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How to earn money without investments?


Many people, after several years at the same job, think about how they can earn money without investing.

Yes, there are those who are comfortable working for someone, and they can be understood: if they are valuable employees, they have a good salary, the ability to independently build their own schedule and regulate work activities.

On the one hand, this option has advantages: stability, the presence of mentors, a relatively low level of responsibility. On the other hand, sooner or later you reach the ceiling in some company: things get boring, wages do not grow, mood worsens. Then some look for work somewhere else, and fall into the same story again, while others think about their own business.

Myths about working for yourself

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase: “I have my own business"? It seems to be prestigious: you get high profits, your opinion is listened to, you change the vector of the company. You have your own schedule, and after a year of “life” of the business, you can do nothing at all. In fact, many of our ideas are erroneous, and when starting a business, we are often guided by myths. Here are some of them.

Myths about working for yourself

If everything worked out at work for hire, you will succeed in your own business

How good an employee you were is not the key factor. Imagine you were selling commercial real estate. Now you have decided to open your own business and sell trips to GOA. You try the same methods as before, but nothing works: it’s because it’s a different niche and you need different tools. Although, of course, the skills you have acquired in the past will affect how your business grows.

It is easy to become successful in a niche with low competition.

Here you need to ask yourself the question “why is there no competition?”. Is there any demand for it at all? If this is a city N with a population of 20 thousand people, will they buy virtual reality glasses there? No, of course, there is not a fact about the Internet that you have heard. You will have to communicate with the audience, train it, prove that the product has advantages.

Finding employees is not a problem

It’s not a problem until you experience it. People write beautiful resumes, but they don’t do half of what they say. Some do not come to interviews, someone does not keep their promises, others work for a month and go to competitors. In addition, although there are many employees, the level of education for the most part is not as high as we would like. Experts you can trust will cost a lot.

I organize everything, and then you can not participate in anything

Yes, you can delegate responsibilities – this is even necessary. But you will be responsible for decisions on all important issues. You can find an option where you will be busy less time, for example, create a website and monetize it.

You can create your own business by combining it with work for hire

It is forbidden. Do you know the story about not trying to sit on two chairs? So, here it is. You will be torn between two jobs, and things will begin to limp. Sooner or later, either you will be fired, or you yourself will make a choice in favor of the business.

I will earn a lot and stop depending on the bosses

In the first years, a business rarely brings a large income: a two-year payback period is considered a success. With freedom, too, most likely, it will not work: there is no stricter boss than yourself. You are responsible for all the elements of work and almost ask for vacation from clients.

If you, even realizing all the shortcomings of working for yourself, are on fire with the idea, upgrade some skills.

How to earn money without investments?

Who will be able to open their own business and make money on it?

In fact, anyone, if there is motivation. There are qualities that will become your advantages.

Among them:

  1. financial literacy: you know how to manage money;
  2. the ability to feel the needs of people, and hence the demand in the market;
  3. communication skills: you will have to communicate a lot, convince, find employees and partners;
  4. productivity and time management: you know how to prioritize and think about what the next step will be;

The rest depends on the niche and on which way you go to the goal. Remember that there is no universal list of qualities that will make you a millionaire. If you don’t know how to sell, but understand people, hire a good marketer. If you find it difficult to optimize the site, delegate this task. All skills, from management to communication, can be developed.

Important: choose the niche that you like and in which you understand. There will be a lot of work, and if you feel like you are in hard labor, it will not work. Think about what you enjoy doing. Now imagine to whom it can be useful – and that’s how they find customers.

How to earn money without investments?

Aspiring entrepreneurs often face the problem of lack of finances and think about how to make money quickly without investing. There are ways: it is an info business, work in the service sector or affiliate programs. More details below.

Get a grant or subsidy

So, for example, you can get 3 million to open your own business in the field of tourism. You can invest this money in the creation of a hotel, routes for travelers, etc. In addition, you can get up to 50,000 🪙 when opening an IP – it is better to do this at the beginning of the financial, that is, the calendar year.

Sometimes there are grants for firms in the field of education, sometimes for manufacturers of something. To receive money from the state, it is necessary to draw up a high-quality business plan, provide a registration certificate and other documents.

Resell goods

At first, you can sell old things that you don’t use, but there is a demand for them, right on the Internet. This is a good way to make money online without investment. Further, having received the first money, order popular goods from abroad, and then go in search of suppliers.

For us, Thai fruits, Korean cosmetics are still a curiosity, and we also continue to appreciate German technology. You can become an official dealer and sell through Instagram, Avito, or create a simple website.

How to earn money without investments?

Provide Services

No wonder they say you need to invest in yourself. Teach English if you speak it well, or teach children to draw if you graduated from art school. Repair cars if you’re good at them, or train dogs if you get along with them.

If you do something better than others, and your skill can help someone, it can be monetized. It is possible to develop without advertising, but it will take time: in order for word of mouth to “turn on”, you will have to wait.

You can earn on services:

  • teaching;
  • translation of texts;
  • makeup/hair stylist
  • repair;
  • writing texts;
  • design;
  • event organizer/leader;
  • work with children (nanny), etc.

Create trainings or video courses

Are you a professional who wants to take more time for yourself? Then record your video course. Tell us about the results you have achieved and how you got there. Ifobusiness is a profitable niche, but in order to achieve success, you will have to spend a lot of effort. It would seem that it is easy to put the camera on and start talking, but in fact, you will have to train someone to spin like a squirrel in a wheel. Current students want everything to be:

  1. nice;
  2. structured;
  3. fascinatingly;
  4. gave fast results.

You will have to manage social networks, create a website, promote it, learn how to behave in a frame, write a script. It is better to start a business with individual lessons, and organize online training with the money you earn.

Start mining

If you have a computer or laptop, you can earn bitcoin without investment. Mining is the process of creating a cryptocurrency that uses the computing power of computers. To start mining, you will need a hard drive or video card, they are already in the device. The miner produces a certain amount of cryptocurrency and receives his interest for it. To withdraw money, you will need to register on the Binance platform.

Become a real estate agent

The real estate industry is highly competitive, but the income level is also high. This is a business option without big investments: the main thing is to find your niche and understand the specifics. You can help look for apartments in new buildings, offices or private houses.

Everywhere clients and customers will have different pains. Ideally, if you can create a website for yourself – without it, you will not be taken seriously. In addition, this job is suitable for those who know how to tell and sell well.

Become a photographer

There is an opinion in photography circles that some people shoot so well because “they have a cooler lens”. In fact, this is not the case, the main thing is experience, a sense of taste and good communication skills.

Keep in mind that you will most likely earn little to nothing from portraits and landscapes, but you will make a high income shooting weddings, catalogs and commercials. We wrote about how to make money as a photographer in this article.

How to earn money without investments?

Create a healthy food service or healthy sweets

Recently, people are trying to keep track of how long they sleep, how much they move and what they eat. Vegetarian cafes or pastry shops with low-calorie cakes are popping up in large cities.

If you are a good cook, start your own business: create a menu and arrange delivery, make dishes to order, think over diets for the week. So, starting with a small kitchen and vegan cakes, you can become a large corporation with dozens of employees helping people take care of their health.

Engage in apartment renovation or interior design

The activities are completely different, but both are profitable, and there is a demand for each of them. Are you good at drawing and learn new things quickly? Then master one of the programs for designers and create several projects in the portfolio. If you often had to make repairs, perhaps for an unusual request, you will earn on private orders. The tasks will be simple: plaster, paint, putty. Then you can hire a team and become a foreman.


Don’t rush to burn bridges – secure yourself a solid financial cushion before you go freelancing and creating something of your own. It should be money that you can live on for at least half a year without denying yourself anything. Choose the area of ​​activity that you like, and constantly monitor the market – what if new opportunities appear?

It seems to many that business is difficult, risky and labor-intensive, that nothing can be opened without money. This is partly true, but there are risks everywhere, and you will have to work anyway. Starting capital for some options is from zero 🪙, and if you invest profits, your business will grow.

The important thing is that if you focus on your strengths, correctly allocate resources, including time, you will be able to live the way you have long dreamed of.

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