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Words-passwords to achieve the goal. Happiness, prosperity and success are very close…


In fact, there are only 85 password words! Let’s see how and why to use them. Passwords are an internal transformation method, using switch words according to the James Mangan method. Words – passwords, connect consciousness with the subconscious and lead to the goal that a person sets for himself. With the help of these words, you can get everything that you have been unsuccessfully striving for for many years – success, happiness, love, prosperity …. This method is described in detail in J.E. Mangan’s book “The Secret of an Easy Life. How to live without problems.

Words-passwords to achieve the goal. Happiness, prosperity and success are very close...

If you have already tried to repeat phrases, but nothing comes out, everything is quite simple: your subconscious mind has not worked for a long time, and like any idle mechanism, it is slightly, let’s say, “rusted". After working with him, especially the belief that everything will work out now, the mechanism will begin to work better and better every day. After cleaning your mechanism, you will turn on your inner potential without hesitation.

Keys to the subconscious

Using password words, you can switch your consciousness to the subconscious, which will help you reach the goal that you have set for yourself. With the help of magic words, you can get everything that you have been striving for for many years – prosperity, success, happiness, love.

Words-passwords to achieve the goal. Happiness, prosperity and success are very close...

To find out how thoughts affect the subconscious, countless studies have been conducted for more than 40 years, and suddenly an insight came to one of the researchers, under the name of James Mangan. It turns out that there is a key word – TOGETHER. A short word is not self-hypnosis, because it is not an order, not an assignment. It exists for the subconscious.

“Together” is the password that turns on the internal mechanism. A person uses his abilities a little, but he needs quite a bit, just follow the sequence of words. To achieve what you want, learn how to build phrases correctly.

The first word will be – TOGETHER, which automatically connects the consciousness with the subconscious. The last word will be – NOW, to accelerate the fulfillment of the desired.

Words-passwords to achieve the goal. Happiness, prosperity and success are very close...

Below is a list of the required 85 words, choose and make the correct sentences.

Do not forget to say the word TOGETHER before each key word, then what you want to get / find / find, and in conclusion, be sure to say – NOW. If you pronounce the correct phrases, very soon you will be convinced of their magical effect!

How to bring the cherished goal closer

First, the goal should not be sky-high, but realistically achievable.

To achieve the goal, you must follow the rules:

– Sincerely, with all my heart I wish you to achieve your goal.

-Believe every repeated word.

-Many, many times to repeat phrases with words-passwords.

Examples of compiling password words:

If you want to earn a lot of money, then make a sentence: TOGETHER – COUNT – NOW. But money will not appear if you lie on the couch. An unknown force will suddenly lead you to where you can earn money. Or maybe a big fortune will fall on you, who knows!


Each person has felt pain after a blow more than once, endured it for a long time. Now you know that by repeating the key-password together many times – "change" – now, the pain will go away.


To find something, you need to say: Together – "find" – now.

Words-passwords to achieve the goal. Happiness, prosperity and success are very close...

falling asleep

Can’t sleep? Say the password: together – "around" – now and your subconscious will give a signal to relax your consciousness. And now you are already immersed in a sweet dream.

We are leaving urgently

You need to leave urgently, say: together – “forward” – now and there is a bus or a gazelle in front of you. If it did not work out the first time, do not despair, everything will come with time. Check it out, it works flawlessly, even amazing! Just don’t forget to THANK your unknown helpers.

Words-passwords to achieve the goal. Happiness, prosperity and success are very close...

Attract what you want

Words that attract what you want. Among them is "Close". You were yelled at at work or offended on the street in such a way that your blood pressure jumped. Say the phrase TOGETHER – CLOSE – NOW and your heart will calm down.

Getting rid of fear

Who among us has not experienced fear before the situation, before the authorities? If you are afraid that nothing will work out for you or you are simply haunted by unreasonable fear. The password word will come to the rescue: so what. The ultimate remedy for any fear.

We remove phobias

If you have developed a phobia, then the password will help: Cancel! You will soon notice that you have learned to live in harmony with yourself and all fears are simply ridiculous.

Chasing away loneliness

If you do not have a loved one, there is no true love, you suffer from loneliness. To get rid of loneliness there is a word: "Be". So the sentence sounds like this: Together-be-now.

Words-passwords to achieve the goal. Happiness, prosperity and success are very close...

If you have not found a password for losing weight, then choose the right one for yourself or find your own word that will definitely help you. Just do not forget to call TOGETHER ahead, and at the end – NOW.

So, 85 words that will serve to compose magic phrases:

  1. quit smoking count
  2. to be polite – affectionate
  3. abstain from something – the end
  4. inspire – for
  5. remember something – guardianship
  6. win the competition – fight
  7. heal the wounds
  8. do the job on time – done
  9. straighten your back – the name of a person who is always slim
  10. pull the speck out of the eye – change (change)
  11. the children were obedient – collect
  12. succeed – patience
  13. achieve success at work – personally
  14. finish small things – next
  15. earn a lot of money
  16. fall asleep around
  17. to force someone to be polite – small
  18. get rid of pain in any part of the body – change (change)
  19. get rid of bad habits
  20. get rid of constipation – turn
  21. get rid of evil thoughts
  22. get rid of the inferiority complex
  23. get rid of loneliness
  24. get rid of anxiety
  25. get rid of longing – attention
  26. get rid of boasting – lie down.
  27. get rid of excessive vulnerability – dive
  28. avoid all dangers – protect
  29. to avoid want or debt – push back
  30. avoid delay – done
  31. avoid distraction – attention
  32. seem rich – spend
  33. to convince someone – turn on
  34. dress better – spend
  35. gain experience – observe
  36. find a way out – done
  37. find a lost item
  38. learn to anticipate – slower
  39. find a common language with people – together
  40. start acting on a good example – now
  41. provide a means of transportation – forward
  42. stay or appear young at once – knowledge
  43. stop pouting – put it down
  44. stop criticizing – praise
  45. stop being offended – thank you
  46. stop drinking – save
  47. swim – finish
  48. increase ambition – go ahead
  49. know the future – listen
  50. love to read – appreciate
  51. interfere with the opponent – fight
  52. help others – give
  53. feel the enthusiasm – the name of the enthusiast you know
  54. turn failure into success – enthusiasm
  55. overcome inertia – move
  56. to attract someone’s attention – a hole
  57. acquire good taste – imitate
  58. sell – give
  59. demonstrate energy – move
  60. do the impossible
  61. do something unpleasant
  62. create a project – intriguing
  63. create an advertisement for something – intrigue
  64. keep healthy – be
  65. keep the secret forever
  66. maintain good health – stretch
  67. become more resilient – finish
  68. become beautiful and pleasant – praise
  69. become nice to others – small
  70. to become a leader
  71. become bolder – hesitation
  72. become a good speaker
  73. build – forward
  74. build character – keep
  75. to keep someone from causing problems for others – push back
  76. find out the secret – wait
  77. strengthen willpower – done
  78. improve your telepathic abilities – between
  79. smile – the surname of a person who often smiles
  80. calm the mind – be
  81. a good mechanic – think about it
  82. to appear educated – classic
  83. to build something
  84. to invent something
  85. do something together

Of course, it’s difficult to remember all 85 words right away, but I wrote out the main thing for myself, which is important for me now!

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