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TOP areas for job search


" Whom to work " is one of the main questions for every person. The direction should be chosen wisely in order to achieve self-realization and material well-being with the help of labor.

The job market is saturated with thousands of job postings. It is important for the applicant to find the right one for himself, so that in the future he does not experience dissatisfaction with the activity, and cope with the assigned responsibilities.

Promising directions


During the coronavirus, the lack of healthcare professionals became obvious – today there is a shortage of doctors, nurses, scientists. Because this issue is acute not only during an epidemic, doctors will remain in demand. But viruses mutate, treatments improve, thanks to the professionals involved.

Millions of employees work in the medical field. This applies to both doctors and nurses. Required:

  1. Virology to study new strains and methods of dealing with them.
  2. Genetics that determine the problems of the body at the initial stage.
  3. Epidemiologists considering ways to combat the spread of infection.
  4. Specialists in the creation of implants and prostheses that bring the quality of life of people with disabilities to a new level. This area is regularly improved and needs new employees who can realize themselves in healthcare and bring benefits, returning patients to health and saving lives.

Information Technology

TOP areas for job search

The field of information technology needs new young specialists. But the task of the employees is to keep the systems running, as well as to develop new ones that will be able to produce more power to meet the needs of users.

Software for storing, processing information and communication is used in every enterprise. These functions are part of work, education and recreation. Professionals create and maintain reliable connections between devices, ensure synchronization without failures and errors. But in addition, developers are required to participate in the implementation of new technologies.

Internet media

The media are gradually moving online, there is a need for a large number of new professions. For example: web designer, virtual space architect, content manager, and other specialties.

The duties of employees include the competent organization of the work of sites and software, the provision of information in a form that is understandable and attractive to a person who is not familiar with this, as well as participation in marketing programs.


Ensuring security has long acquired a new meaning, now it concerns not only protection against a real threat to a person or his property, but also crimes on the network. It is important to protect information, finances in payment and banking systems, as well as personal data that can be disclosed and used by intruders.

Security masters are needed in business, this is a personal risk manager or a coordinator who guarantees the stability of the complex of systems used. Software developers are also important to ensure protection against viruses and intrusions into the software.


The construction industry is in demand, and relatively recently new specialties have begun to appear. Modern masters will be developers of eco-friendly projects from materials that are safe for humans and the environment, energy-efficient methods to save natural resources.

The profession of an accessible environment designer is popular, the main task of which is to make public places comfortable for every person, regardless of age and physical condition.


Due to the growing demand for a healthy lifestyle, the sports industry is developing by leaps and bounds. To implement the main tasks, nutritionists, trainers, specialized sports doctors will be needed.

The task of professionals in this field is to bring the client to the desired result with the help of a personal approach – a healthy and attractive body, well-being.


With the development of technology, the problem associated with transport is becoming more acute. This concerns safety, traffic organization, fuel and environmental pollution. In this industry, specialists in the creation of projects in these areas are in demand.

Also important are additional related professions related to the release of new technologies, the organization of roads and the improvement of machines, both for passenger transportation and for construction, road or agricultural work.

power usage

Energy consumption has become one of the most pressing problems for the planet, so activities aimed at creating and using technologies with energy-efficient qualities are the most promising. These are engineers, designers, scientists, builders and entrepreneurs.

Important! The presented spheres will be needed in the coming decades. This is a good time to start a career. With sufficient involvement in the process, you can get a lot of benefits from self-realization and income, because funding for these areas is increasing every year, both from the state and investors.

The best specialties without higher education

TOP areas for job search

When choosing who to work for a student, it is necessary to consider positions where a device without a higher education is allowed. Of course, the doors of public catering places, cafes and restaurants, and shops are open to young employees. However, these options are sometimes not enough to realize ambitions. There are many areas where even without a diploma you can count on decent wages:

  1. Internet. This applies primarily to marketing and media on the network, promotion in social networks, advertising, writing texts, design.
  2. Salesman. This is not only about the position of the seller in the store, but also about their own entrepreneurship.
  3. Cooking. It is advisable to develop your own business or get a job in a company.
  4. Aviation. Flights are available even without studying at a higher educational institution.
  5. Art. Here, first of all, talent is needed, not a diploma of education.
  6. Beauty industry. Practical experience is also valued here, and not the presence of a diploma.

Tip: When choosing a field, you should study all the features of the work. To earn income, you will need to acquire knowledge and skills.


The types of activities aimed at creating resources for the sale of goods or services are relevant in the network. Among the professions in demand is a web designer. Its task is to transform the information into a form for study and formalize it. The targetologist knows how to set up advertising in such a way that it directly covers the target audience and increases the number of sales of goods and services. An SMM manager is needed to promote a company or personal brand on social networks.

It is easy to learn each profession on your own, using useful information. For a period of 1 to 3 months, you can become a novice employee in this field, get a job in a company or open your own business.


It is professional sellers who earn money quickly and without physical effort. The only difference is what to sell. This applies to piece goods in stores of equipment, products, real estate or company shares.

For success in this area, you should not think about who to go to work. It is enough to develop skills, analyze the market, correctly present an offer and learn how to set up a target audience for a purchase. In this case, proposals from the heads of companies will begin to arrive very quickly. Time, literature, videos and online lessons are great helpers in mastering this field of activity.


There are a wide variety of jobs in the food industry. In many places they can take a cook without a diploma of higher education, you only need a specialized secondary. It is also possible to equip your own home confectionery, if you have the desire and the necessary skills.

After passing special courses and having a natural sense of taste, you can become a taster. Those who are able to capture all the subtle notes of taste can well expect above-average wages.

In addition, nutritionists (even with a secondary medical education) who are able to develop special nutrition for different patients are valued.


To work as a flight attendant, an air traffic controller does not need a higher education. Education is provided through courses. It is necessary to have good health, stress resistance, know foreign languages.


This is not only about classical professions, such as an artist, writer, composer. Because a talented person is able to realize himself as a tattoo artist or a copywriter, paint pictures to order using computer programs, and process photos stylistically.

But attractive salaries are for those who develop logos and slogans of companies, who are ready to concisely convey the whole meaning of the activity and interest a future client or buyer.


The modern beauty industry guarantees a variety of jobs. Because to get most of them, they complete courses and gain experience. But a manicure master, eyebrow and eyelash master, stylist, massage therapist, hair removal master are just a few options for who you can work without a higher education. Therefore, a career can be started immediately after school or while studying at the institute.

Remote work vacancies

TOP areas for job search

In connection with the pandemic, many had to decide who it is possible to work after dismissal. The advantage was gained by remote options. Remote work allows you to avoid the risk of infection, plan your own schedule, as well as learn new skills and realize yourself. Here are some popular professions in demand today:

  1. Internet Marketing. The main task of an employee is to analyze the market and select tools for development and promotion in the network. Because thanks to a specialist, the demand for goods and services of a particular company increases.
  2. Graphic design. This is visualization, which can be in banners, logos, creating unique business cards, layouts for flyers and other promotional products. It is worth paying attention to this area. Because the pay is decent.
  3. Testing. Responsibilities include checking the software immediately before release to the market. But for work you may need a powerful computer and modern gadgets.
  4. Copywriting. A copywriter writes advertising and informational texts. But you can choose a narrow topic or become a universal specialist.

In addition, many traditional professions have switched to a remote format. This applies to accountants, lawyers, system administrators. To carry out activities, it is not necessary to regularly appear at the workplace, a large amount of work can be performed remotely.

Work for schoolchildren

TOP areas for job search

Even schoolchildren, according to the law, may be interested in who to work with recently. This should not be a full-time job, but a small part-time job that will not interfere with the learning process.

A full-fledged official device is possible from the age of 16, it is permissible to go to work from 14, if there is permission from parents or guardianship authorities. A number of vacancies are open for children, where you can start your path to self-realization and earn your first money.

Where to look for vacancies

The main question that is acute for many teenagers is who should work for a student. Because employers are not eager to offer vacancies to a minor employee due to the difficulties caused by the law. But there are proven ways to search:

  1. State programs. You should find out if there are conditions for the employment of teenagers in a particular region, most likely they are realized with the help of the labor exchange.
  2. Friends and relatives. Often a place can be obtained from those who simply want to take care of the child. So parents will be calmer, and the student will earn the first money.
  3. One-time jobs. This may be the distribution of leaflets or another operation that needs to be done only once.

In addition, children may be interested in helping neighbors, volunteering, or supporting pensioners. Such activities will not bring income, but will help to decide in the future when choosing a job and develop the necessary qualities.


Labor legislation allows schoolchildren to work out a cut norm. Up to 16 years, the norm is 4 hours a day, while a week – no more than 24. If we are talking about children over 16, you can work 7 hours and 35 hours a week, but you need to provide a certificate of completion of school.

The task of the employer is to organize the schedule in such a way as not to interfere with the educational process. It is imperative that the children work until 9:30 pm maximum, as they need a good night’s rest.

Minors are prohibited from working in night shifts, in places that threaten moral development, in places with harmful or dangerous working conditions. So choose the right job so as not to stumble upon work that is forbidden to you.

Offers in the labor market

In fact, in large cities, minors are really able to earn around 10-20 thousand 🪙 with part-time employment in compliance with all norms of the law. Of course, the number of places is limited, but there is still a choice:

  1. Promoter. For example, handing out flyers, placing ads, delivering newspapers to apartments. You can negotiate a flexible schedule and piecework wages.
  2. Courier. The job requires active movement and accuracy. In this case, you can use a scooter or a bicycle to increase speed.
  3. Landscaping. To apply for a job, you can contact the housing and communal services. During the season, a student may be offered to clean leaves, care for flower beds, and other similar work.
  4. Walking pets. This is a big responsibility for a pet, but even a teenager can easily handle many breeds.
  5. Catering worker. A student cannot work with money, but he may well act as a waiter or assistant in the kitchen.
  6. Animator. Children with a sense of humor and the ability to get along with kids will definitely fit this profession.
  7. Leader in the camp. An ideal part-time job for high school students during the summer holidays.

In addition, schoolchildren can easily try their hand at remote work on the Internet, because skills, not age or education, are important for maintaining a group on social networks or creating advertising.

Career guidance features

TOP areas for job search

It is not enough just to find a job, it must meet all the criteria. This applies to financial requests, qualifications, as well as knowledge and skills. In order for the job to really suit the candidate, he must first undergo career guidance. This is a process that helps the applicant himself understand in which area it is better to realize himself.

Career guidance algorithm

High-quality career guidance helps to find a job that will bring not only income, but also moral satisfaction. For this, it is important that the employee can be realized and find application for his abilities. Understanding the right area is easy:

  1. Define hobbies. Find the hobby you want and think about what it can be connected with. Write down 5-15 options, highlight 2-3 fundamental ones.
  2. Pass psychological tests. Because it will help to assess stress resistance, determine temperament, and analyze other personality traits.
  3. Consider achievements. These include not only professional, but also school, children’s. This will help determine the abilities and inclinations.
  4. Interrogation of people around. Close people give the right advice, they should be heeded. They may not recommend a place, but they will highlight a particular talent.
  5. Decide on a scope. The choice of a particular profession is a detail. The main thing is to choose a direction for work, and in the future to specify the task.

Remember that a person spends a third or even half of his life at work. But the main purpose of the work is to get money. So don’t treat your work like that. Because it is unpleasant to endure torment, discomfort and excessive complexity for the sake of finances. But at the same time, you should not rush to extremes and engage in a hobby without giving yourself a chance for material well-being. With the help of career guidance, it is worth finding a middle ground and taking into account all wishes.

Practical use

For self-determination, you will need to try out the work in practice or learn about it from the original source. Often ideas about the profession do not coincide with the actual duties of the employee. It will not be superfluous to take courses, participate in the volunteer movement, and also interview friends who are engaged in the desired field. You can try yourself as an intern without making a final decision on employment. It may be worthwhile to initially conclude a seasonal contract so as not to be disappointed and not experience a painful dismissal.

In large cities, there are career guidance courses that help in finding a job. They not only talk about specialties, but also show how employees of a particular area work. Those attending the courses perform the duties available at the beginner and trainee levels to get a feel for the workplace.

When it comes to finding a job, there is no one-size-fits-all advice here. Depending on their own abilities and wishes, everyone must find a suitable option for himself. The main thing to understand is that a decent income and moral satisfaction are achieved only with the right choice of profession. Then a person works with full dedication and gets the desired results.

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