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How to earn real money: ways


The abundance and inconsistency of information posted on the network about the possibility of earning money on the Internet confuses many users. Fear of being deceived, inability or unwillingness to make initial investments nullify the initial attractiveness of many projects. But the paradox lies in the fact that there are ways to earn and effortlessly withdraw some amounts. We recommend TOP 7 ways to earn real money online.


Here, the personal opinion of the user becomes the product purchased by the administration of the service. Internet sites are interested in people’s opinion about services, advertising of product categories (brands), about events taking place in various spheres of life. The amounts offered as rewards depend on several factors:

  • The region of residence of the survey participant.
  • Gender, age, social group.
  • The complexity of the questions asked.
  • The financial viability of the client.

The official online questionnaire Toloka.yandex.ru enjoys a good reputation in the network. As tasks, it is proposed to check the health of blogs, the correspondence of pictures to the text, the evaluation of materials posted on Internet resources, etc.


How to earn real money: ways

Playing, developing strategies or pumping characters, having fun and being able to earn real money online is an impressive set. Its special attraction is that this way of earning does not require any special skills, significant time costs, or initial investment of funds.

In the conditions of such games, free bonuses and special tasks are provided, the purpose of which is to develop a career and, accordingly, replenish the balance.

Is cheating possible? Unfortunately yes. Most of these sites have serious solvency problems. For example, the economic game Cool-Planes can be considered as a proven and reliable one. Or Best-Fiends, offering to collect magical inflorescences.

Social media

How to earn real money: ways

Having become a new, almost integral part of the life of most Internet users, social networks can become a real platform for making money.

People are ready to pay money not only for leaving likes to the materials they published, but also for joining communities and groups, completing tasks, etc.

You won’t be able to earn big money, but the monthly withdrawal of an amount equivalent to $25-30 is a completely doable task.

Completing tasks and clicks

How to earn real money: ways

Resources that allow you to earn real money on the Internet in this way are similar to freelance exchanges. But unlike the latter, they do not impose such stringent requirements on the level of knowledge and the availability of the necessary skills.

The simplicity of the tasks performed increases the attractiveness of the site, first of all, for beginners. A striking example of such a resource is Profitcentr.com. A balanced combination of the complexity of the task and the amount of payment objectively bring it to the TOP-3 in its segment. The user is offered:

  • Read emails and browse websites.
  • .Tasks with contextual and banner advertising.
  • Passing thematic and other tests.
  • Web site surfing.
  • Operations with links directories.

In the same category, you can (with some stretch) include resources that offer real earnings, and without the personal participation of the user. For example, Teaserfast.ru or Globus-inter.com, which pay for viewing ads, thus increase the traffic of customer blogs. However, the level of payment for them is comparable to the user’s participation in the process.

How to earn real money: ways

What is attractive about this type of earnings on the Internet? The absence of complex schemes, honesty and decent amounts of payments. Market building has long been a business that costs billions.

Paying for the creation of a competitive image for its product, the manufacturing company spares no expense. And even more so, he will not check who creates this image – a venerable journalist or yesterday’s schoolboy. The most promising platforms for such earnings are recognized: Otzovik.com (unique reviews and comments) and Vseotzyvy.ru (reviews).

A kind of variation of the above method of making money online is writing paid comments on news stories. Such work provides the customer with increased activity and dilution of content on the resource.

Bitcoin faucets

How to earn real money: ways

These are sites that pay for simple tasks with cryptocurrency. Their obvious benefit is that in addition to the possibility of learning how to open a “Bitcoin wallet" and studying transactions in the blockchain, the user can count on good real earnings. After all, the price of bitcoin (BTC), despite fluctuations in the exchange rate, remains at a fairly high level. The main differences between these resources are:

  • The frequency of assignments.
  • The amount of the reward.
  • The number of offers available to the user.
  • Minimum payout.

There are Bitcoin faucets that provide the opportunity to receive 10,000 Satoshi (0.0001 BTC or 24 RUR) daily with almost no effort.

Freelance exchanges, articles and texts

How to earn real money: ways

The concept of "Freelancing" is translated as the exchange of time for money. But a beginner starting freelancing should be aware that success in this rather profitable business is achieved solely by hard work and skill.

It is obvious that the salary also corresponds to such high professional requirements. Mid-level SEO optimizers can withdraw up to $100 per hour, and the annual income of recognized copywriting masters reaches $10,000. Work-zilla.com is positioned as an example of a full-fledged freelance resource, offering work in such areas as:

  • Design.
  • Help.
  • Creation of texts.
  • Advertising.
  • Social media.
  • Help with blogging.

Popularity has gained such a way to earn real money, which is writing feature articles, reviews, creating press releases, translations, etc. It does not involve financial investments and guarantees the withdrawal of earned funds. The copywriter’s rate varies between $ 1.5-3 per 1000 characters written. But it is impossible to obtain it without possessing knowledge, abilities and skills.

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