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How to make money on the Internet for a student: 4 directions + 10 specialties


The Internet provides many opportunities for how to make money on the Internet for a student. In this article, we have made a selection of specialties, sites and ideas for earning money for teenagers can make money on the Internet.

Sometimes it seems that technology and online business have no boundaries. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of ways to earn money in this field, including for teenagers.

Here are some ideas on how teens and kids of other ages can make money online

The content of the article:

1.Programming and creating sites:

  • Website design;

  • Creation of applications;

  • Dealing with computer viruses and other problems;

  • Teach other kids to code.

2 Media technologies:

  • Shoot videos and post videos on YouTube, earn money from advertising;

  • Start blogging and earn money from traditional advertising and affiliate advertising;

  • Social media consulting;

  • Social media management for a blogger.

3 Surveys, reviews, etc.:

  • MusicXRay,

  • Slicethepieя,

  • Research sites:

  • Swagbucks

  • MySurvey

  • Vindale Research

  • Survey Voices

  • Global Test Market

  • Userlytics

4 Online tutoring:

  • enroll.com

  • Chegg.com

  • tutor.com

The opportunities for online business look endless, so this is by no means an exhaustive list.

If you are a child and you know programming or are starting to learn it:

  • Website Design: There is always a demand for website design. If you’re a kid who knows how to create a professional looking website, there’s no reason why you can’t get paid for your work. However, like any entrepreneur, when you first start out, don’t expect much. After you have developed a good project, and the demand for your services rises, you can increase the price.
  • Application creation. Today, over a million apps are available for Apple and Android users. Coming up with a new idea for an app can be next to impossible, so your best bet is likely to improve on existing ideas. While building an app is a lot of work, it’s the marketing and sales component that can be the hardest.
  • Removing computer viruses and fixing other problems: if you have the skill to fix computer problems, there is certainly a place in the market for your skill. Even fairly high tech people run into problems with their computers that they just can’t figure out. Advertising your proven skills and abilities will be the key to your success. Word of mouth will probably be your best advertisement, so it’s important to make sure your customers are happy and will recommend your services to others.
  • Teach other kids to code: Many kids want to learn how to code, and if you have mastered this skill, you can teach other kids through paid classes. Teaching other children is not easy, and you will need some ability to clearly explain the basics that you, as an expert, have probably learned and come to understand for years. To make your courses known, create a website and distribute and hang flyers in places where children, your potential students, will see them.

Media-oriented technologies:

  • Record videos on YouTube: YouTube videos are in demand with over one billion viewers visiting YouTube every day. People make money on YouTube through advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored advertising.
  • Starting a blog or podcast: Familiar with creating YouTube videos, a successful blog or podcast can provide a source of income through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and as a vehicle to sell other products such as e-books. Starting a blog is easy with WordPress.org There are thousands of themes or designs to choose from.
  • Social media promotion: If you use multiple social media platforms and know what it takes to gain followers and get notes, consider selling your services to small businesses and organizations.
  • Become a Blogger’s Virtual Assistant: Bloggers need help. There are things that need to be done every day, but they just do not have time. To fill in the gaps, bloggers are hiring virtual assistants. One common way to help bloggers is to help them manage their social media accounts.

Earn money through surveys and other online applications

  • MusicXRay: MusicXRay is an online service that provides consumer feedback to new aspiring musicians. After registration, users listen to music and then rate. Regardless of the rating, MusicXray pays 10 cents per song.
  • Slicethepie: Similar to MusicXRay, Slicethepie pays users to write reviews. While the company started out in the music industry, it now offers reviews of fashion, mobile phone accessories, and other products. The company does not disclose how much it pays for a review, but notes that there are incentives to write good reviews.
  • Swagbucks: If you’re interested in making money from filming, watch videos on how to get cash from online shopping through the Swagbucks service. The site offers several different ways for users to accumulate what they call Swagbucks. Swagbucks can either be cashed out for cash or redeemed for gift certificates. Don’t expect much from this site, though – Swagbucks is slow to build and often requires a lot of investment and time.

According to SurveySay, there are several more sites where you can earn money:

  • MySurvey

  • Vindale Research

  • Survey Voices

  • Global Test Market

  • Userlytics

Userlytics – Mobile app creators want to know if their apps are user friendly. The best way to get this knowledge is to average users (that’s you and me) to test them. Userlytics pays $10 for a verified app. Testers should record themselves when they test applications. Application test proposals come first, submitted first, so you need to act quickly to be selected.

Become an online tutor:

  • Online Tutoring for Kids: If you are over 15 years old and have an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, you can sign up for Tutoring Kids Online. Each site has its own payment model for its teachers. For example, on Enroll.com, tutors provide the first two sessions for free, and then fees will depend on feedback, subject, and credentials. Below are a few popular online tutoring sites:
    • enroll
    • Chegg
    • tutor.com.
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