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Don’t be jealous: 5 ways to learn to celebrate the success of others


Elvira Fedyuchko

We learn to accept the victories of others with sincere joy and fight the desire to consider everyone around us as our competitors.

Imagine that you have reached a goal that you have been working towards for a very long time. What do you feel? Undoubtedly, joy and happiness. And imagine that it was reached by another. What will you experience then?

“When you rejoice for others, do not grit your teeth loudly."
Author unknown.

One of the most important life skills to learn is the ability to enjoy the success of others. Namely, the fact that someone in their life fulfills your dreams. The fact that in those cases that you start, new people come and continue them.

It is not easy to implement this important skill in life, but it is extremely important for personal success. Since a lot of energy, time and resources people often spend on anger, envy and control.  

Five tips to love the success of others and attract good luck to yourself

  • Remember: success is contagious!

Other people’s example is contagious. Especially if these are stories of real people or companies. Instructive, sincere, vital and inspiring success stories will help you better understand the essence of business, avoid mistakes and reach the very heights.

I felt this very clearly. Among professional coaches and in the work of a charitable foundation. 

If you muster up the courage and salute someone else’s success, you will automatically become part of the winning team. Actively celebrating the triumphs of others, one involuntarily begins to admire and feel involved. When you have an example of something successful and worthy in front of you, your own pride inflames. There is an incentive to succeed yourself.

  • Do not consider yourself a failure next to a successful person.

"Losers never win, winners never give up."
Napoleon Hill, American journalist and writer, psychologist of success.

Model the situation: your colleague has achieved success in your goal. What will you feel? What would you like to do first? 

The first to come to mind were whining and phrases like: “That’s it, I’m a loser. I won’t succeed”, “It’s definitely not mine”? Know what your beliefs are saying. They don’t let you move forward. 

If your friend received an award, a positive assessment or recognition, and you got nothing, this is not a reason to hang your nose. Successful people never waste words or whine about the unfairness of life. No one will give you well-being: to achieve it, you have to work hard. Also take initiative and take responsibility. Improve your work, put in the effort. Only in this way will you show that you really deserve success.

It comes to those who cultivate in themselves the consciousness of success. And failure is for those who thoughtlessly allow their consciousness to be the consciousness of failure. Understand that if someone made their dream come true, then you can too. That doesn’t make it any less valuable. She will still be yours.

  • Stop seeing around some competitors.

"Competitors are not enemies."
Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba.

Too many people do not want to share their knowledge or experience that they have gained on the path to success, so as not to “make life easier for a competitor.” They are constantly competing with others. This is a big waste of time! 

"Constantly compete with only one person – with yourself."
Author unknown.

First, by sharing experience and knowledge, you will gain recognition from others. Secondly, you can strike on the spot with your leadership and communicative qualities of competitors. So much so that they become part of your team. Or maybe a competitor is the person who will simply change your life forever.

Put in the effort. This is how you show that you really deserve success.

Better compete with yourself. Set a goal to beat personal bests to become the best version of yourself every day. This kind of competition will definitely benefit you.

  • Get inspired by the success of others! 

Be inspired by someone else’s example, appreciate others and learn from them! Noticing what you like in other people is an important skill. Instead of wasting time on envy, analyze the path they have traveled. Learn to model the actions of successful people.

But before you follow their path, answer honestly the following questions: 

  • How did the person achieve this success? What actions did he take?
  • What obstacles did he have to overcome along the way?
  • What might have been sacrificed? 

Answering, you will understand what a colossal work lies behind all this. How many falls were there before takeoff. But these people believed in their goal and, in spite of everything, confidently moved towards it! Nothing is impossible! 

  • Live in the moment. Enjoying life, you can easily rejoice in the success of others.

Our whole life is a series of small and big successes. It is very valuable to be able to notice this. 

You are now reading this article, and this is already a success! This is the wealth given to you by God: you can see, read, learn, change yourself and the world around! And instead of agonizing over the success of others, enjoy what you have. Accept with gratitude the gifts and opportunities that have been sent down to you by the Almighty! 

Rejoicing for others becomes possible, as a rule, after putting things in order in your own life. When you begin to enjoy your successes, even the smallest ones, it will be easier for you to perceive the victories of the people around you.

Look at your life. Why not take action right now? After all, if you know what you are striving for, what you want from life, and you do a little every day, then success will certainly come! Why not challenge yourself and achieve what you desire with all your heart?

I believe you will succeed.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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