an employee, you need to see him in action. In addition to specialists, you no longer need to hire anyone. In a small salon, the help of a cashier or administrator is not required.


From the equipment you will need to purchase:

  • a manicure table and 2 chairs (for one master) will cost about 13,000 🪙, a professional stand will cost 100,000 🪙 You can’t go anywhere without them. Because this is the first necessity in the organization of work;
  • cabinets and racks for storing tools, materials – the price depends on the quantity, size and other characteristics, on average 5,000🪙

To perform a manicure from technology, you will need to purchase the following devices:

  • the sterilizer costs about 6000🪙;
  • sterilizer balls – 500🪙;
  • table lamp – 1000🪙;
  • lamp for drying gel polish – 2 000🪙

If a businesswoman plans to increase her nails, then you will need to purchase:

  • a fraser with nozzles costs from 6,000 to 15,000🪙;
  • paraffin furnace – 7 000🪙

Optional equipment

In addition to the basic furniture, appliances, you need to purchase consumables:

  • disposable gloves. Because safety is above all;
  • towels;
  • various types of antiseptics – gels, sprays, alcohol formulations;
  • finger separators;
  • dogs;
  • scissors;
  • cotton pads.

A manicurist will spend about 1500 on nail consumables and small tools🪙 But this, of course, is in the most favorable development of events.

Directly for nail design you need to buy:

  • high-quality top and base from Kodi – 1200🪙;
  • a set of varnishes, consisting of 20 Bluesky colors, costs 2800🪙;
  • degreaser, cuticle remover, primer, remover – about 1000🪙

Rhinestones, beads, sequins are purchased for decorating nails. It will take about 1000 more🪙

Total: the total cost of running your own manicure business amounted to 48,000 🪙. But it is not necessary to lay out the amount immediately. For example, if a businesswoman does not plan to do nail extensions, then a fraser and related consumables are excluded from the list. Lacquer cabinets are not always needed. Some ladies equip food plastic containers for them.


Purchase products from one supplier. Because this way you will be sure of the quality. A standard set of a manicurist will cost 7,000 🪙 But when working with companies, you need to check all documents, receipts. Cosmetics, devices and materials must be certified.

A number of requirements are put forward for a room that is intended to be used as a salon:

  • area over 4.5 sq. m;
  • availability of hot and cold water, sewerage;
  • sink for washing objects, hands;
  • sealed fire extinguishers

Marketing strategy

How to make money on a manicure - all ways

A novice master must know how to attract customers. Since his earnings directly depend on the number of people served and on the quality of the manicure, you need to promote your services.

The rule works: the more clients received high-quality services, the higher the income of a specialist. Positive reviews will attract more visitors and build trust.

There are five ways to attract customers:

  1. Advertising services in social networks. This is the most accessible and popular form of advertising. Create an interesting group or page. Be sure to post photos of the work so that potential clients can evaluate the quality of the manicure. Optionally add a price list. This will save you unnecessary questions.
  2. Client base. Women who have had a manicure are a kind of advertisement. If the clients like the quality, the result, the master, they will definitely recommend him to their acquaintances, girlfriends, work colleagues. The specialist must learn proper communication so that after going to the salon, the visitor has only good impressions. Finding a common language with people is an important requirement for the profession. The quality of the services provided should be high, because no one wants to return to the salon, where the master makes mistakes, incorrectly and carelessly applies varnish.
  3. Advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Despite the fact that the Internet has flooded everything, not all people use it. The printed matter will advertise the services.
  4. Placement of advertisements at bus stops. Write the text, print it on sheets and hang it at public stops.
  5. Ordering a banner, stretching. Expensive form of advertising, but attracts a lot of attention.

The nail business needs competent and beautiful advertising. Hand out flyers and business cards. First buyers are given discounts or offered to participate in promotions.

How to open your own home salon?

Women who seriously decide to give themselves up to the profession must register as an individual entrepreneur (IP) with the tax service. Because when creating a manicure cabinet, the same code is indicated as for hairdressing salons. And then they pay the receipt, collect a list of documents and come to the tax office for registration.

The next stage is the definition of the taxation system. Manicurists, at their request, must choose the simplified tax system or UTII. The simplified system is in many ways more convenient and profitable, so it is preferable to specify it.

After passing the registration and registration of the master as an individual entrepreneur, they acquire a cash register. Do it only in the tax authorities. The waiting time will take about 20 days. Keep this deadline in mind in advance in order to properly plan the work.

But if there is a rush, there are special services involved in the sale of cash registers. Within three days they will deliver the goods, but for a large fee. During the registration of an individual entrepreneur, a seal is ordered. It is important for any business, regardless of size and income. This moment cannot be ignored. Because in the future, many foreign firms refuse to cooperate with businesswomen who have not ordered printing.

A license to carry out activities is not needed, but a certificate or diploma of training is required. Where to get it and how much it costs, was written above.

They also prepare and receive a number of documents. They are required to confirm the legitimate conduct of business. List:

  • a lease agreement for premises, an office for those who open a beauty salon, or other paper that confirms ownership – for women opening a salon at home;
  • certificate from Rospotrebnadzor;
  • a certificate from the SES on the successful completion of the test and compliance with sanitary standards;
  • price list for the services provided;
  • checks, receipts, invoices for goods that the master will use.

Then you should start equipping your workplace, purchasing the necessary materials and equipment.

Rules to be followed by a nail technician

How to make money on a manicure - all ways

Regardless of the place of work, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and sterility of the workplace, tools. Because the safety for the health of visitors must be ensured in the first place.

Manicure, nail extensions must be strictly in gloves. All dust that appears in the process of work is swept away so as not to clog the space. The surface of the tables is cleaned with napkins, the tools are treated with an antiseptic. After the visitor leaves, be sure to clean up.

A nail technician must undergo regular medical check-ups. Be sure to get a medical book. Its presence will increase the confidence of clients, will cause a desire to come again.

It is important to purchase only high-quality materials for working with clients. Choose gel coatings, acrylic only from trusted manufacturers. The better the material, the longer the manicure will last on the client’s nails. If you perform a manicure with cheap varnishes, then soon the nail plates will become untidy, the coating will crack, cracks will appear. Such mistakes are unacceptable, it will alienate customers and bring negative reviews.

It is necessary to take care of the comfort of the client. Wherever the work takes place – at home or in the salon, the visitor must be satisfied and feel comfortable. Set aside a separate visitor room to create a work environment.

It is necessary to adapt to the wishes of the customer, listen to her. Because fulfilling requests is an important factor in establishing contact with a person. If he is satisfied, he will come to the master again. Because in the future the profit will grow.

Business development

To maintain the profitability of the manicure business, you need to develop and expand. Outlook:

  • improve the level of qualifications by taking additional courses, attending seminars. Because it’s good for prestige;
  • take part in competitions. Because this is how you prove your skills;
  • expand the list of services, learn new things. Because otherwise you will lag behind your competitors;
  • follow trends and adapt to innovations. Because you can’t live long on the old;
  • purchase of modern equipment. Therefore, the specificity of the work requires it.

You will need to plan what part or percentage of the income the master will be able to set aside for business development. But you also need to analyze how this will affect profits in the future, whether the plans are reasonable. It is important to save money regularly, and not from time to time. This will set aside an amount that can then be used in case of unforeseen circumstances.


When doing your own business, you need dedication, patience, a desire to improve and work on mistakes. It is important to invest in your favorite pastime not only money, but also strength, love, time, personal emotions.

If you fail, don’t give up. Think strategies ahead of time. Because success depends on how much a person gives himself to the cause. But the salary of a professional manicurist depends on dozens of factors. Areas of residence, places of work, clientele, materials, professionalism. If desired, the businesswoman will start earning big money and make the nail service the main source of income. But constant improvement, perseverance, work will lead to the opening of a personal studio to please you with new income.

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