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Fear of being fired


I decided to add a similar article to the site, because I think it will be very relevant at this time. In Ukraine, people are losing their jobs en masse, and even many previously successful businessmen go bankrupt. What to do and how to prepare for this and protect yourself from losing a source of income – read about it below.

If you are employed, then you always need to be prepared for the fact that you can be fired at any moment, this often happens, especially during all kinds of crises or instability in the state, as it is now in Ukraine. During such periods, not only you can suffer, but also your employer, and even large well-known companies are not immune from bankruptcy.

Ask yourself the following question, when was the last time you updated your resume?

For those who are currently employed, but are afraid that they may be fired and want to be prepared for the most unpleasant development of events, I propose to complete a small practical task:

1 It is recommended to update your resume as soon as possible, write in it your most important pluses and skills, as well as what results you achieved in your last job.

2 Go to interviews from time to time, even if you currently have a job. This is necessary for you to gain confidence and successfully pass interviews.

3 There are many sites on the Internet where you can leave your resume. Here are the most popular ones.
. (rabota.yandex.ua, JOB.ukr.net, alljob.com.ua, work.ua, resume-bank.ru, job.ru, hh.ru, rabota.ru, superjob.ru).

Compose your resume and post them on these sites.

Thus, by posting your resume on the sites, you will find out what vacancies are available and what specialists are in demand today. After learning this, you can attend some courses and develop new skills.
It is also recommended to read an article or watch videos on YouTube on how to write a resume and how to conduct a successful interview.

4 In order to quickly find another job in case of dismissal, you can regularly monitor vacancies. For example, once or twice a month, review the data on the required specialists.

Here’s what else I’d like to add:

If you complete this practical task, then you have a fairly high chance of finding a higher paying job with better working conditions.

You always have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Perhaps it will happen that you will not be fired. But if you are fired, then you will be ready for this and will quickly be able to move on to another job.

Post source: kiyosaki-fanclub.ru

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