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Earnings on applications: for android + iOS


The mobile earning industry is growing rapidly. Now, making money on applications does not surprise anyone and is a common occurrence. Statistical revenue from this type of earnings was equal to $ 2.4 billion per year.

You can earn good money in applications according to different monetization schemes by completing certain tasks. They also use the phone for passive types of income that do not require significant effort from the user.

Before choosing a mobile application to increase your personal budget, consider the following nuances:

  • study competitors, offers, target audience;
  • calculate profit in advance;
  • check out the current reviews;
  • select type: for iOS, Android;
  • read the instructions and ways to monetize.

From 85% of programs for download are offered on the Android platform. Easy to install and download from a dedicated platform.

Earnings on applications – Varieties of tasks

If you are interested in how to make good money on applications, then you need to know that there are different types of tasks for which real money is awarded.

These tasks include:

  • subscription, watching videos;
  • reading emails;
  • filling out questionnaires;
  • surfing websites with a timer;
  • investments;
  • games;
  • vote;
  • reviews;
  • passing tests;
  • entering captcha;
  • downloading and installing programs on the phone;
  • registration on websites;
  • posting;
  • work with social networks;
  • posting, repost;
  • participation in referral programs;
  • receiving bonuses;
  • subscription, rating (like, repost).

Each task is graded according to the level of difficulty. After its successful completion, the system automatically credits the user with a monetary reward.

Passive income on mobile

Earnings on applications: for android + iOS

Applications for downloading are divided into two types:

  • paid;
  • free.

Each type offers separate ways of earning, differs in efficiency and ways of monetization. The accrual of a specific amount depends on the type chosen and the time spent. So, for a day, a user can get from 50 🪙.

How to make money on applications? There are such ways:

  • completing tasks – you need to complete the tasks set by advertisers (watching videos, joining groups, reposts, comments);
  • viewing advertising messages is a simple and effective way, suitable for most users;
  • entering captcha is a budget method, which is easy for a beginner to get acquainted with;
  • downloading applications, games is the most common way used by smartphone owners.

Earning without investment

Applications for making money without investments differ in narrow functionality: incomplete versions, paid options, advertising, and other system requirements. The user needs to be prepared for this.

An effective and efficient way is advertising income. So, you can become a member of the affiliate program: Adcash, Google Adwords, Taplick, Mobile 10, Mobioffers, CityADS, Actionpay, etc. A user can promote affiliate web links on thematic forums, social networks, in the comments under videos and text material. It is worth focusing on the target audience of 18-30 years.

Advertising tools differ in the following formats:

  • pop-up;
  • banner;
  • push up advertising;
  • native, which merges with the content.

Thousands of users view ads every day – advertisers earn money on this mass, counting small percentages to system participants.

According to statistics, 50% of mobile income comes from in-app purchases. In this way, you can promote goods (services). In-app purchases are a popular trend that has just begun to gain momentum.

Paid subscriptions are another way to top up your budget. As subscriptions offer courses, subscriptions to newsletters, recipes, anecdotes, new releases of books.

Selling game accounts in mobile games is an alternative option for gamers. Players spin individual game profiles, which are later sold along with good inventory.

Automatic income without surfing, clicks, captcha

Earnings on applications: for android + iOS

The Globus-Mobile application will allow you to earn money automatically on your phone. It must be downloaded and installed on the phone. For viewing content in the background, the user will receive bonuses. There is also a multi-level referral program.

To receive cash bonuses, you must complete the following steps:

  • registration – a valid e-mail is entered and a web link is followed;
  • learn important information about the application;
  • view instructions;
  • start using the application;
  • withdrawal via PayPal or WebMoney is available.

With the advent of such a platform, there is no need to surf websites, click banners, or perform simple captcha tasks. Globus-Mobile works automatically, accruing a cash reward each time a notification appears. You can directly contact support via company mail: [email protected].

Neither for registration in the Globus system, nor for the installation of a mobile program, the company charges a fee. Whatever actions the user takes, he will not have to pay for the receipt of advertising content. When an advertisement appears on the phone screen, it is enough to close it and bonuses will be credited to the account. There is no requirement to go to the site.

Top earning apps for Android

Earnings on applications: for android + iOS

Many devices, including modern phones, run on the well-known Android system. You can install as many programs on this operating system as the internal memory allows.

The user also receives income from installing individual applications for money, which are deleted after 1-2 weeks as unnecessary. In addition to downloading games, there is an opportunity to earn on advertising, performing simple tasks.

Top Apps

Top applications for making money on Android looks like this:

  • AppCent – there are always tasks and payment is not delayed, which comes after the completion of each task;
  • TopMission – bonuses are awarded for visiting individual store sites, referral system 20%;
  • Mazito – an application that earns money without investments, functions at the expense of advertisers (advertising banners periodically appear on the display);
  • BeMyEye – the project cooperates with the largest brands, therefore, it provides users with a large list of tasks for which instant cash accrual occurs;
  • ClipClaps – every minute is paid for watching a video, there is an option to upload your own videos, a referral system is provided;
  • AppBonus – tasks are received with a certain frequency, and in order not to let them go, it is enough to turn on notifications (there are no minimum restrictions when withdrawing money);
  • Surfe.be – simple and affordable tasks, and payment is not tied to the ruble exchange rate (instant withdrawal from $ 0.03);
  • Reward – the list of tasks is updated daily and a bonus is awarded to the user for each daily visit (active users participate in the prize drawing every month);
  • PFI – a service with more than 1 million registered users, is popular due to high prices for completing tasks (there is a referral program);
  • AdvertApp – differs in different tasks, upon installation of which the user receives a reward (the minimum payout threshold is 3🪙);

Earnings on applications – Other applications

  • BigTime is a simple service interface where the user can receive cash prizes by playing games and viewing ads;
  • TapMoney is a program that opens up good opportunities for earning: evaluation in the app store; installation of mobile software;
  • VKtarget – in order to work with the program, you must be registered in well-known social networks, upon visiting which and completing tasks, money will be credited;
  • A lot of Money – a project that offers simple tasks to complete (it exists due to the sponsorship of advertisers), there is a referral program of 20%;
  • InShopper – works like similar app stores (after successful registration, you can start completing tasks and earn money);
  • Edadil – a program directly related to the sale of goods, has a simple principle of operation (earned money is easily withdrawn to an electronic wallet);
  • Globus Mobile is a well-known service that has been on the market for about 10 years (for advertising demonstrations on the screen, the user receives a monetary reward, respectively);
  • Easy Cash – the list of orders is updated daily on the service, payment is made in $, there is a function of inviting friends and receiving 10% cashback;

Verified Applications

  • Yandex Toloka is a service that successfully functions on different platforms and opens up excellent opportunities for earning (it is possible to work offline as well);
  • Easy Money – opens up ways to earn money by viewing ads, installing applications (for a daily visit – a bonus, for installing a game – 1-30 🪙, affiliate program 10%);
  • NewApp – users get paid for installing programs from the store, money is credited instantly, and the minimum withdrawal is from 2 🪙;
  • RuCaptcha is a simple and reliable service where the user can earn money for small expenses (withdrawals are fast, there is a referral program);
  • TapMoney – in addition to completing easy tasks, there is a drawing of prizes and bonuses, there is an extended referral program;
  • Seosprint is a universal project in which they earn real money for watching videos, completing tests, registering, feedback (instant payments);
  • Mobcent – a project that specializes in installing programs, affiliate program 10%;
  • SeoSprint is a service where money is charged for completing a number of tasks;
  • Veeu – watching videos with a duration of no more than 30 seconds is evaluated by a cash reward, withdrawal from 2.8 🪙;
  • Whaff – a program from Western partners in which rewards occur for downloading games and viewing advertising messages;
  • AppMoneta – money is credited not only for downloading programs, but also for finding them on the phone (there are separate daily bonuses).

How to make money with these apps

All applications for making money are tested and effective. The more the user will spend time and complete tasks, view ads, the more he can earn. So, in a month you can get from 500 to 5000 🪙.

To increase earnings on simple Android applications, you need to learn how to use a VPN – a tool with which it is easy to change locations, deceiving the system in this way. After changing the location and IP address, more ads and tasks will come, respectively, and the level of earnings will be higher.

You can use more than one gadget. In addition to the phone, it is possible to install programs on a tablet, netbook, PC.

Participation in the referral program is a proven way of passive income. Many companies are interested in attracting an audience and pay all referral participants rewards for activity.

Top Earning Apps for iOS

Earnings on applications: for android + iOS

Developers of mobile applications for making money take into account the main features of modern phones and develop software taking into account important requirements. The mechanism of work is intuitive, and income options are chosen at your own discretion.

The top IOS apps for making money include:

  • Yandex Toloka – completing light and small tasks will be rewarded with cash bonuses;
  • Shelfee is a service that specializes in completing tasks (2-3 withdrawal methods are offered);
  • Work-zilla – a project designed for remote work (tasks of different levels of complexity are offered);
  • Topmission is a service in which new tasks of different difficulty levels appear daily;
  • CashBuilder – rewards are awarded after installing games, completing a number of tasks;
  • AppBonus – money is credited for installing gaming software;

Earnings on applications – Other applications for iOS

  • Goappcash – a universal portal for earning, where the user is offered to complete tasks (depending on the level of complexity, 5-50🪙 are credited to the account);
  • ProfitTask – money is credited for installing programs on the phone (the conditions are simple and understandable);
  • TapMoney – affiliate links work, tasks of different levels of complexity open;
  • CashBounty – here payment is charged for working with advertising means, there are tasks in social networks;
  • NewApp – the user is paid for watching videos and ads;
  • CashPump – profit is accrued for watching commercials;
  • StikerHunt is a good service where you can earn money by posting photos (the more photos you upload, the more income);
  • Clashot – a portal for selling photos taken on iPhone;
  • Binomo – passive income on binary options trading;
  • VeeU is a service that offers to make money by watching small videos;
  • GymPact is an app for responsible users who get paid for following their own training schedule;
  • Iconzoomer – the service pays money for each upload of photo images to the hosting;
  • Apptools – cash accruals occur for downloading third-party software;
  • ProCoin is a project worthy of attention, which will be an excellent part-time job (the list includes tasks with installing software and viewing ads);
  • CryptoPop is a game in which you pay with cryptocurrency for passing certain levels;
  • Free Bitcoin Cash – for viewing ads, the user is credited to the account with the internal currency (Satoshi);
  • IPweb Surf is a surfing service for which advertisers earn cash bonuses.

Some mobile applications for IOS are also compatible with Android. But for the latter system, the list of suitable projects is wider.

The software developers have taken care of the stability of payments, the confidentiality of data and the availability of the interface. Working with mobile applications is not tied to one place – you need access to the Internet, but this condition is not necessary for all tasks.

Earning cryptocurrency on the phone

The emergence of digital money (cryptocurrency) has captivated the world. The mobile industry has not been left behind. The developers rushed to create reliable software, with which you can step by step receive monetary accruals in the form of bitcoins, ethereum, lightcoin.

The best apps include:

  • Storm Play – Earn Free Bitcoin – the reward is awarded for viewing ads and completing tasks;
  • Bitcoin Crane is a high-quality and profitable service with the ability to switch to a Russified interface;
  • BTC Safari – the project offers to complete various tasks for 400 Satoshi;
  • Claim Free Bitcoin is a service with gaming platform components (the user spins the roulette wheel with prize sectors);
  • MinerGate – the user is offered to conclude contracts, 15 cryptocurrencies are presented for operation;
  • Eobot is a cloud mining project (known on the market since 2013) but requires a $10 deposit.

It should be borne in mind that when accruing electronic cryptocurrency, you need to have a special wallet for storing such funds. Withdraw immediately to the card or in any other way will not work.

What are the popularity and benefits

Earnings on applications: for android + iOS

Smartphone income earning schemes are intuitive, but rewards vary. Activity tasks also differ in the level of complexity. The user needs to be prepared to devote part of his free time every day. Depending on the workload, it is possible to earn 5-50 🪙, and in some cases up to 150 🪙 in 1-2 hours.

Earnings on applications in your phone has its own advantages:

  • does not require specific knowledge;
  • can be spent at leisure;
  • covers both small and medium costs;
  • does not tie to the place of work;
  • suitable for a student, a person without education;
  • often does not require investments;
  • simplicity and convenience;
  • the opportunity to get acquainted with new information, new products;
  • not limited in time.

Rewards are accrued in the form of real money, which in the future is convenient to withdraw to your account, electronic wallet, top up your phone. In addition to completing tasks and downloading software, the user has the opportunity to participate in referral programs, enjoy the benefits of bonuses, cashback.

It is necessary to download programs via the Internet in proven ways – through the GooglePlay, AppStore catalogs. This will ensure maximum security for mobile devices.

Basic mobile earning tips

Every user wants to earn big money on applications in your smartphone . You can immediately select several programs and actively perform tasks as you have free time.

The main tips on how to make money on applications and not fall for scammers:

  • choose the appropriate payment method;
  • determine the amount of free time;
  • read the reviews of other users;
  • evaluate the level of profitability;
  • choose reliable software by popularity;
  • evaluate compatibility with the phone’s OS;
  • choose a site with an intuitive interface;
  • conscientiously perform tasks and not deceive the system;
  • Be prepared for a small amount of money.

The mobile earnings industry is at the development stage. The sphere is indebted to advertisers, big brands that support and finance. The system of rewarding users is set up automatically – there is no need to wait 10-14 days for the money to be credited to the account.

You need to be prepared for the fact that you won’t be able to earn more than 6-9 thousand 🪙 in this way even when performing tasks on an ongoing basis. The user needs to be careful and choose programs that are generously rewarded.

To earn more, you should not go in cycles in one direction. You need to experiment, be in touch more often, change IP regularly, refuse cheap tasks.

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