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How to make money on a YouTube channel – 6 ways to monetize


Beginning video bloggers think they know how to make money on the Youtube channel. But in the pursuit of the first 1000 likes, they make standard mistakes because they don’t see the whole picture. In one of the publications, we already mentioned that the first step to success is a strategy. Let’s say you have it – a strategic overall picture of the development of the YouTube channel. Now it’s time to detail the details, consider each facet. In order for the video blog to make a profit, you must have 6 keys in a bunch that will easily open all the locks.

How to make money on YouTube channel:

1 base key – theme

Create content for “expensive" money topics that are in demand. The further campaign depends on the choice of topics. Of course, the conditions of the game often change during the “play”, but ask yourself the question of how these changes will affect the ultimate goal – cash flow.

5 money topics common on the Internet among video bloggers:

  1. Business
  2. Finance
  3. earnings
  4. Construction
  5. Medicine

Of course, this does not mean that if the product is cribs, then you should “adapt” the content, for example, for construction and cover only the assembly options and engineering features of these cribs.

Don’t take this key literally. Ready-made solutions will not lead to the goal. But you should understand – the narrower the subject of the blog, the more “symbolic” the money earned. If you are in a free search and do not know where to start – start with the classics. It is not necessary to create a blog based solely on what you understand. Look differently. What do you want from a new video channel: are you looking for a way to make money on a YouTube channel or just want to share specific knowledge with the world?

Looking ahead:
Video bloggers get their main income from advertising, which is placed in videos. The more expensive the ad, the higher the income. The more expensive the topic, the more expensive the ad.

How to make money on YouTube channel:

Key 2 – qualityHow to make money on a YouTube channel - 6 ways to monetize

Never rush at the start. Make 3 quality videos. Think over the structure, try to reflect the expectations of the audience as much as possible.

A little life hack: If you know how to work with text content, apply this knowledge when creating a video. The basic laws work in a similar way: structure, a catchy headline, short, capacious sentences, maximum useful information and a minimum of water.

How to make money on YouTube channel:

Key 3 – SEO

How to make money on a YouTube channel - 6 ways to monetizeThis factor is often overlooked by video bloggers, as they do not think about the promotion strategy in search engines. The content of the video must match its description – this is called "relevance". The root of the word “relevance” is relevant, in other words, “relevant”.

Create content “on the case” and you will get views and audience interest. And do not be lazy to select keywords. For this, there are convenient services on the Internet. No ads, but the “running” ones are Yandex.Wordstat, GoogleAdWords and Mutagen. They occupy top positions in the search results.

Fast forward: Integrate vlogging with social media. This will attract additional traffic.

How to make money on YouTube channel:

4 key – regularity

Don’t abandon the project. Publish video content regularly – the audience should get hooked and want more. If you create a clip of 20 videos and do not upload new videos for two months, they will forget about you and then you will have to attract an audience again. The key to success is the consistency and freshness of the content. The audience looks at the date. A month-old video doesn’t look as appealing or relevant as the short video you made the other day and posted today.

How to make money on YouTube channel:

Key 5 – Views

Profit directly depends on the number of views. The more views a video gets, the faster the earnings increase. It’s comfortable. Because it’s obvious. Of course, not everything is so simple. To get the first 1000 views, you will have to try, but we will talk about the pitfalls in detail another time.

How to make money on a YouTube channel - 6 ways to monetize

How to make money on YouTube channel:

6 key – monetization

This key also requires detailed analysis. Therefore, we briefly recall that the main method of monetization is contextual advertising, which YouTube itself will offer you to place when the videos get enough views. For example, when you have 30 videos and the total number of views exceeds 10,000 per day. It’s not perfect, but quite "pulls" for a satisfactory result.

If you promote goods or services and 10,000 people watch your blog every day, this will also have a positive effect on earnings. Well, you understand, right? This will also require some effort, as the competition in vlogging is already higher than it was two years ago.

This key is special. Deciding on monetization is easy. There are not many options. But here’s how to implement the chosen strategies to increase income? If you choose, for example, affiliate programs, how do you “fit” these ads into your content? We will answer these questions another time.

To make money on your own video blog, remember the main thing – not the quantity determines the level of income, but the quality and constancy.

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