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How to make more money as a copywriter


In past articles, we have already talked about how to make money on the Internet, what professions will be in demand and how a copywriter can earn. Here we will talk about how to make more money as a copywriter. We talk about applications that will help make work easier and faster.

Who is a copywriter and how does he earn?

A copywriter is a specialist who writes texts for various companies. He creates both SEO articles and advertising slogans, both product descriptions and social media posts.

A competent copywriter will create a content plan, set tasks for designers and layout designers, check all legal issues and information about what he writes about. Among the skills required for work are erudition, knowledge of the possible structure of the text, the ability to write simply about complex things. Often a copywriter works with very different types of content:

  • selling texts;
  • texts for the site: about the company, products, etc.;
  • texts for social networks: instagram, vkontakte, etc.;
  • instructions;
  • product descriptions for marketplaces;
  • advertising offers;
  • SEO texts;
  • email newsletters;
  • scripts for videos in the social network;
  • scripts for games, etc.

The salary of a professional ranges from 80,000 to 90,000 🪙 per month. In addition, you can make money on the Internet as a copywriter: the amounts, however, will be less – on average, it is up to 50,000 🪙. The main factors affecting income are the quality and speed of work.

To improve the quality of texts, you can either study on your own and gain experience on stock exchanges, or undergo copywriting training. To increase the speed of work, it is enough to start using several applications.

How to make more money as a copywriter

Applications and services for a copywriter: TOP-6

What will help speed up the work of a copywriter? Applications for typing and checking texts, integrating keys, translations and image search. In addition, voice notepads, services for finding rhymes and synonyms will be useful.



A huge spelling dictionary, a forum where you can ask a question, as well as a guide to rules. If in doubt whether it is necessary to put a comma or whether it is possible to use a certain word – you are here.



Ever struggled with having to “transcribe" a large audio interview? Or rewrite the text from the video? Usually most of the time is spent converting audio to text. The program does it for a person: it converts the audio recording into text format. Can be installed on both iPhone and Android. The algorithm works, of course, not without errors, but it will help with the main array.

Association search


Free service for finding associations. It turns out to be very useful when you need to quickly come up with an offer, find a picture for an article or write a title. As luck would have it, the muse disappears somewhere at such moments, but now technology comes to the rescue.



What still catches in the headlines is rhymes. Unfortunately, not every person has a poetic gift. The creators of the site understood this and created a tool to help you find a rhyme for any word. Moreover, you can choose any type of rhyme: assonances, dissonances, strong, anagrams.

Write or Die


An amazing service for procrastinators and those who don’t know how to start all the time. If there are problems with discipline, it is worth working with this service for a week, and they will disappear. You write the text in the window on the site. Until the moment you write, everything will be fine, but if you get distracted, the text will start to disappear.



Service for searching and identifying the frequency of keywords and phrases. Allows you to find out how often people search for the topic you want to write about, as well as analyze competitor sites. Here you can get a list of keywords that other companies are already using, highlight the semantic core that will help promote your site.


These copywriter apps will help you make writing more enjoyable and your content more interesting. The sooner you reach a new level of writing articles, the sooner you will start to receive a stable income. Do not forget to study: literacy, basic knowledge, marketing are important. Save your time: plan your days, use useful services, and then you will succeed.

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