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Brand strength


A brand is not an ordinary logo. The brand is not your pretty colors. The brand is not a catchy slogan. All these things are part of the brand, but the brand is much more than that.

Story: Importance of a brand for any business

Isabella learned the power of a brand and what a brand really is. She started her own business on Amazon.

Three months later, she began to earn very well, which allowed her to quit her main job and devote all her time only to business. And then, for the further development and scaling of the business, it is good to use one of the most effective ways – this is outsourcing, that is, transferring part of the work to the shoulders of additional staff. Outsourcing companies are engaged in the selection of specialists in the direction of the customer’s business.

With rapid success in Isabella’s life, competition also quickly came.

When she first started selling her products through Amazon, she had the original packaging, description, and this was not yet the case with others. And it is thanks to this that her product took first place in its category in just a few months.

About six months later, Isabella saw that other sellers began to copy her idea and sell the same product, in similar packaging. They copied almost everything except her brand. They couldn’t just copy the brand.

Despite the competition, Isabella was not going to give up and focused all her efforts on maintaining her brand promise – Quality products and fast and efficient customer service.

It’s been more than a year since competitors started copying it, but it still ranks first in its category and its products are in high demand.

Isabella learned by example what the power of a brand is, and what a brand really is.

The brand is the heart. Maybe competitors have managed to make similar products and packaging, but failed to replicate the reputation and promise that only Isabella has. Isabella’s brand is the number one tool that provides the desired level of sales.

Many business people work hard to build their business, but few of them work to build a brand. A brand is essential to develop a business to the fullest.

When you create a brand for your business, you are really creating two different assets. Whether you realize it or not, your brand can be many times more valuable than your business. The brand is more important than the product. Anyone can sell a product, but only a person with passion can build a brand.

Inside every great brand is the heart of the entrepreneur who started it all. These are the values ​​that an entrepreneur cherishes. If the heart is not protected, the brand soon dies.

I encourage you to learn from Isabella’s experience and build a brand as you create a product.

Post source: kiyosaki-fanclub.ru

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