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How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips


TikTok has entered the lives of many users recently, but has already become wildly popular. What is its beauty? And how to make money on tik tok?

This platform is like a social network where everyone can post their own short videos and watch others. The purpose of the application is to create unique and interesting videos, with the help of which the authors tell the whole world about their talents and abilities. Here, as in other social networks, there are subscribers and likes that create a popular personality from an ordinary person.

What is Tik Tok

The idea of ​​creating a social network originated in China. There she is known as Duoyin. In September 2016, it was released to the Chinese market, and a little later, an international version appeared – TikTok. Thus, ByteDance (the creator of the social network) gave itself a chance to globalize without violating the laws of the country. Duoyin later acquired musical.ly in November 2017 and merged it with TikTok on August 2, 2018.

Today, the application is used by millions of people. Statistics recorded more than 500 million users from 150 countries. TikTok has taken root most of all in its progenitor country – in China. 60% of accounts from China belong to the age category from 25 to 44 years. In other countries, a large proportion of project participants are teenagers.

You can download the application on almost any smartphone: iOS, Android, Windows platforms are supported; available for download in 38 languages.

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

How to use tik tok?

Most likely everyone will cope with the download, right? Then registration (the procedure is easy – via e-mail or phone number). And then we press the plus sign, and let’s go – the video is being recorded.

What is the feature of the program?

  • adding music tracks to videos. It is not forbidden to use music from your phone or computer. In the application library, they are sorted by popularity, genre, release date;
  • applying effects and different masks make the video more interesting, colorful and memorable. From a boring video with the help of effects create colorful videos;
  • the use of filters in the video hides the existing defects in appearance.

Before publication, hashtags are added, which help in quickly finding the right videos. Then they can be copied to Instagram or YouTube for free.

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

How to make money on Tik Tok?

Money, a way to earn money – these are bright headlines, aren’t they? It is unlikely that there will be an eccentric who will refuse additional banknotes.

Today, making money on the Internet is already much easier than in the usual way – geographical, temporal and social boundaries are erased. There are many ways to earn income on the Internet: some work, while others, on the contrary, earn on us. And now TikTok, a new one for everyone, has appeared, and already there are methods for generating income. And what? How to make money on tik tok?

Advertising in your account

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

When popularity comes, access to advertising sales on your page opens. Tag a person or company in your video and charge for it. How simple and cool sounds, right?

It doesn’t matter where the fame originated – YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok. Subscribers can move from one platform to another following the idol. By enticing them here, you will be able to offer your services to advertisers on the basis of several social networks (naturally, income will grow).

This is the easiest way to make money on tik tok without investment. No cheating and buying ads from other bloggers – subscribers are simply copied and added to a new social network. By the way, for the sake of their favorite author, many are ready to go through the registration procedure and explore the unfamiliar interface of the new social network.

It is much more difficult if you are new to blogging and decided to start with TikTok. Then, naturally, you will have to look for your chip, be creative and show creativity in order to win the audience.

When the mark of subscribers reaches a round number, you can try to advertise other bloggers. The main thing is to do it delicately and carefully. Too frequent and intrusive ads repel users, and they can click "Unsubscribe".

Advertising of famous brands

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

A direct link to a brand/brand on TikTok is not allowed. But this does not prevent bloggers with an audience of 10-20 thousand subscribers from advertising famous products. Large coverage of publications attract marketers, and they are ready to promote their product by any means. How to insert such an ad in a video?

  • hidden advertising. The blogger leaves in the field of view a product that everyone will definitely recognize. If a popular person uses this brand, then it is good. And sales are growing: people subconsciously, without realizing it, choose exactly the proclaimed brand;
  • creation of viral videos with the participation of the sponsor;
  • participation in challenges, flash mobs launched by a specific company. Everyone will understand what we are talking about. Especially if famous hashtags are mentioned.

An example of such advertising is the challenge "From disheveled to glamorous." Thanks to such videos on TikTok, Guess was able to significantly increase sales.

Advertising yourself and your services

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

Through the application, a person can promote himself and his services. Manicurist, fitness trainer, confectioner – yes, any profession is suitable. Thousands and even millions will know about you if the video gets a lot of coverage.

There is one minus here – there is no sorting by geolocation. This means that girls from Khabarovsk may want to come to you for a manicure, but they are unlikely to go to Moscow for this.

But chances are the locals will notice too. In any case, there is an opportunity to get new customers.

Earn money in TIK TOK on cheat

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

Where there is demand, there is supply. Subscribers, views, likes measure the level of popularity and raise the ratings. Many people want publicity and artificially try to create a stir around themselves.

But, by the way, it sometimes works. Some artificial activity in the profile gives impetus to the development of the blog and the growth of a live audience. But now is not about that.

Cheat is an active niche for making money on TikTok. The popularity of the application is growing, some authors want to stand out from the crowd and go for cheating. This is where money and earnings come into play.

But it is worth noting that this method is not available to everyone. This requires some programming knowledge. The main subscribers for cheating are bots, they also give likes and views.

How to make money on promotion on tik tok

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

To create a huge database of bots, automate the process of buying promotion, you need knowledge and programming skills. If there are any, then a good cash flow is provided. There is definitely a demand for such services, but few people can give high-quality cheat without write-offs.

Popularity is growing, which means it’s time to "row the loot". And if it doesn’t grow, but you still want to “row", cheating comes to the rescue.

It should be noted that boosted views and likes increase the ratings of the video, bringing it to the top. And there everything happens naturally: live accounts come, watch, like and comment. It turns out that subscribers are added naturally due to the unnatural activity of the video. Cool right?

And if, by going to the profile, they see a “full” profile with subscribers, then they will definitely click on the subscribe button. Elementary psychology – where everything is, there I am. A lot of subscribers means it’s interesting here. And if the figure is low, then I will still pass by.

There is nothing shameful in cheating. At the initial stages, it is sometimes difficult to do without it. Or there is the support of a cool blogger or a famous person who specifically promotes. Or you need to show not really that I’m cool. And then everything will go like clockwork.

Collaboration with other bloggers

By the way, having a round number in the subscription line, you can offer collaborations and mutual PR to other bloggers. A dishonest way to attract live subscribers will help further development and earn money from advertising.

There is one thing but – you need to be extremely careful with cheating, as they can block you for suspicious activity. It is better to wind up no more than 200 subscribers per day. The same goes for likes. So the process will go more naturally, including for existing subscribers.

Monetization of live broadcasts

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

As soon as the account gains 1000 subscribers, access to live broadcasts is cut off. And this is a great option to get extra income tik tok.

Live is a broadcast, recording video in real time. Absolutely everyone registered has access to live broadcasts. The beauty here is that viewers can make donations (donations) to streamers (those who broadcast).

Users can make donations using the internal currency of the social network. 100 TikTok coins cost about $1. The donation procedure is as follows: the viewer pays the sticker to the streamer. 80% of its cost is received by the host of the stream. The accumulated money is freely withdrawn to a bank card. The minimum payment threshold is $10.

Well-known bloggers on streams "raise" a lot of money. But here cheating will no longer help, real people are needed. Preferably loyal fans, ready for anything for the sake of an idol.

How much do you earn on tik tok?

How much in numbers do they really earn on donations? Well, look, the popular Chinese player Meng Lei organizes regular live broadcasts. In them, he shows how he plays the game "King of Glory" on the phone. The maximum number of people in its broadcast reached 22,000,000. And about $ 167,000 was collected for this broadcast.

It seems there is nothing special in the method, but money is literally pouring in here. With this information, you can make good money. It all depends on the aspiration and one’s own head. There are no instructions and a “download loot” button anywhere.

Earnings in affiliate programs

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

Talent and creativity in creating videos on this social network can be used to advertise CPA offers. In simple words: videos from the application are monetized by sending subscribers to affiliate (referral) links.

However, there is one caveat – you cannot directly indicate links in a particular social network. You will first have to redirect users to Instagram or YouTube, and from there offer to go to the right place.

CPA affiliate programs work according to the following principles:

  • the company has a product and it offers partners (in this case, bloggers) to advertise it, look for potential customers;
  • the advertiser creates a unique affiliate link, clicks and purchases on which are recorded and credited as a positive effect from advertising.

There are several more options for working with affiliate programs, but they fit other social networks.

How to make money on tik tok: the rules of success

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

You can’t just register an account and immediately receive income from it. Promotion is necessary, for which you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, and most likely in addition and money. But everything is real – many people have already confirmed this with their own examples.

In order for subscribers to grow and not unsubscribe, in addition to interesting videos, the regularity of publications is important. When videos are uploaded constantly and at regular intervals, the audience does not lose interest. Since the project is musical, it would be nice to create a video for your own track. Although this does not guarantee 100% success.

Akin to promotion – cheating. Many people confuse these concepts. But what is the salt and the difference?

Promotion is the promotion of a profile by any honest and clean means. Interesting content, beautiful visuals, promotion through reposts from friends to friends, buying advertising, sponsored contests, mutual PR. We are really trying to achieve glory. But untruths – this is already about cheating. It’s a quick way to get popular. But it is more visual than real.

Is cheating bad?

By winding up subscribers and views, the clip maker creates artificial popularity around his personality and activities. Although the method certainly works.

Users who accidentally notice the page will pay attention to the "popularity" of the author and most likely subscribe. But you need to understand that cheating for a start is not bad. She gives a kick to promote the account. And then personal work and creativity – it will not be possible to detain a subscriber with a beautiful number and imaginary popularity. In general, if you cheat, and then work conscientiously and with soul, then most likely things will work out. But you won’t get far with just one turn.

It seems to be such two similar and intertwining concepts, but without a competent approach, they are doomed to failure.

How to make money on tik tok: postulates

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

  1. It is better to monetize an account only when you are sure of your success and your audience. It’s not worth rushing to advertise bags when the number of subscribers has just exceeded a thousand. Although most likely there will not be too many proposals at this level, or there will not be any at all.
  2. Remember, subscribers are the most valuable thing on social networks. They cannot be made bored, angry, annoyed (although the latter is debatable of course). Earnings in a social network depend on them: whether it will be at all, its quantity and frequency. After all, everyone remembers how sometimes annoying frank advertising from your favorite blogger. And here you are – still green, and already broadcasting a bunch of goods on the air. It’s annoying and makes you think about unsubscribing.
  3. Advertising needs to be filtered: the frequency of introduction of commercial breaks, their quality and intrusiveness.
  4. The quality of the advertised product or service must meet the expectations of subscribers. Of course, money doesn’t smell. But when the services of a fortune teller are imposed, or Chinese junk, for example, then people are disappointed in the idol. They understand that they are being fed blatant nonsense. And this is a deception in the first place of the viewer, which is tantamount to betrayal. Therefore, despite the impressive amount of the fee, we filter incoming proposals for cooperation.

How to make money on tik tok: summary

How to make money on Tik Tok: TOP 6 ways + tips

There are plenty of ways to make money online. New chips – new ways to get money. Yesterday, YouTube was the most popular portal for video views, and who knows, maybe in a couple of years TikTok will soar even higher and crowd out others. Now it is much easier to promote yourself here than on Instagram, for example. Why?

Everything is just starting to develop. More than half of the country does not know about the existence of TikTok. Someone considers it nonsense, not worth the time. Once they said so about Instagram, but today everything is different.

And those who started then have already reached the peak of popularity. And all this without much investment in advertising and promotion. There was no competition – there was natural growth.

What about TikTok? SMM specialists see potential in the application. And while those who want to become bloggers here are a minority, go ahead and develop in the ways available to you. Now it is easier and more real than it will be in 5 years.

An interesting fact: most users think that the service is American, and are very surprised when they find out about the Chinese roots of the application. But there is nothing surprising here – China has long been demonstrating superiority.

How the fate of TikTok will actually turn out is not known. But for now, the app is working like clockwork. And development in this direction will definitely bear fruit in the form of fame and money.

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