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How to make money through the phone – TOP-15 services


How to make money through your phone? After all, studies by British psychologists have shown that people under 30 spend on a smartphone 5 hours a day.

They include watching videos, reading mail, surfing the web, playing games, chatting on forums and social networks. From any of these activities you can earn income. It is enough to choose a quality application and perform simple tasks.

How to make money through the phone - TOP-15 services

Available destinations

Applications for earning are divided into two types: for job search and advertising. The former connect customers and virtual assistants to carry out assignments: find and sort information, deliver a package, photograph an object on the ground, compare pictures, etc. The latter legally wind up the statistics of their own and other people’s projects. To do this, users are paid for viewing ads, downloading games, likes on social networks.

Advertising services have limits on remuneration. As a rule, the upper limit does not exceed 20 🪙 per action (finding such a payment is good luck), and the lower one is at the level of 5 kopecks. Convenience in the uniformity of tasks and automatic verification.

Freelance apps have a greater variety of tasks, and rewards reach up to 1000 🪙 Orders that require several hours and professional skills to complete are more expensive.

Next, consider the best programs for mobile earnings of both types.

For freelancers and remote assistants

How to make money through the phone - TOP-15 services

These services work as an information platform and a guarantor of transactions. Customers place their projects, indicate the requirements and the amount of payment. Performers study the order feed, respond to profitable offers.

If the work is completed on time and in accordance with the terms of reference, then the agreed amount is credited to the assistant’s internal account. Such work on the Internet through a personal phone takes from 1 to 3 hours a day. Full loading is also possible up to 9 working hours.


In the Yandex application, orders are divided into stationary and field orders. The first type includes: searching for information, comparing photos, evaluating the relevance of sites to search queries, comparing product categories, checking texts. The second (also called pedestrian) type includes: photographing buildings, checking establishments as a mystery shopper, video filming the area.

Mostly pay from a few cents to $1. To gain access to higher paying jobs, performers increase their rating and pass qualification tests.

Experienced users note that daily earnings on the phone reach $8, but this greatly depends on the city of residence. There are more expensive field orders in megacities than in the provinces.

Money is withdrawn to Yandex wallet, mobile balance, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer. Qiwi, Webmoney and bank cards are not available.


In order to earn through your phone, you need to install a branded application, register an account and choose a direction of work. There are 13 sections available, including: courier services, virtual assistant, tutoring, digital and home appliance repair, household help.

There is no upper bar for the cost of orders (there are amounts of 30,000 and 100,000🪙) In order to respond to a task, performers pay a one-time fee, or buy an unlimited subscription (postpaid is available for beginners). Such a scheme makes tasks cheaper than 1000🪙 uninteresting, but makes it possible to find large regular customers.

Payment is made through the “secure transaction" service or in cash at the meeting. Money is withdrawn to the same account from which the first replenishment of the balance in the system was made. Bank cards, Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money are available. Commission – 0%.


Mobile earnings are organized on the principle of a secret auditor who controls points of sale for network retailers. Performers choose a mission on the map of their city, covertly photograph the display of goods, check for promotions, communicate with sellers and evaluate the quality of service. For one task they pay 100-200🪙 Users with a high rating are available for more expensive missions – up to 1500🪙 Compensation of 30% is paid if the employees of the outlet prohibit shooting or are kicked out during the audit.

It is important to observe all the details of the task, up to the shooting angle and the absence of people’s faces in the frame. Any discrepancy is a reason for the customer to refuse the fee and transfer the work to another auditor.

The withdrawal is made within 1-2 days. Only Qiwi wallet is available, but the developers promise to add payments to bank cards and mobile balance.

Social media

Likes, subscriptions and reposts are an easy way to make money on the Internet from your phone. Social media advertising exchanges pay users to increase the statistics of promoted accounts. The higher the indicators, the faster the interested rather than purchased subscribers appear.

You will need a real page on Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube. Fake VK accounts with cats on the profile picture and only memes on the wall are not allowed. Another important condition is that you cannot unsubscribe and take back likes within a month after payment. Otherwise ban. In order not to litter your account with hundreds of unnecessary subscriptions, register a new one and make it the most complete copy of the main page (add photos, the same friends, information, etc.)


The application for earnings is only on Android. You can download it on the developer’s website, since it was removed from PlayMarket after changes in the distribution conditions. Owners of gadgets based on iOS can work through the mobile version of the site. Despite the name, it works with 7 social networks.

Immediately after registering and linking an account, the service begins to select suitable tasks for the user, which are reported in push messages (the function can be disabled). They pay from 30 kopecks to several 🪙 per action. The execution time is limited, so you should start right away, and when finished, click the “Finish” button. Money is credited to the internal account immediately after verification.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 15🪙 Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, phone balance, Steam, Payeer are available. The term is 2 working days.


The exchange unites 447 thousand participants, including 123 thousand advertisers. After registering on the service website, a tape of tasks is opened, costing from 1 cent to $10. In addition to standard likes and reposts, there are many offers for registration with activity. You need to follow the link, create an account on the page that opens and do something else. For example: send a screenshot, place an order for a free service, place a bet in a casino, invite a friend. You must provide real personal data, so each such task is allowed to be performed only once.

You can withdraw your mobile earnings to QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex Money (commission – 1%, minimum amount – $0.1) and to a card (4%, from $30). The maximum withdrawal amount is limited by the user’s rating. It’s $1 for a beginner, but it’s quickly raised to $5.

View ads

One of the easiest ways to make money. After installing the program, advertising will automatically appear on the screen, the user only needs to watch.

But this is not necessary, since there are no strict control systems. It is enough to swipe video banners from the screen for them to count.


Available for Android only. Once installed and configured, news and banners regularly appear on the lock screen. For each unlocking of the phone, the internal currency, carats, is charged, which are then exchanged for money. The user is not required to do anything other than habitually use their smartphone. No need to answer questions, download other programs, view full ads. Additional carats pay for inviting friends and their referrals.

Users earn $1-3 per month. Withdrawal conditions change periodically due to the geopolitical situation. The main payment system for the summer of 2021 is PayPal. Payouts to Russian phones are rarely available.

Globus Inter

The application is available for any platform, even for desktop PCs. Users watch videos in their free time and get rewarded. 30-50 offers appear per day, each of which takes a few seconds. Earn through your phone in this way will be $ 3-5 per month. In the second or third month of use, the number of tasks, as a rule, decreases.

Great success is achieved by those who develop their referral network. To do this, they invite new users through their link and receive a percentage of their income. Beginners are credited with a $2 bonus. Those who have created a network of several hundred people receive from $ 100 per month (it is necessary that the majority of invitees constantly use the program).

Money is withdrawn to WebMoney, PayPal, InterKassa, Perfect Money. Judging by the statistics on the official website, the average payout is $2. There are also large sums – $ 150-250.


The earning app manages the lock screen. After installation, sections with news, weather, alarms and advertising appear on it. Marketing promotions are shown based on the location and interests of the user. For each access to the main screen, payment is charged to the internal account (usually the next day). There is no need to click on banners and study offers.

Before registering, it is recommended to find the current promo code and get a welcome bonus for 10-20 🪙

In PlayMarket, the program has a rating of 4.2 stars, and the developers promptly answer user questions, fix bugs, and add the requested features. The withdrawal is made to cell phones of any operators and Qiwi wallet.

Download and evaluate programs

This type is used by developers to boost web statistics for games and other mobile applications. After registration, users receive tasks, download the specified software, if necessary, write a review and rate it in PlayMarket or AppStore. Sometimes new orders appear slowly, so it is more profitable to use several services at once.

Since games take up to a gigabyte of memory, you should make sure that there is enough free space on board the device. The older the gadget, the fewer applications it will get up.


After registering in the service, you need to attach your Google account or AppleID to it. You can learn about new tasks both on the mobile version of the site and in a special Telegram bot. For the first order, a reward of 20 cents is offered, in the future the price will increase.

In order for the task to count, you need to download the specified application, use it several times within 2-4 days, and only after that write a review. Otherwise, there is a risk that AppStore or Play Market moderators will remove it as unreliable. It should hang for 7 days.

It is allowed to use an infinite number of service accounts for writing reviews. With this approach, income is limited only by imagination and the amount of free time. According to the developers, you can earn 2000 per month through your phone🪙 Withdrawal to Webmoney (commission 6%), phone (commission 3🪙) and Yandex wallet (0%) is available.


An application with a long history is available on iOS and Android (you need to download it from the official website). New tasks appear daily, technical support actively answers in the Vkontakte group. Pay up to 30 🪙. A standard order looks like this: find a program by icon in the store, download it, open it for 30 seconds, leave a five-star review, like it and launch it on the second day.

Orders are broken down by platform and country. In order to complete tasks for other locations, you need to temporarily change your AppleID. It is not necessary to take difficult foreign assignments. Young developers regularly order the promotion of new applications, so there is always a choice in the feed.

The creators claim that the really achievable income is 1500🪙 per month and more. For withdrawal, WebMoney, Yandex.Money and mobile balance are used. QIWI has not been available for the past two years.


You can earn money through your phone on both iOS and Android. The main task pool is to download the game, open it, leave a review. There is also a standard viewing of commercials. They pay from 2 to 20🪙 The built-in rank system, bonuses for activity and referring friends allow you to increase income by 100-500%. The bonus code for beginners (+20🪙) is easy to find online or on the review pages in PlayMarket and AppStore.

Tricks, such as changing AppleID are not used. Even a non-technically savvy person can handle it. The main thing is to regularly update the task feed and quickly respond to new items. It is realistic to get 300-500🪙 additional income per month. Withdrawal is allowed to the balance of a cell phone, QIWI and Yandex wallets.

Writing reviews

This type is for those who do not want to install and remove dozens of obscure programs, but are ready to write their opinion about any product, service or service. It is not necessary to have real experience of using it. It is enough to read the basic information and compose a colorful, reliable message.

An additional opportunity is payment for comments. Fans of communication on forums make money by promoting topics and bringing them to a hot status. Thus, users not only receive additional income, but also participate in interesting dialogues, convey their point of view to the interlocutors.

Feedback exchange with a long history. For one text they pay from 8 to 80 🪙 depending on the rank of the user. After passing the exam, beginners upgrade their reputation on simple tasks: watching videos, likes, reposts. Then access to the content of the forums opens. The next stage is reviews with registration and using personal profiles in Yandex Market, Google Maps, and social networks.

In the process of learning and rating, the monthly income will be within 500🪙 Professionals manage to earn through their phone from 3000 to 5000🪙 To do this, you need to have impeccable reviews from customers and old verified accounts on popular sites (reviews left from them are most valued) .

The following systems are available for cashout: WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex, bank cards.


Online service with a simple interface. You don’t need to download anything. After registration, they pass a test (write a review about the exchange itself), as a result of which a level of professionalism is assigned. The higher the level, the more likely the customer will choose you. Contributors with low ratings don’t see most assignments in the feed.

Earnings on the phone consists of writing unique comments and reviews on social networks, on websites, on the AppStore and Google Play platforms. For one message, 3 rubles are credited to the internal account of the performer. Order verification takes from two minutes to 12 hours, depending on the workload of the moderator.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 100🪙 QIWI, Webmoney, Yandex.Money are available. Term – 3 working days, commission – from 5%.

Other services

How to make money through the phone - TOP-15 services

The section includes two unique applications, which, due to their specifics, will not be of interest to all users.

RuCaptcha bot

An app for making money by solving captcha. This is the name of pictures with confusing text that are used on the Internet to separate robots from people. Web administrators use bots to collect information about competitors, and are willing to pay people without whose help the programs will quickly stop.

You need to register in the service, download the application for Android, open pictures and enter data. Nothing complicated. And therefore, 7-10 kopecks are paid for one action. Users claim that they manage to earn from 10 to 100 🪙 per day. Such earnings on the Internet through your phone are suitable for beginners, as they require nothing but free time and perseverance.

Pay out within 24 hours to the balance of the phone, Webmoney, Qiwi and Yandex.


Catalog application with discounts in city stores (all major retail chains participate). Users are paid cashback for the purchase of the goods of the day, it is enough to scan a check with the desired purchase. A cumulative increased cashback is available, in which the next product is released for free.

The rubles accumulated on the cashback account can not be spent on purchases, but withdrawn to an electronic wallet or phone. Users in the reviews indicate the amount of transfers from 50 to 1000🪙

It is especially beneficial to use receipt scanning for large purchases before the holidays – you immediately get to earn 300-1000🪙 on pleasant chores. It is recommended not to withdraw amounts more than 100🪙 at a time, as the security service may be interested in the transaction. But then you will have to send a bank statement to unlock your account.

Safety regulations

How to make money through the phone - TOP-15 services

Knowing the best ways to make money through the phone is not enough. Because it is important to understand how not to fall for the bait of scammers who annually invent new ways of deception. A common way is to make fake applications that completely copy the original and offer users to link a plastic card to receive bonuses. In fact, fake software starts debiting funds from a bank account and simultaneously downloading logins, passwords and other personal data from the phone.

The following rules will help you avoid trouble:

  1. Download applications only from official platforms and websites, having previously studied the reviews. Because there is always the possibility of cheating.
  2. Do not believe promises to increase investments by 5-10 times per day. Because it is impossible.
  3. Do not click or download anything from suspicious links, even if Sberbank is indicated as the sender. But in extreme cases, call the organization and clarify the situation yourself.
  4. Do not publish personal information and payment information in the public domain. Because that’s how scammers get access to them.
  5. Don’t do large test tasks for free. Because your time is worth more.

A cautious and hardworking user will earn up to 3000🪙 per month in advertising applications. But in freelance services, there is no upper bar for professionals, and beginners receive from 1000 to 5000🪙 Such an activity, of course, will not become the main job. However, additional income can be spent on paying for cellular communications, the Internet and utilities.

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