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How to make money online during quarantine?


The average salary in recent times for 2020 is 35,843 rubles, while renting an apartment and paying for utilities account for more than half of this amount. Therefore, people are starting to think about how to earn more in quarantine. Particularly interesting are industries where you can earn without financial investments. One of the most interesting platforms for making money is the Internet.

Ways to make money online during quarantine

Work as a copywriter

Copywriting is writing articles. Also, a copywriter can write reviews, translate. Copywriting is a great way to earn money for those who are more comfortable working from home, adjusting their own schedule.

To become a copywriter, it is enough to have a computer and stable Internet access. In addition, you need to have competent written speech and the ability to work with information – after all, sometimes you need to write articles on unfamiliar topics.

You also need to get comfortable with the basic requirements for articles. The main requirement is the uniqueness of the text – the percentage of matches with other sources on the Internet. You can check the uniqueness of the text through special programs, for example: Advego Plagiatus, and sell articles on the reputable Advego exchange. In addition, the author can study the optimization of texts for search engines – this will increase the cost of articles.

Copywriters work in different ways. Someone chooses a topic for an article, someone fulfills already placed orders. These areas can and should be combined in order to secure a high income.
Try to be an author

For example, I work as a customer with the Advego content exchange, because it is very convenient to create a task there, deposit funds into the account, the exchange constantly monitors the quality and uniqueness of the content, and also has its own article store where you can buy several ready-made articles on the required topic.

The average earnings on articles per month is 10-50 thousand 🪙. It depends on reputation, experience and activity. The cost of an article starts from 25-30 🪙 per 1000 characters for non-authoritative authors and goes up to several hundred 🪙. Many copywriters subsequently make writing articles the main source of income, since it brings a fairly high profit and is a pleasure for many.

How to make money online during quarantine?



How to make money online during quarantine?

Freelancing is working for yourself over the Internet. It also includes copywriting.

If you are a specialist in any field, such as accounting, logistics, programming or web development, in other areas, you can become a freelancer and offer services as an individual on freelance exchanges. Such services are in demand among customers, as they usually cost less than cooperation with companies or hiring an employee.

Freelancer income can vary. Not only the experience and time that a freelancer can devote to work, but also the scope of his services are taken into account.

For example, for solving one logistics problem, you can get 2,000 – 2,500 🪙. For designing a discount card – 10,000 🪙.

How to make money online during quarantine?


Online store

Unlike freelancing, creating an online store will require certain investments. First of all – to create the trading platform itself and advertising. However, at first you can save on creating a site by creating it on a free template, then you will need to pay directly for hosting (a platform for placing your site on the Internet) and a domain. Hosting for a simple site costs 100-200 🪙 per month, while many companies offer a domain as a gift.

It is not necessary to purchase goods at first. Now the dropshipping system is very popular among start-up entrepreneurs, that is, mediation between a large supplier and online stores. Its essence lies in the fact that the owner of the trading platform uploads the supplier’s goods on his website and transfers orders to him, while receiving a commission from sales. The supplier independently forms and sends the order, so the only task of the intermediary is to attract buyers.

I would like to note that not only a store can work through the Internet. Almost any company can conduct its activities through the network. Travel booking services are becoming popular now, receiving a commission from tour operators for placing their tours. However, the creation of a larger service requires a large investment – both financial and time. The main thing is to decide what to sell in the online store and follow the developed strategy for its development.

How to make money online during quarantine?



Vlogging on Youtube can be quite profitable, but it is not for everyone. But anyone can write a text blog on the Internet.

To understand how to earn traffic, just look at any popular website or blog. Banners and active links placed on them bring profit to their owners. Such affiliate programs imply payment for the number of impressions, clicks.

Some online stores offer a commission on the order, and some services charge a fixed fee for each registered user.

How to make money online during quarantine?


The main task of a person who wants to make money on his blog is to attract readers. To do this, you need to initially select a popular topic, promote the resource and regularly post useful articles. You also need to understand that the services you advertise should be of interest to your target audience. Simply put, they should fit the theme of your blog.


If you can teach others something, you can earn from it. At the same time, in our century it is not necessary to open an educational center. You can both conduct webinars online and sell recordings of lessons.

You will need certain investments – for example, to rent a system for holding webinars, to buy a good webcam and microphone. But if you establish yourself as a good teacher, all investments will quickly pay off. So, foreign language lessons, USE preparation courses, business trainings are popular. You can choose the cost of the lesson yourself and usually it is 150-1,000 🪙.


Of course, the methods of making money on the Internet in quarantine described above are not the only ones. You can earn on high-quality photos, on completing surveys, on uploading various files to the Internet, on testing applications. You can even get money for watching videos.

Therefore, in order to start earning today, it is enough to choose an interesting area of ​​​​work and start acting.

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