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How to promote Instagram: TOP 7 ways to promote


How to promote instagram.

Instagram is not just a social network or a service for showing good photos, but also a means to get money. With its help, they sell goods and services, increase brand awareness, earn money on someone else’s advertising.

However, the above is only available if the account is properly promoted. In today’s article, we offer a step-by-step guide describing how to promote Instagram from scratch using tools to attract an audience.

Step 1: designing the profile header

The profile header is the first thing a page visitor sees. She can both motivate to subscribe to an account, and encourage him to leave. In order for the header to “work" for the promotion of the page, it is filled in, following a number of rules:

  • The avatar should be clear, and the profile name should be easy to read and remember.
  • In the header, it is recommended to use keywords related to your commercial activity.
  • Unusual fonts will prevent the page from getting into the social network issuance.
  • It should be easy for a potential client to find information about what you do, how to contact you and place an order, whether delivery to other cities is available.
  • The header contains a link to your website, blog or other social network.

Step 2: posting content

How to promote Instagram: TOP 7 ways to promote

Effective Instagram promotion is impossible without publishing unique beautiful relevant content. At the same time, photos, videos and stories should be selected based on the preferences of the target audience.

To find out what exactly interests her, to which posts she reacts most actively, an analysis of popular accounts of similar topics will allow.

It is recommended to upload photos and videos in accordance with a well-thought-out content plan. This document, made in the form of a table with headings, will help you meet two basic conditions, without which it will be difficult to promote instagram, namely:

  • publication regularity
  • relevance of publications

In addition, the content plan allows you to correctly distribute different types of posts:

  • entertaining
  • informational
  • selling

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Step 3: selection of hashtags

How to promote Instagram: TOP 7 ways to promote

Hashtags are an effective promotional tool, as they increase the reach of a post, which means it helps users find your account. However, the above is true only when hashtags are selected that are targeted for a particular business.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. What would you search for if you needed a product or service similar to what you offer? However, keep in mind that people rarely enter long, fancy queries.

Use Instagram search to find out which hashtags are popular. To do this, you should enter them in a special line and analyze the number of publications with each of them.

Our advice: use mostly medium-frequency hashtags, as high-frequency hashtags are unlikely to attract an interested audience to your account.

Step 4: Engage with the Audience

How to promote Instagram: TOP 7 ways to promote

One of the answers to the question of how to promote Instagram yourself is to work with users. This method of promotion does not require financial investments, but it involves time:

  1. We respond to any user action. We like comments, visit profiles and comment on interesting posts of people who left likes or comments in the account.
  2. We subscribe to potential subscribers by searching for them by geotags or on pages with similar topics.
  3. We actively comment on posts in accounts related to our field of activity (for example, doing landscape design, sharing opinions or impressions on the plant nursery page).

The above methods will not bring many thousands of subscribers at once, but they will help make the page “live” and the audience loyal.

Step 5: Subscriber Growth Contests

How to promote Instagram: TOP 7 ways to promote

Giveaways and contests are a way by which Instagram promotion can take place with minimal cash outlay. After all, the prize to the winner does not have to be expensive. At the same time, investments, as a rule, justify themselves, since you not only get new subscribers, but also increase activity on the page, as well as increase the loyalty of your audience.

We do not recommend making the requirements for the participants of the competition complex. Let the conditions imply the need to perform a minimum of actions (for example, like and subscribe or leave a comment and tag a friend).

To ensure that users are confident in your honesty, hold a prize drawing live. Any random number generator will work for this. It is better to keep the records of draws in your account.

Step 6: Mutual Advertising

How to promote Instagram: TOP 7 ways to promote

Confused by how to promote Instagram for free, do not neglect the search for partners for PR. As the latter, you need to consider accounts with the same target audience as yours.

It’s not just about competitors. For example, it will be beneficial for an online cosmetics store and a makeup artist to exchange advertising posts.

Bloggers for mutual PR can be found in several ways:

  • We write directly to direct profiles with a target audience close to yours and the number of subscribers comparable to the one you have.
  • We use special tags (#sfs, #mutualPR, etc.)
  • We are looking for forums, sites, groups in other social networks dedicated to the topics of mutual advertising.
  • We are participating in a marathon that brings together several bloggers. As a rule, during such an event, subscribers of each of them receive an invitation to subscribe to all the organizers of the marathon.

Step 7: Advertising for Money

Target is a universal paid method that allows you to promote Instagram of any direction. But its advantage is the ability to customize the display of your account’s ads to an audience selected according to the specified parameters.

An ad can be shown to people of a certain gender, age, residents of a particular region, etc. But the more competently the target is configured, the cheaper each subscriber or click will cost.

Advertising in promoted publics is another official way to promote a page. And the cost of such an ad depends on the number of subscribers. But it is important to check if they are a cheat product. This is evidenced by a small number of likes and comments on posts, the absence of any activity on the page.

Effective Instagram promotion is a process that takes time and effort. Faster and easier to buy bots. However, the caveat is that only a live interested subscriber can become a client. Let’s also not forget that bots increase the likelihood of blocking your account by the administration of the social network. And they are a direct threat to your reputation.

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