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advertising signs


Business development is impossible without advertising. Any advertising activity acts as a marketing system, rapid promotion of goods, services, information.

Advertising is the engine of progress. Often marketers are super creative, and then a really cool product is born.

But new technologies and an abundance of materials give rise to small problems. One of the most important is the right choice of materials. For example, the same work can be done from plexiglass or PVC, on a piece of vinyl fabric, from plywood.

The most important thing is to understand which of the materials is best suited for this work, and choose it correctly. Such a choice requires considerable knowledge. First of all, knowledge of the technical characteristics of materials: what they are made of, how strong and durable they are, whether they are compatible with other materials, and, finally, how best to attach these materials to each other.

Non-illuminated signs made of aluminum composite

Non-illuminated signs made of aluminum composite or PVC are universal advertising structures that are very popular among advertisers due to their affordable cost and fairly good efficiency. They are often mounted on the facades of shopping centers and other buildings, as well as mounted on free-standing poles. With proper design, advertising will attract the attention of people passing by and encourage them to use the services of the promoted company.

Products made of aluminum composite and PVC are made in various shapes and thicknesses. Production is carried out on a milling machine, and the image is applied by direct UV or interior printing on a special self-adhesive film. At the same time, it is possible to order structures of various types: from classic rectangular to complex-shaped products with protruding parts.

The main advantages of this type of advertising tools are:

  • Relative ease and speed of production, which usually takes several days;
  • Versatility. They can be issued in various forms, and almost any information can be placed on them;
  • Durability. The printing methods used make it possible to obtain a high quality image that will not fade and retain its brightness for a long time;
  • Availability. Such products are distinguished by a very favorable cost, which determines their popularity.
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