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How to make money in telegram: on the channel + advertising + for a beginner


Telegram messenger is a popular advertising platform today. But how to make money in telegram? After all, it overtakes other social networks due to the high percentage of conversion.

This means that it is really possible to earn big money in Telegram, and in this article we will tell you about all the ways to do it.

How to make money in telegram: on the channel + advertising + for a beginner

Earnings on the Telegram channel

The most frequently asked question is how to make money on a channel in Telegram? The creation and promotion of a thematic channel requires investments of resources, including financial ones.

To start making money, you need to work out the concept of the channel in detail, create a long-term content plan (and make sure that ideas do not run out in two months), purchase advertising and build relationships with the target audience. The average cost per subscriber is 10-15 🪙, over time, if the channel is worthwhile and useful, it will decrease.

Choose a topic in which you are an expert and work for loyalty. Subscribers must receive specific benefits, otherwise they will stop giving feedback, increasing reach, responding to advertising recommendations, following affiliate links and donating.

How you can make money in telegram – Placement of advertising recommendations

How can I make money on advertising in Telegram? Gain at least 1000 loyal and active followers.

To search for advertisers, use special exchanges:

  • Tgstat;
  • in;
  • Sociate;
  • Telega;
  • ru;
  • Tgram;
  • other.

The cost of one post directly depends on the subject of the channel, the number of author’s posts per day, views and reactions of subscribers. Prices start from 500 🪙 for one promotional recommendation.

Users perceive useful advertising positively, so be selective and recommend only those goods, products, services and resources that you would use yourself. Otherwise, you will lose your target audience and additional income.

Subscribers also value honesty. Do not hide the presence of commercial advertising on the channel and take responsibility for the quality.

How to make money fast in telegram – Placement of advertising collections

Reminiscent of the previous method of selling ads, but in this case, a maximum of five recommendations of a similar topic are collected in one post. One ad space in the selection is cheaper, which is beneficial for advertisers, and the income of the channel owner is higher.

The minimum price for a place in the selection is 200 🪙, therefore, for one post, the channel administrator receives a minimum of 1000 🪙.

Useful advice: the first and last positions are the most clickable, so you should set a different price for them.

Try to make a schedule for promotional collections and don’t post them too often, because if commercial posts come out every other day, then subscribers will cool down to the content and become less receptive to advertising.

Partnership programs

Register in CPA-networks (Cost Per Action – translated as “price per action") and become a member of the affiliate program. A popular option is the Admitad service.

The task of the channel owner is to promote goods, products and services through affiliate links. Payment is received when the user performs targeted actions – registration on the resource, message or call to the operator, placing an order.

For each person brought in, a fixed fee or a percentage of the transaction is assigned.

Information products, services, goods

How to make money in telegram: on the channel + advertising + for a beginner

An option for experts who have a selling page on a social network (Instagram blog, online store).

Advertising of your own products and services is effective, because due to useful information in posts and friendly interaction with the target audience, loyalty and involvement increase.

So, for example, a cosmetologist can sell a facial skin care program, a realtor can sell consultations on choosing an apartment in new residential complexes, and a contextual advertising specialist can offer a training course and preparation for certification from Yandex.

Access to the "lock"

An expert creates a paid channel with useful information or a chat that brings together experts in different fields and sells access. One-time or monthly payment – at the choice of the owner.

In order for the site not to lose popularity and develop, information posts should be posted regularly, in accordance with the announced schedule. Ads in such chats are annoying, so treat your target audience with respect.

How to make money in telegram – Donations

Ruble support is gaining popularity. Loyal subscribers are happy to thank their favorite blogger for their work. In order for them to do this, it is worth fixing the details – the number of the wallet, card or links to resources that accept donations (a popular option is Patreon).

Useful advice: you should think of a way to motivate the audience to donate regularly, for example, by providing access to unique content or giving away merch.

Earnings without a Telegram channel

How to make money in telegram: on the channel + advertising + for a beginner

The options for earning income without your own channel are suitable for digital professionals, in particular artists, designers, programmers, copywriters, marketers and SMM managers.

Creation of original sticker packs

Stickers are a special language of Telegram as a social network. Many users, mostly business owners, are willing to pay for the creation of branded stickers.

The starting price for one pack of 10 images is 1000 🪙. The cost depends on the skills of the artist, the number of stickers, the size of the company and the financial capabilities of the client.

To find customers, register on freelance exchanges, view vacancies on employee search sites, monitor ads in Telegram channels to find remote project work. Before responding to an application, prepare a portfolio. Ideally, a couple of original packs.

Bot development

Bots are the main advantage of the messenger. Programs that automatically perform certain actions are useful for owners of channels and multi-user chats.

Assistants can send news, analyze the audience (comments, likes and dislikes, votes), translate texts, answer common questions, place orders, sign up for services, and so on.

Creating bots is a cool part-time job for experienced programmers. The starting price for one bot is 5000 🪙, there is no upper limit. Bots also need improvement and support, which also costs money.

Channel manager

If you know how you can make money on Telegram, but are not in a hurry to get your own, then offer help to the owners of large channels.

Typically, administrators are delegated the following responsibilities:

  • monthly content planning
  • writing and/or posting;
  • publication of articles in accordance with the schedule;
  • coordinating the exchange of recommendations with other administrators (barter);
  • creating activities for channel subscribers (quizzes, games, contests).

The starting rate is 10,000 🪙 per month. Experienced administrators lead two or three projects at a time.

The search for clients occurs through freelance exchanges and Telegram channels for finding work on the Internet.

Advertising sales manager

How to make money in telegram: on the channel + advertising + for a beginner

Owners of large sites with live subscribers often look for an advertising manager.

Duties include:

  • search for advertisers;
  • agreement on the terms of advertising;
  • scheduling in Microsoft Excel;
  • writing and/or publishing posts;
  • analytics, reporting.

The average rate is 15% of the advertising sold. It is worth looking for advertisers in the chats of channel administrators and on specialized sites. To increase your income, send commercial offers to active advertisers.

Creating a channel according to TK

The goal of the customer is earnings in Telegram. He does not have the knowledge and time to develop a channel on his own, and therefore invites an experienced specialist to cooperate. The cost of the project is at least 20,000 🪙.

Channel creator responsibilities include:

  • creation of a concept for a business;
  • development of a monetization strategy;
  • name, creation, launch;
  • setting up helper bots;
  • monthly content plan
  • promotion at the start;
  • conducting.

As soon as the channel began to live and develop, you are free. Start with small projects to gather portfolios, references, and feedback.

Promotion of other people’s channels

Channel development is an energy-intensive job that business owners often want to outsource. The goal of the employee is to gain live subscribers so that in the future the owner of the channel will earn money in the Telegram application.

Duties include:

  • search for platforms for effective advertising;
  • negotiation of advertising conditions, payment;
  • creation of recommendation posts;
  • barter advertising;
  • analytics, reports.

Payment is piece-rate, depending on the set and completed tasks. Get your hands on two or three projects at the same time.

Channel promotion for sale

The gurus of creating and developing channels make money on the sale of brainchildren. Yes, the method requires considerable investments, but the payback is pleasing. For example, if the site brings in 100,000 🪙 of income, then you can sell it for 1,000,000 🪙.

It is important to choose the right topic, organize interaction with loyal subscribers, and build relationships with advertisers. As soon as the channel reaches stable revenue and engagement rates, it turns into a profitable offer for the buyer.

It is worth looking for clients on thematic Telegram channels.


Specialists who know the answer to the question of how to make money in Telegram, sell consultations. The price depends on the reputation, portfolio, recommendations and reviews. On average, an hour of conversation costs 3000-5000 🪙.

It is worth attracting customers through personal promoted sites that signal expertise.

Also, based on knowledge, you can create an author’s information product with support (joint management of the student’s first project).

Not working ways

How to make money in telegram: on the channel + advertising + for a beginner

The Internet is full of promises of easy money through Telegram, but we recommend that you do not waste time and energy on methods that do not work.

Earnings on video in Telegram

The Viboom service offers to register, indicate the Telegram channel as a platform for earning (the minimum number of subscribers is 15,000 people) and upload your favorite videos from the collection. The price of one view is 0.5 rubles, the minimum withdrawal is 1000 🪙.

Users quickly lose interest in entertaining content, so the channel will quickly lose a loyal subscriber, and the modest money earned will not be a consolation for the owner.

Earnings on bots

The scheme is simple: the bot gives a task (subscribe, view, register), the user completes and receives a fixed payment. The idea of ​​making money on simple actions seems attractive, but the payment is minimal, and the bots die quickly, therefore, saving up to the conclusion does not work.

Cryptocurrency earnings

Another proposed option for earning money with the help of bots. Before starting, the user must deposit an amount over $10, after which the mining process starts. Earnings are offered to be withdrawn or reinvested, but in fact it does not even cover the initial contribution.

Entertainment content

Channels-collections of memes, postcards and quotes are not in demand and do not gain active subscribers. Today, people value expertise and useful information, and entertainment is easy to find on your own.

Difficulties faced by channel owners

Let’s analyze the top 5:

  1. Search for the target audience. In order to attract subscribers, you need to choose the right topic, think over an interesting format for presenting information, organize interaction, and, of course, purchase advertising.
  2. Lack of motivation. Working in the Telegram messenger is for patient content creators who are ready for the fact that at first a new business will only take up resources, and even for the first 1000 🪙 of net income, a lot of effort will have to be made.
  3. Audience response evaluation. Initially, Telegram was developed as a full-fledged social network, so it is not so easy to conduct a reliable analysis. In order to facilitate your work processes, you should install comments, polls, likes and votes.
  4. Competition. There are many channels, and the largest of them belong to media personalities, famous brands and bloggers with a warm audience. Therefore, it is important to think about the presentation from the very beginning and be interested in fruitful work.
  5. Search for helpers. The more actively the channel develops, the more demanding it becomes. The best way to keep up the pace is to delegate responsibilities such as writing and layout, interactive entertainment for subscribers, buying and selling ads, and others.

Difficulties faced by specialists in working with channels:

What professionals need to know:

  1. Portfolio. Clients do not trust freelancers without work experience, but how to collect project examples if there are none? Collaborate with owners and administrators of small channels and take on simple projects to get your hands on and get a portfolio.
  2. Search for employers. The constant search for new projects to replace those that have already been closed is tiring. One month the salary covers all the needs, the next – disappoints. Prepare yourself in advance for the fact that Telegram is not a permanent source of income.
  3. Creative crisis. Every content producer comes to the conclusion that they have exhausted their potential. Fuel yourself with new ideas, keep an eye on the competition, collect references, and don’t forget to take a break.

Which channels are profitable

How to make money in telegram: on the channel + advertising + for a beginner

The network has an unofficial catalog of channels in Telegram, which you should familiarize yourself with before creating your own. Also take a look at affiliate networks, analyze offers that have a small response, and make a list of popular topics.

Personal expert blog

Bloggers have taken over social media, and Telegram is no exception. Today, nothing sells as effectively as personality, expertise, and useful information. Build your personal brand wisely and take care of your reputation to monetize your personal blogs later on.

There are no restrictions on the topic, the main thing is the presentation and content. On a personal blog, you can sell advertising (recommend proven goods, products, services, establishments and resources), share affiliate links, create your own information products and merch, and give professional advice.

It is impossible to indicate the average income, but it is worth keeping in mind the idea that the salary can be in the hundreds of thousands and even millions.

Reviews and news

Reviews and news are in demand, but it is important to guess with the subject of the channel. Check the list of channels and exclude those topics that someone has already successfully developed.

After choosing a direction, make a content plan for a few months in advance to check how easy it is to select topics for posts. Can you really run a channel for a long time and effectively?

For example, if your channel is dedicated to smartphones and accessories, then you should tell about all the new products in a timely manner, compare different models, and satisfy the needs of subscribers. The key to success is knowledge on the topic and reliable information.

The main source of income here is advertising and affiliate links, in the future – cooperation with large sellers.

Promotions and discounts

Another popular format is the search for the best offers for the buyer and consumer. For example, the catalog is full of channels whose owners are looking for great deals on AliExpress.

This niche is already taken, but consider other online stores:

  • Ozone;
  • Lamoda;
  • Wildberries;
  • Eldorado;
  • Ikea;
  • Mvideo;
  • Asos;
  • Farfetch;
  • Love Republic;
  • Shein;
  • and many others.

You can also focus not on specific stores, but on certain groups of goods. The source of income is advertising, affiliate links and long-term cooperation with small online stores.

Useful bots and tools

To make friends with little helpers, find them through messenger search, open chats and follow intuitive instructions.

  1. ControllerBot is the first assistant administrator and owner of the channel. It allows you to place text and an image in one message, embed reaction buttons, "Subscribe", "Go to the store", and others. In order to use the bot, no narrow knowledge is needed, and problems can be easily solved through the help command;
  2. TGStat Bot is an analytics tool that is indispensable for buying and selling ads. It analyzes the real activity of the audience, so the rulers of dead souls (more precisely, cheated subscribers) will not be able to deceive you;
  3. PollBot is an organizer of voting with given answer options, which itself sums up the results. Subscribers love interactive tasks, so don’t neglect to cooperate with this bot;
  4. Admitad Extension is a browser extension that generates affiliate links in two clicks. To get a short link for a post, go to the advertiser’s website and click on the special button;
  5. Admitad Bot is an alternative way to create affiliate links. You send a product link to the bot, and it will convert it into a short link for the post;
  6. Livegram Bot – provides communication with subscribers while keeping you anonymous. The bot receives messages from users and forwards them to you, you answer the bot, and it sends the answer to the desired chat;
  7. Nemilin_bot – can accept and process payments. The bot is especially useful on private channels and chats, for which the participant must pay to join;
  8. Pic – helps to find pictures that match the queries. This is useful when creating posts;
  9. ChatKeeperBot is a chat moderator with great functionality, its main task is to fight spam.

How to make money in telegram – Conclusion

Now you know how to make money in Telegram. There is a lot of money in the messenger, but there are no freebies. As in any other job, income is determined by your knowledge, skills and willingness to work.

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