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Earn bitcoins – TOP 5 ways


There are different ways to earn bitcoins – with and without investments of own funds, with and without skills. But in 2019, completely new methods have appeared that allow even those who previously considered this area to be frivolous to receive income in the crypt.

Before starting work, you need to register a bitcoin wallet for free, to which income will be withdrawn. You can choose to spend them directly or exchange them for currency.

Earn bitcoins - TOP 5 ways

The withdrawal of earned bitcoins into fiat (ordinary money) occurs in two ways:

  1. through crypto exchangers to a bank card or an accessible electronic wallet;
  2. through Advcash and Payeer systems.

Wallet owners have several public addresses and their corresponding QR codes, through which they can also receive payments.

With a BTC wallet, you can start earning from the first day. All free methods of earning cryptocurrency imply that the user will receive Satoshi for performing certain actions. Paid options are full investments at your own risk.

Earn bitcoins without investments: faucets, boxes, PTC

The work is monotonous and boring, but it is completely risk-free and suitable for beginners, so it consistently tops the top options for earning bitcoins. The income here is literally penny. For completing tasks, they pay a few satoshis – this is a hundred millionth of BTC.

Faucets are sites where participants are paid for entering captcha. And boxes, which are called PTC sites in the English-speaking segment of the Internet, pay out coins for viewing ads, clicking, or completing simple tasks.

But do not be afraid of restrictions in the form of a minimum amount for withdrawing funds. The owners of such sites have income from advertising and traffic, so it is beneficial for them to honestly pay for the work of users.

Many sites have a bonus system that encourages the user for daily visits. The bonus can reach 500% of the previous day’s income.

Earn Bitcoins – Bitcoin Games

These are the usual strategies, bets or gambling, in which the winnings are credited not in fiat money, but in bitcoins. There are options without investments at all, but the earnings there are extremely low – up to several hundred satoshi. These are various blockchain-based puzzles, online shooters or answers to questions for access to faucets. There are options for the iOS and Android platforms and even outdoor slot machines.

Self-investing alternatives are online casinos, poker, roulette, sports betting. The lists of gambling for Bitcoin are constantly expanding, but 90% of players simply lose their money. This is due to excitement or the poker term – tilt.

This is an altered state of mind when, after a series of victories or defeats, a person begins to bet uncontrollably and without a strategy, in full confidence that a good win awaits him. The result of such behavior is zero in the account.

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Many have heard about people for whom the main income is cryptocurrency mining. Although the process is considered the most natural way to earn crypto, in recent years it has undergone major changes and has lost popularity.

Mining literally translates as "extraction" of bitcoins. The computer of the user-miner creates blocks within the framework of the cryptocurrency system, and its owner receives a reward for this. But if earlier it was possible to earn dozens of BTC on a computer, now even full-fledged farms consisting of dozens of miners do not bring serious money.

An alternative to buying your own hardware is cloud mining. The user rents farms from services that provide such services – pays a tariff in accordance with the required capacity and selects the pool of miners to which he wants to connect. If the pool is promising, then it is possible not only to recoup the costs, but also to earn.

Cryptocurrency for online work

There are several options for earning bitcoins for freelancers, webmasters or business owners:

  • Selling digital or physical goods for BTC using payment gateways that allow you to integrate payments with cryptocurrencies.
  • Freelance exchanges with payment for tasks in Satoshi. Usually we are talking about such work as website layout, writing modules or articles, creating logos.
  • Placing the miner code on your website. When visitors enter captcha or use shortened links, the webmaster will receive a reward.

These methods are not suitable for beginners because they require a number of initial requirements. You need to have an active LLC or IP, a website with traffic, or skills that are in demand on the online market. But this is the most reliable way to earn bitcoin.

Peer-to-peer loans and interest

Those who already have bitcoins can lend them to other people and get paid in the form of interest. To do this, you need to register on any of the platforms for such services or in an exchanger lending to users. Then indicate the amount that you are ready to provide, the desired percentage and the term for the return of money.

Peer-to-peer loans work without a deal aggregator that takes on the role of an arbiter. Peering platforms help two people meet, one of whom wants to borrow coins for margin trading, and the other has the required amount available. The remuneration for the transaction is usually fixed, and is about 13% of the debt. Such interest can be earned in a couple of days or months, depending on how much money is lent.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Crypto exchanges are sites where anyone can buy or sell BTC. They are subject to standard currency trading rules. Therefore, a direct exchange of crypto for fiat money is possible. But after replenishing the account, you will have to work with stock quotes charts and technical analysis tools. And at the same time, both in Forex and the stock market.

This type of trading is theoretically simple: buy low, sell high. But in practice, everything is much more complicated. Therefore, beginners choose the safest trading option – BTC arbitrage on two exchanges at the same time. Due to the high volatility, the bitcoin exchange rate may differ on different sites. The exchange rate gap lasts a couple of seconds, but this is a relatively reliable way to quickly receive bitcoins, which are immediately available for withdrawal.

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