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How to make money on computer games?


Computer games have long been one of the main entertainment among people of all ages: they are played by both teenagers and people over 30 who want to relax after a hard day’s work. The gaming industry has long gone beyond entertainment: tournaments are held in which big money is won. Also, more and more often there are ways and methods of how to make money on computer games.

To do this, it is not necessary to take courses or delve into dozens of projects, trying to grab the profit from each. First of all, consider the TOP 8 ways to make money on video games.

How to make money on computer games?

Top 8 Ways to Make Money Playing Computer Games

There is no single method of how to make money on computer games. Players are given an approximate plan of action – then they themselves adjust it for themselves. To apply these methods, experience is not needed, it is enough to have a desire and great potential.

1 Esports and participation in it

This is the very first thing that comes to mind. If you grab all the basics of this niche on the fly, you can become one of the professionals who make good money sitting at home and playing your favorite games.

Esports is somewhere between professional sports and a full-fledged business. Thanks to this, the sphere takes only the best from each direction and helps participants to enrich themselves in an interesting lesson.

It is worth noting that becoming a professional is not a matter of one month or even a year. High-level gamers constantly compete with each other in various games and gain skills for a long time. They earn from 800 thousand 🪙 to several million per month.

Their income consists of:

  1. monthly salary;
  2. percent from won tournaments;
  3. funds received from advertising contracts.

There are not so many such masters, but they exist. Many try to reach this level, but only a few manage to get to the top. It should be noted right away that in order to receive income from eSports, it is not necessary to be one of the best in this field.

Strong "middlers" also make a profit of $5,000, that is, 350 thousand 🪙. This allows them to devote time to their favorite pastime, without being distracted by earning a living by third-party methods.

The main thing is to regularly participate in tournaments and train your own skills. The competition in esports is high, and a break for 1-2 months unsettles the player.

2 Game betting

Some are wondering: how to make money on games if I don’t like to play myself or I don’t understand the field well. If esports is not something you would like to do, or if you don’t have certain skills, you can also earn money. These are esports sweepstakes.

Almost every online sweepstakes allows you to bet on various cyber gaming tournaments. Active companies are trying with might and main to penetrate this niche in order to make more money.

Esports betting is always a risk. In order to win as often as possible, you need an analytical mindset, the ability to calculate the probability of each participant winning. This is not for everyone, many at the rates get into debt.

What you need to start making money on bets 

To do this, you need to know the esports scene and find a reliable betting site. There are online platforms that were originally created for the sake of enrichment: the probability of winning there is zero, and all the bet money flows away to the owner-bookmakers.

Some companies make it possible to bet on in-game goods – various weapons and cases that the player has. Therefore, no financial start-up capital is required to start earning on bets. Also, such options are convenient in that you can practice on them before switching to games for money.

How to make money on computer games?

3 Trading – profit on in-game items

A well-known option on how to make money in a computer game is to sell in-game items. Some companies, such as Valve, post projects: when they win a Dota 2 game, players are given rewards in the form of weapons, clothes, sets. If desired, all these bonuses are easily sold for good amounts. By regularly gaining a similar arsenal of all sorts of features, players receive a steady income.

Attention! Of particular value are rare artifacts that win only in exceptional cases. They are sold at game auctions at high prices: for the sale of one such item, users are enriched for months in advance.

The principle of trading is to buy low, sell high. Traders are required to regularly monitor their current positions in games and on special platforms.

The main role is played by:

  1. price dynamics;
  2. supply and demand for various items;
  3. competition with other traders.

Remember that it is not necessary to count on momentary profit in this business. Some traders spend months looking for a profitable deal that will bring them the maximum income.

4 Streaming

Since 2010, everyone has been trying to give out the latest information product and become a cool video blogger. Now this era is gradually giving way to the era of streamers and let’s players. They have been on the web since the days of YouTube and other Internet sites, but the interest in them appeared a few years ago.

This was also facilitated by the emergence of a large number of new streaming platforms: Twitch, GoodGame, Hitbox, Azubu. There, screen stars are people who have won the interest of the public with charisma and active participation in games.

What does it take to be successful in the streamer niche?

Enough desire to devote a lot of time to video games and have an attractive appearance. Most of the audience believes that charm, the presence of a pleasant voice, the ability to win over the audience are also important.

Some try to win the love of the audience with shocking, others take skill. Often, gamers, if they don’t reach the top, still receive income that allows them to stream and live on their own.

The main logic of making money on streams is simple – the more a person watches a live broadcast, the more donations the player will receive. Promoted streamers receive additional income from affiliate programs and advertising collaborations.

Important! Rely not on the final number of people who visited the stream, but on the number of people who were simultaneously present on the stream. Beginning players make the mistake of rejoicing in the overall statistics at the end of the game. Many users actually go to the broadcast and leave after 5-15 minutes without leaving a single ruble for the main character.

Don’t go overboard with wanting to stand out: Some newbies don’t see the measure in trying to grab the attention of viewers. Some of them subsequently get banned and lose their subscribers.

5 Coaching and transferring knowledge to other players

Some players with a long experience get tired of playing on their own – all possible types and genres of games have already been completed, new items do not inspire.

It would seem that it remains to complete his playing career and begin to engage in other activities. Some do so, and some choose to become a coach and train others.

This practice most often concerns team games and MOBAs, with single participation in tournaments, no specific skills are required, everything is earned here by one’s own experience and perseverance.

The task of the coach is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each player and correctly distribute their responsibilities in the group. Not always players can do it themselves, especially if they are beginners.

The criteria for evaluating the benefits of training are as follows:

• the process of a particular player;

• the number of transitions from the low league to new levels.

Important! If you don’t have a successful career in eSports behind you, it’s almost impossible to become a coach. In this area, theory is not enough, you need to know the whole kitchen from the inside and have real experience. This gives them an advantage and allows them to take into account the nuances of the game and the features of various strategies.

How to make money on computer games?

6 Booster accounts

Sometimes a particular player does not want to spend time and effort on pumping their skills. He is confident that he already has enough experience, and the presence of a low league is a calibration error.

Account boosters come to the aid of such users, which quickly raise the member’s profile to the desired level, increasing the rating.

For such services, a certain fee is taken, most often it is money. Sometimes boosters are rewarded with in-game goods.

Boosters are found in all games, from the familiar Counter Strike: Global Offensive to obscure online games. Therefore, the question of how to quickly make money on online games disappears by itself. They become a booster even without experience and skills, it is enough to know the scheme for promoting other people’s accounts.

Attention! You can not get a constant income on an account booster. Here, profits are unstable and often do not satisfy ambitions. This niche is more suitable for teenagers who still spend time in games every day.

7 Provision of various services

In the game world, you can earn not only by boosting, but also by providing other players with various services. It is popular in the RPG genre. It is impossible to specify specific services and the rules for their provision in advance – these conditions differ in each project.

Often experienced players with a lot of experience help beginners for a fee. They promote them in the leagues, advise winning positions, share useful secrets. Demand is for help with the passage of complex quests. In some games, there are moments that even experienced users cannot overcome.

If you get stuck in one place, you waste a lot of time. In this case, they turn to more experienced players who know how to get through this moment.

Some beginners buy themselves a whole retinue of mercenaries who help them deal with the final boss. In RPG, you can make a profit both in money and in valuable items, return services. Players often agree among themselves, the conditions in each case depend on the wishes and goals of users.

8 Working as a dealer in a cyber system

They do not play themselves, but help players to perform all in-game operations. When the user starts the game, he is prompted to purchase upgraded weapons, clothing, or other in-game items. You can pay for all this using standard online options: using Visa, MasterCard or WebMoney.

Dealers, on the other hand, offer a wide range of payment instruments available in all countries of the world and charge a lower commission. If the user has a "credit of trust", dealers can give him a loan to purchase various skills, features and other goods.

Dealers receive income from interest for each transfer. Payment through a dealer is cheaper, even if there is a dealer margin. Therefore, many players prefer this method of purchasing goods and transferring funds.

Attention! Dealers protect their reputation, at some sites administrators even vouch for the existing dealer team. Therefore, you should not try to get illegal profit or deceive any of the players. Each site has its own punitive measures for those who decide to deceive the trust of users.

How to make money on computer games?

How to make money on computer games: create your own

Those who are bored with the development of other people’s game projects are looking for ways to make money from creating games. A similar goal is set by the creators of indie games who want to profit from the created playgrounds. How to monetize your own game?

Creating in-app purchases

A popular gaming model is free-to-play. Most games work on a similar concept. The game itself is free for everyone, but you have to pay a fixed price for additional goods. 99% of games and applications have paid content for those who want to expand their gaming experience and purchase goods that are not available to everyone.

Options for monetizing in-game purchases

1 Creating an in-game currency

To purchase goods, players need local currency, which they also purchase with money. This is one of the most common types of app monetization.

2 Limiting the number of in-game resources

If the player needs to pay a one-time fee for a product, it will not bring a constant profit to the creator, but if he needs to constantly make purchases for the extraction of resources, this will raise the income to a new level.

3 Festive and rare items

Players like it when their favorite game has seasonal goods or items that are only available during a certain period. These are Christmas goods, relics, available for purchase for a limited amount of time.

4 Random rewards

Setting up the achievement system increases user loyalty. Most players want to get nice bonuses not only through purchases, but also through random prizes.

Running ads

This may be mandatory viewing of ads between levels or upon reaching a certain stage.

Important! The main principle of placing commercials is that they do not interfere with the gameplay. You cannot insert cutscenes during critical battles or situations where concentration is required from the player. You can also use banners if they don’t interfere with the game.

Partnership programs

Also one of the ways how to make money on computer games is affiliate programs. Some enter into a contract with a company or game creator, others use special platforms for affiliate schemes. Such relationships can be profitable when the game itself has not even been launched yet.

Income from NFT games

One of the most popular queries on Google is how to make money on nft games. This is due to the popularity of the game Town Star.
The NFT system itself, in fact, is a unique entry in a special registry. This entry says that you are the only and true owner of something. As if, for example, you would buy the original painting by Malevich. A well-known game project is the Town Star Game, and a popular question is how to make money and how to withdraw the funds received.

Town Star game – how to make a profit

Town Star is a browser-based city building simulation game. Visually, the project resembles a Frenzy Farm. By the way, one of its creators participated in the development.

How to make money on the game Town Star? There are two ways:

1 Complete daily tasks using available NFT items: equipment, buildings, workers. You can also set up the production of goods on an ongoing basis. The better the crafted items, the greater the personal profit. Many players prefer to earn TOWN, that is, in-game currency, through daily tasks. They are usually accessible even to beginners.

2 The second way is speculation on in-game goods. NFT goods in the Town Star game are in demand, some are willing to pay huge sums for their purchase. Therefore, active players make money by buying items at a low price and then selling them at exorbitant prices.

Attention! To earn from this occupation was constant, you will need sales skills. The level of income is affected by the level of a particular player in the game, as well as the quality of goods.

How to make money on computer games?

How much income do players get from Town Star

Having dealt with the question of how to make money in the game Town Star, players begin to be interested in the maximum possible profit. There is no income ceiling in this game, it all depends on the user’s ambitions and his capabilities.

In-game NFT items bring players income around the clock, the more expensive the product, the greater the profit from it. The yield of some of them reaches 1000% per year, but not everyone has the money to purchase such bonuses. Accordingly, the more the user invests, the more he will receive over time. The main thing is to choose the goods correctly, calculating the possible profit in advance.

Attention! Information about all in-game items is in the public domain, so it is always better to evaluate each item and its profitability before buying.

If you are thinking about how to make money on computer games, you should not bypass Town Star. It is considered an excellent launching pad for developing your own skills and abilities. As part of the NFT system, the project is constantly being developed by developers and partners. In the future, it is planned to expand the functionality and increase the opportunities to earn.

Making money on games on the Internet is the current reality, so it is important not to miss opportunities and try to develop in this direction. You should not immediately expect fabulous amounts, it is enough to start with a small income, which will grow into a constant profit.

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