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How to make money in a big city?


Many people, moving from small towns, think about how to make money in a big city. On the one hand, in large cities there are a huge number of opportunities, on the other hand, there is high competition in many niches.

Benefits of doing business in a big city

On the one hand, in small towns there seem to be no prospects for any business. On the other hand, a business without large investments in a typical small town has advantages: they have much less competition, a lower entry threshold, and customers make not one purchase, but several.

So, for example, by opening a business in a small town, you can count on low rental prices in great places. In addition, far from all niches in cities with up to 100 thousand people are occupied: the most important thing is to find something for which there is a demand. And, finally, in a small town it is much easier to gain the trust of customers: this will even make word of mouth possible.

The same is true in big cities: there are both disadvantages and advantages. Many move to metropolitan areas and start a career there – there are many reasons for that.

High cross

Which is so lacking in small towns. In some large agglomerations, more than 10 million people live – you should not expect such a number of potential customers from Ivanovo or Gorno-Altaisk.

High profits

You can build a successful business anywhere, but it’s more interesting to scale in a metropolis. Yes, the initial investment will be higher, but the possible income is worth it.

Paying population

Salaries in large cities are high, so people can afford more. This allows you to choose the area you like to work in and not think that it is “expensive".

Business ideas in a big city

Private education center or kindergarten

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult now to arrange a child in a kindergarten for free, and modern budget education leaves much to be desired. The way out was private institutions to high-quality teaching staff.

Opening such a business is very expensive: you should not count on less than 6 million investments. It will be necessary to purchase furniture, equipment, toys, rent a room and ensure its safety. In addition, a significant item of expenditure is the salaries of employees. At the same time, the monthly profit of the organization will be approximately 300 thousand 🪙, which means that the business will pay off in approximately 2 years.


This is a great business idea in a big city with minimal investment. For a game like paintball you will need to buy:

  • laser weapons;
  • bandages with damage sensors;
  • camouflage overalls;
  • digital control points;
  • a laptop;
  • mouthpiece;
  • columns;
  • first aid kit.

300 thousand 🪙 will be enough for all this if games are played only on the street. If you rent a room, you need to add at least another 100 thousand. One game brings about 2,000 🪙, up to 10 of these can be played per day. Under ideal conditions, you can earn an income of 400,000 🪙.

Sports bar

The starting capital for opening a sports bar with an area of ​​at least 100 m2 is from 2 million 🪙. You will need to rent a room, obtain a license, buy equipment and furniture. Next – buy plasma screens, speakers, food and drinks. You will need a team: administrator, cooks, waiters, security. Ideally, if the art director and marketer will work.

Seems like too much cost. In fact, the main resource that will have to be spent in this case is time. Such clubs have their own audience, which brings in about a million in profit per month, but first these people must get to know and love your establishment.

vending machines

Vending machines are devices that accept money and issue selected goods in exchange. They allow you to trade without the participation of the seller. recently they appeared only in the 2000s, but now we meet them at bus stops, shopping centers and high-rise buildings.

New machines cost about 500 thousand and more, used ones are much cheaper – in the region of 200 thousand. The payback period for a business is one and a half to two years. At the same time, the main advantage is that after some time the devices provide passive income. If the place is chosen well, the profit can be up to 50,000 🪙 per month.

How to make money in a big city?


“Bread and circuses” – this phrase is still relevant today. Although competition among bakeries is high, it is possible to make money at these types of establishments. To open, it will take from 500 thousand to a million 🪙 – depends on the ambitiousness of the project. Basic expenses: rent of premises, purchase of equipment and products, household expenses, salaries. Monthly profit in the region of 180,000 🪙 if you have chosen a passable place.

Foreign language School

The advantage of this option is that you can work in two formats at once: online and offline. You will need to rent a room, buy furniture and, most importantly, assemble a team of professionals. To get started, you will need several teachers, an administrator and a marketer.

The start-up costs will be 600-700 thousand, the monthly profit is about 200-250 thousand 🪙. With a successful lease of premises, for example, for 50,000 🪙, taking into account monthly salary deductions, the profit will be about 50,000 monthly. When working only online, you can increase your income at times and pay off in six months.

How to choose a business

Real estate, marketing, investing (in stocks, for example), and empowering people are all the things you can earn from. So, Ray Kroc’s business was the hamburger trade, and his business was real estate. When thinking about how to open a business in a big city, try to combine several ideas in one. For example, a photography studio can simultaneously become a photography school and a modeling agency. Decide what you like and who can benefit from your skills.

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