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Learning from scratch: a course for beginners


Have you wanted to learn a new skill for a long time, but for some reason put it off? Congratulations: now is the best time to start learning! How do we know this? Let’s explain. With age, the ability of the brain to accept new information weakens. So the sooner you start, the more likely you are to succeed. And we guarantee: learning from scratch is a difficult but doable task. At any age.

Education from scratch for adults

Why do we invite you to learn new skills, and not just improve old ones? Because it is the best exercise for thinking. And the human brain just needs constant exercise. It is just as important to train your memory as it is to keep your muscles in good shape by playing sports. Or even more important. Unless you work as a loader, of course.

Don’t believe us – listen to what the scientists say. In particular, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation Professor Tatyana Chernigovskaya.

Our brain is constantly receiving and storing information. However, it is not equally useful. Series, stupid books and endless meme content from public social networks is to the brain what chips and noodles are to the stomach. There is a feeling of fullness, but no benefit. In order to cope well with work tasks, the mind must be developed constantly and qualitatively.

If you think you’re too old to study, that’s a delusion. Intelligence develops at its own pace. And very few people reach their peak in their youth. The age of 45 and older often indicates the maximum development of abilities.

Adult learning process

Of course, there is a huge difference between the school course and classes with adults. First of all – in the approach to business. Therefore, a special section called andragogy was added to the theory of learning.

Andragogy is a science that specializes in the features and rules of adult education.

Scientists have been working in this direction for hundreds of years. However, now andragogy is more relevant than ever. The Internet and new technologies are forcing continuous development. Otherwise, knowledge will become obsolete, and advanced competitors will take our place. There is only one way out: study, study and study again. And science will tell you the best way to do it.

Learning from scratch: a course for beginners

Features of adult learning

  • awareness
  • independence of action
  • understanding of the need to master the skill, and therefore, high motivation
  • desire to practice
  • experience in other areas of life
  • little free time

Agree, this list says a lot in our favor. Of course, the brain of children remembers new information more easily. This is physiology, otherwise the little man could not survive. And kids have plenty of time to study. After all, it is their parents who cook, clean, go to work and try to relax a little during breaks. But otherwise, the adult has solid advantages.

Children, as a rule, do not differ in awareness. They teach because they were asked to do so in school. Or just out of curiosity. Adults clearly understand why they need specific knowledge. It increases motivation and perseverance. Rich life experience does not load information into the void. It embeds data into a ready-made picture of the world. This makes it easier for them to gain a foothold and not be lost among the tons of daily news. Since knowledge was needed for something, they immediately find application in practice. Practice is the best way to improve a skill. profit.

Learning from scratch: what to choose?

It’s not just about professional development. We say yes to major change. Learning from scratch is an opportunity to turn your life in a new direction. Realize those dreams and ambitions that you have discarded on the way to the current position. You can do this at any age. And in different ways.

Foreign languages

English from scratch is a popular offering at many language schools. Without foreign now anywhere. And you need to talk with partners, and translate documents. Moreover, English is the key to getting other information. All foreign courses, lectures and webinars will be at your feet. With unique knowledge, you will conquer any segment of the native market.

So we advise you to start the path of a polyglot with English. If you already know it, welcome to the sea of ​​other languages. Chinese, German, Spanish and others – they all expand career horizons. And also the ability of your brain. The more languages ​​you learn, the easier it is to memorize new rules and words.

Learning from scratch: a course for beginners

New professions

While you are in a job you hate, other people take risks and change their specialty. At the peak of popularity – IT-professions and infobusiness. It turns out that it is quite possible to learn programming or web design from scratch. It will take a lot of effort and time, but the result is worth it. A programmer’s salary is the best incentive. There is also demand for remote work. Therefore, learn the basics of copywriting and promotion strategies on the Internet.

The beauty industry is generally a special conversation. Here, learning from scratch is a common occurrence. Manicure, hair care, massage – this and much more is mastered in a couple of months. It is enough to pay special courses, and you can get to work. Women on maternity leave often turn to such options. After all, you can receive clients at home. In addition, career growth is quite possible here. A business streak and hard work will turn a skill into a beauty salon or a training course for beginners.

Second education

The option is very long and expensive. But for many, the game is worth the candle. You can work and get a diploma of higher education in absentia. No matter how much you joke about the “crust", it will still add a plus sign to your career karma. Or apply for a specialty that complements your profession. We have already written that investing in education will increase your personal income.

Creative skills

All kinds of circles are an indispensable companion of childhood. Music school, drawing, singing, dancing – schoolchildren are constantly busy with something. Growing up, they lose hobbies after free time. And they make a terrible mistake, depriving the brain of the desired load.

Think about what you once enjoyed doing. Or what you wanted, but never managed to try. Pool, karate, horseback riding? Dare! In this case, learning from scratch will also be your entertainment. And sentences like “playing the guitar from scratch” or “drawing for adults” show that you are not alone in your desires. In addition, a new hobby can be a great side job.

The key to success is motivation

The key to adult education is motivation. A conscious person does not waste his time just like that. That is why experts advise starting small. As we have already written, adults learn when they see the need for it. So go for a couple of trial classes. If you understand that there is real benefit in the lessons, motivation will not keep you waiting.

Learning from scratch: a course for beginners

Learning from scratch: getting rid of the clamps

There is no shame in learning new things. But some feel embarrassed because they do not understand anything about the new case. Children do not have such a block and cannot have it. They, according to Socrates, "know that they know nothing." And they are not at all complex about this. An adult, on the contrary, is full of complexes. Moreover, the higher its position, the more clamps. The boss, who is used to instructing and instructing his subordinates, is afraid to be at his desk. After all, this is not his status at all. Do you think there is nothing wrong here? But this path leads to more global problems and brakes.

At first glance, the reluctance to study and personal career in different categories. However, if we dig deeper, we find an interesting connection. Lack of motivation leads to fear of failure. It prevents us from taking risks and trying new things. So, it forces you to stand still while the others move forward. With this logic, you won’t get a promotion or a high salary. Let’s not talk about starting a personal business. So it turns out that people get stuck at one job. Learning something from scratch will solve this complex and open up new horizons.

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