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How to make money on tourism


It would seem that travel now is not the most profitable idea. On the other hand, many understood how to make money on tourism, and implemented their ideas. Even now, during the pandemic, the business brings them a steady income.

The tourism market is growing slowly but steadily. There are new directions, types of trips. Entrepreneurs open new hotel formats, organize creative tours and excursions. Recently, it has become possible to open a business without own investments – the state gives grants to organizations in this area.

Tourism Business Ideas

Creation of author’s tours

Yes, there are still those who turn to travel agencies. Tour operators still create package tours and make money on them. At the same time, a new industry is developing. These are unusual journeys with a certain focus. So, for example, photographers plan trips to cool places and teach people at the same time.

Open your glamping

Glamping is a camping type space, but with an increased level of comfort. It is also a place in nature, in the forest or in the mountains. Instead of tents – small wooden houses, wooden or with a transparent roof. This type of accommodation has become popular in recent years, and there is still little competition in the niche. Starting capital: from 500,000 🪙.

Organization of thematic excursions

Although it seems that there are a lot of guides now, most of them do not bother with presentation and marketing. Think about the audience you would like to work with and create a story that will interest them. If you are thinking about how to make money on tourism, then organizing excursions is a good idea. Income can be up to 10,000 per day. At first, you can invest money only in advertising and your own training.

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