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How to learn quickly – detailed instructions


Gaining knowledge is the main element of a successful and happy life. But the learning process does not always move at the right pace. So how do you learn fast?

Effective teaching methods help you manage your time productively. And to fully absorb important information.
The human brain is a complex mechanism that needs to be exercised regularly. And improve, of course. Because then he will cope with all the tasks and goals.

Ways to tune the brain to the learning process


Sports and other physical detail is necessary for a healthy and beautiful body. But for the active work of the brain – too. In order to improve your thinking, it is recommended to warm up. You can even without leaving your workplace. Or work out in the gym and take a walk in the fresh air. Because during physical activity, mental clarity appears and memory improves.


Meditation practices help relieve stress. And at the same time clear the mind of negative thoughts. They also develop the skills of concentration and concentration. And they are constantly forgotten. But they are very important for the learning process.


Sleeping well is important. Because sound and healthy sleep increases the speed of learning. And allows you to make informed judgments. In addition, it ensures the efficient operation of the intellect. And, in the break between classes, it allows you to more in-depth assimilate the material in a short time.


Prolonged mental activity overloads the brain. And this leads to a deterioration in perception. Or a decrease in performance. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically switch your attention to something else. An excellent option for recreation will be hobbies related to the coordination of attention.

positive attitude

Stress significantly slows down productivity and the process of remembering information. And that makes it difficult to learn quickly. So try to think more positively.

Thoughts, especially while studying, should be positive. You want to learn, not earn clinical stress. Therefore, try to train your thinking. Let your thoughts motivate you.

Methods to speed up the learning process

Interval classes

Long study of the material without breaks does not help. And it will not help effective memorization either.

Therefore, for productive learning, experts in the field of education advise studying for 30-50 minutes. And then rest for 5 to 10 minutes. But no more.

Otherwise, the brain will not be able to absorb a large amount of material. And then you mess with headaches and stress. Because that’s what happens from information overload.


Handwritten notes allow you to quickly learn new knowledge. Students who take notes on a piece of paper are more likely to capture and recognize important data.

And such students process and filter information better. But they also understand it better. And they can further explain in their own words. Don’t peek at the notes. Although, if necessary, they can look. Notes are also helpful for this.

But here it is most productive to combine several feelings at the same time. For example, read aloud while taking notes. And then the probability of memorization will be much higher.

Material compression

An effective way to quickly learn and remember information is compression. Reducing the initial data will reduce the learning time. Because you don’t have to memorize unnecessary information. After all, it does not contain any value.

You don’t need anything fancy to do this. It is recommended to highlight the finished material with markers of various colors. One color will mark the important. And the other is unimportant.

And try to structure your notes. Divide them into blocks and diagrams. Or tables with charts. Because it’s easier to put the acquired knowledge into your head.

5 principles of quick memorization

Principle One

Awaken interest and curiosity in learning. Because interest in learning speeds up the learning process. And makes it the most productive. Therefore, enthusiastic people are always more successful.

After all, interesting things stimulate to consider the object from different angles. And vivid images are more firmly rooted in the head.

Second principle

What is being learned must be understood. Because understanding the material being studied is the key to learning quickly. After all, thinking awakens logical chains and sequences. And then it causes associations associated with the necessary information.

Conscious perception increases the speed of knowledge consolidation. So try to get to the bottom of the issue. And then you will understand how to learn quickly.

Principle Three

Create associations. Because they help fix the connection with certain objects in the mind. Or, for example, with previously acquired knowledge.

And then there is a high probability that important knowledge will emerge with the memory. Therefore, come up with the clearest associations. The more accurate and stronger this connecting thread, the easier and more reliable information will be fixed.

Principle Four

Don’t forget about division. Because a person by nature does not know how to concentrate on a huge flow of information. He starts to get confused and lose control.

It would seem, what is it? But in fact, it hits hard on self-esteem. And suddenly it begins to seem to a person that he simply does not know how to perceive information. But it’s not.

And so memorization in parts comes into play. Divide information into small parts. Then the process will go easier and more fun. Because you will start seeing progress.

Principle Five

Put knowledge into practice. Because practice starts the process of associative thinking. And already it helps in pieces to remember all the information studied.

In addition, practice connects thought processes. And, in general, it combines all the previous points. Because you need to solve a specific problem. Often with short deadlines. And then you just can’t afford to procrastinate.

But this option is suitable, perhaps, the most desperate. Therefore, go to it only if the previous ones did not help. Or if you like to feel challenged.

Repetition of mastered material

Do you want to know how to learn fast? Train your memory. And constantly reproduce the knowledge gained in your head. Over time, some of the data and information is forgotten under the influence of new ones. But in order to memorize information, it must be repeated.

So try to repeat the necessary information. Because such an exercise will allow you to learn more effectively.

Auditorium Techniques

You can speed up and diversify learning with the help of a game form of memorization. To do this, you need to relax, making the brain more receptive, and play various games with rhyming or compiling and deciphering a non-existent abbreviation. This technique will allow you to be distracted, but at the same time develop thinking and memory.

By examining and choosing the right ways to learn productively, it becomes possible to permanently eradicate such questions: “how to speed up learning?" and “how to learn effectively?” For successful work, it is recommended to determine a plan for further actions and find the necessary resources. A positive mood will create a calm and comfortable environment for learning. Every person can speed up the process of learning, and effective strategies and methods for assimilating information will help to achieve your learning goals.

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