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How to make money on a mobile application


The IT industry is growing every year: new users, technologies and, of course, applications appear. The functionality is very different: from shops and planning tools to games and entertainment services. The income of their creators is also growing: we tell you how to make money on a mobile application.

How to create an application

Previously, it was believed that to develop a profitable application, you need large investments and a large team. Now this is not the case, and this type of income is available to everyone – you need a good idea and motivation.

Decide on the type of application

First, decide for which operating system it will be, how to adapt it to the maximum audience. Most often they try to cover all systems. Next – the topic: will it be an organizer, a training service, an application for buying tickets, or something else? Among the most popular options are messengers, translators, online stores, readers, etc.

The main thing you should pay attention to when choosing an idea is how much you yourself understand the topic.

Development on your own or in a team

If you are a pro programmer, all tasks will be doable. Application codes are most often written in Java or Kotlin. They can be mastered in online courses or video tutorials. If you’re building a complex application that requires design to be drawn, it’s best to assemble a team.

Yes, a good team is not the most budget solution. A class specialist will need to pay a lot. On the other hand, together you can create a better product. Therefore, you will earn more income.

Create with a constructor

If you do not have programming skills and a large budget, use special applications. Usually some functionality can be used for free. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the most convenient tools. Among the popular constructors are Create My Free App, Appsmakerstore, Infinite Monkeys.

How to make money on the application

And yet: how to make money on a mobile application? You can make a profit from both paid and free applications. There are few basic methods, but they are time-tested.

Main ways:

  1. In-app advertising: pop-ups, videos, etc.;
  2. Sale of virtual goods (for example, in games) for real money;
  3. Additional functionality for a paid subscription;
  4. Game development and resale at a premium.
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