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Popular crypto wallets – a selection of TOP-10


Start the week with a wallet – find out which popular crypto wallets are used by crypto money holders. We made an overview of ten services, and found out which of them can be trusted with a crypt. And also about the weaknesses of each wallet.

Popular ledger and Trezor crypto wallets

Popular crypto wallets - a selection of TOP-10

They are hardware wallets. The most popular ledger wallet model is the Nano S. It is essentially very similar to the Trezor wallet. There is no big difference between them.

But despite the fact that both wallets are reliable in their niche, you still shouldn’t trust a large amount of money to a hardware wallet.

These types of wallets are convenient and suitable for micropayments and nothing more.

What are the risks of using such wallets?
  • First, your wallet can be stolen.
  • There is also the possibility of address or transaction spoofing
  • They can also steal a mnemonic phrase from you, which helps to restore the wallet. It is also called the seed phrase.

Although there are risks, they are not considered high. If you use a hardware wallet for small transactions and do not store large amounts of money on it. In fact, if you do not lose your wallet, then nothing will happen. This applies mainly to your passwords and recovery phrases.

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Popular crypto wallets for working online are CRYPTONATOR and HOLYTRANSACTION

Popular crypto wallets - a selection of TOP-10

We warn you! We are 75% sure that Cryptonator are scammers. We decided to warn readers of the kakzarabotat.net blog because this wallet is one of the most popular in recent times. There are reasons for this.

What’s in it:

Multi-currency wallet, 16 cryptocurrencies, two-factor authentication, passwords, etc.

Why we urge you to be careful:

Often users of this wallet lose their money and cannot get it back. Technical support in such cases is not that unable to solve the problem. She doesn’t react at all. So keep a close eye on your finances, especially if you already have money lying there.


This is a popular wallet in recent times, but we do not recommend using its services.


Just like Cryptonator, it is a multi-currency wallet.

What’s in it:

You can carry out transactions with 12 cryptocurrencies, two-factor authentication, the ability to generate a complex password.

The downside of the wallet is that due to the lack of special technology, private wallets are stored on the service server (like on some exchange), and not on your PC.

This is not very reliable from the point of view of the human factor. If the service, on its part, makes some kind of human error or someone hacks them, you will have problems.


Popular crypto wallets - a selection of TOP-10

Considered one of the most popular. Despite the fact that there are delays in payments, technical support solves all problems.

What it has: two-factor authentication, you can also come up with a complex password and use it for protection.


Popular crypto wallets - a selection of TOP-10

Previous wallets are popular, but you can always find better ones. for example, you can easily use Myetherwallet every day. Of course, if you are a regular ICO participant and you need to receive tokens back, for example, on RC-20

What’s in it:
  • Can store RC-20 algorithm tokens
  • Does not transfer your private keys to other persons, that is, they are stored only with you
What is missing:

No two-factor authentication

EXODUS desktop wallet

New open source wallet.

Popular crypto wallets - a selection of TOP-10

What is:

Convenient stylish interface
You can add crypto to your wallet and exchange it for any other currency inside the wallet
There is HDwallet technology Technical
support works well It
is possible to make complex passwords
You can make a backup


One of the oldest bitcoin wallets. Many crypto owners keep 300 bitcoins there, 1000 bitcoins each. But you can safely keep more there. Because he is really reliable.

What is:
  • Open source.

Why open source is good: The creators of the service did not make it to steal your money.

  • A convenient wallet with a clear and simple interface.
  • You can conduct small transactions, make micropayments.
  • It is allowed to “hook up" to it through the Tor browser and a proxy if you want anonymity.
  • Complex passwords to protect.
  • Using seed phrase for backup.
What is missing:

The wallet is not synchronized with the entire blockchain.


Suitable for you if you often participate in ICOs, for example.

Popular crypto wallets - a selection of TOP-10

What is:
  • You can store Ethereum, EOS.
  • ShapeShift
What is missing:

Usability. And now we will explain why:

  • fixed commission,
  • You cannot make a complex and large password, and often your data and money simply remain unpassworded. That is, if someone infects your PC, then he will be able to withdraw all your money.
    Some time ago, there was information in the media that money was constantly disappearing from this wallet. Perhaps it was due to the stupidity of the users themselves, perhaps not, but it is definitely not good for users that Jaxx is closed source.

Feedback on Jaxx related to Bitcoin hard fork by Sokolovsky:

“When everyone was credited with bitcoin cash, part of the money that I had on Jaxx, unfortunately, did not turn into bitcoin cash due to the fact that they did not finish something. For 2 months, the service “fed breakfast” and only after this very long period did I receive my bitcoin cash.”


It is considered the oldest cryptocurrency wallet. In order to download, you will have to allocate at least a day. Why so much time? More than 100 GB of information will be downloaded to your PC in order to synchronize with all blockchains. Yes. Most likely, most of our readers will not use this wallet, but will install some kind of Electrum or continue to store money there, because the vast majority of people do this.

Popular crypto wallets - a selection of TOP-10

Why you should use the Bitcoin Core wallet:

To join the new era of the future.

One of the developers in our team believes that in the future the entire Internet will find an opportunity to synchronize and become one big blockchain. Following this theory, in order to surf the Internet, you will first have to synchronize, and then get to work. In this case, the Internet will be truly decentralized. There will be no key nodes. Everything will be absolutely in sync. No third person will be able to interfere in the Internet in such a way as to change something.

Now back to the wallet.

Bitcoin Core is currently one of the safest places to store your bitcoins. Virtually no vulnerabilities.

What can happen:
  • You are not protected only if your PC is stolen or hacked.
  • Be careful. Every week, fresh news appears on the Internet about how different users are hacked, and service owners disappear with clients’ money. If you choose popular crypto wallets for storing money, this does not guarantee the safety of your savings.
Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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