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How to properly program yourself for wealth and happiness


95% of our entire life is spent on programs that we learn in the first 7 years of our life.

This is why the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich.

Personality Programming Method for Wealth and Success

Every person in the first 7 years of life absorbs basic information. The brain of a child under seven years of age is at a lower frequency of oscillation, and if you connect an electroencephalograph to the child’s head and start reading brain activity, you can see that the vibrations of the brain are lower than those of consciousness.

These vibrations are called theta waves. Theta is a kind of imagination. It’s how kids have an imaginary tea party, but to them it’s all real.

Before you grow up and begin to understand what is happening, the first 7 years will fill you with basic behaviors and, based on basic programs, you will independently draw conclusions and actions.

How to properly program yourself for wealth and happiness

If you are from a poor family and you do not have an example in the person of rich relatives, then you can try to get rich all your life and there is a very small percentage of the likelihood that you will succeed.

Children of wealthy parents unconsciously take steps to promote wealth.

Very often we act on a subconscious level, based on attitudes in life, and very rarely act consciously. It turns out that your life goes by itself, even if you think that you are living your life.

All this is a program, the beginning of your life.

How to change this program?

Read a book on financial literacy, go to a seminar, and you will already begin to think differently. But that doesn’t work with the subconscious.

How to properly program yourself for wealth and happiness

The subconscious can only be reprogrammed in two ways:

1 Installing programs through theta waves that are available to you in childhood, or in a state of meditation

2 Repetition. Requires constant practice. You won’t learn how to drive a car just by watching a video or by learning theory. You must constantly practice.

There is one phrase that I really love: “I pretended until it was true."

How to properly program yourself for wealth and happiness

If you want to be happy and successful, then repeat all the time: “I am happy and rich. I am happy and rich.”

You repeat this not for yourself, but for your subconscious. And if it receives new settings more often than old ones, then reprogramming will begin.

Once the subconscious has learned this, you will not need to repeat it. You will act like a rich and successful person. This is why people create affirmations and keep gratitude diaries. 

How to properly program yourself for wealth and happiness

The secret is in daily repetition and everyone can achieve what they want. Subscribe to my channel and get richer. Only the right articles and positive.

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