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Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips


Freelancing is evolving at an incredible pace. Do you want to learn how to make money from copywriting? What qualities should a candidate for this position have, and what do employers require? Read and find out more.

Copywriting is interesting because:

  • this is a great way to make money while being at home;
  • does not require investment;
  • does not require special education.

Professional copywriting skills are in demand among employers who want to get content that matches search engine settings, sites and products offered.

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

General concepts

Copywriting is the creation of texts for marketing and advertising containing specific messages for the consumer. A commercial writer must know how to create selling and informational content by studying the product, target audience, and communication strategy.

The profession is often underestimated. It would seem that writing texts in comfortable conditions is an easy way to make money on the Internet. Copywriting, in fact, hides many nuances. This includes the time spent sitting in front of a computer monitor, the frequent lack of motivation to do work or the search for inspiration.

The work of a copywriter is not like other activities. Often writing texts is not limited to 8 hours a day, the author has to work constantly. However, this did not stop the growth in popularity of the profession, and today, copywriting is called an emerging industry.

Special education is not needed – the employer does not consider the resume under a magnifying glass. A portfolio is a confirmation of reliability and professionalism, an assessment of the author’s abilities and skills.

Is copywriting a passion, a job or a hobby?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Passion is needed in every business, but the pursuit of money takes over. Sometimes a career is possible without realizing your own hobbies, in copywriting it is difficult. Each written text must be original, filled with unique content. The goal is to attract the attention of readers, to arouse interest and desire to read the submitted material.

Copywriting is more often a job in the field of advertising, the Internet, the press, marketing and other industries where content is required. Often the author fulfills orders from various industries in which he does not understand. Therefore, so much time is devoted to the study of the presented topic. If you want to have additional income, stable income on the Internet, copywriting is the right decision. By doing quality work and on time, you can earn decent money.

Important! The author must not only know the right tools to help him create original texts, but also be able to quickly find information.

The invaluable role of copywriting

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Many authors start work while still in college, because this is a guaranteed way to get extra money for their own needs. Students manage to write even between couples at the institute or in the evenings.

Sometimes copywriting becomes a full-time job that allows you to earn a living. It can absorb not only time, but also bring pleasure, providing financial independence.

The responsibilities of a copywriter include:

  • creation of backup and advertising texts;
  • description of products or goods;
  • preparation of texts for the main pages of sites;
  • writing expert articles, leaflets;
  • writing texts for personal blogs on the Internet and in social networks;

The range of possibilities is unlimited. The copywriter is constantly learning and never knows how the customer will surprise him. The author can express himself on many levels and achieve great success. Creating good content that should interest the reader must be valuable in terms of content, and at the same time, compelling.


Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Copywriter is a general term used to refer to people involved in the creation of marketing content such as: sponsored articles, marketing offers and company promotion content such as slogans, flyer copy.

An SEO copywriter is someone who prepares content for SEO needs, i.e. positioning. It should not only create valuable material, but also ensure its optimization (keywords, markup, headings, description). However, a person who professionally prepares SEO content must have a basic knowledge of the principles of page positioning, create consistent, stylistic, competent texts.

Content writer – In this case, the term "web writer" can be applied. This is the person who prepares material for publication on websites such as theme portals, blogs, newsletters, or product offerings.

A ghostwriter is a person who creates content at the request of someone else. The author of the text is the one who ordered the text, and not the one who wrote it. These ghostwriters are often the PR people who create the texts, and the client company representatives are the authors.

What is rewriting in the work of a copywriter?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Often copywriters perform rewriting of the text. The specificity lies in the processing of information and data from one or more sources. The authors compare this type of activity with the presentation that students write in schools.

Sometimes rewriting is more difficult than copywriting, because it is necessary to preserve the keywords, their number, the meaning of the content of the text. At the same time, it is not recommended to add information from third-party resources; it is forbidden to describe your own opinion.

By type of rewrite happens:

  • technical;
  • deep;
  • superficial.

To check the text, use the anti-plagiarism program, setting the appropriate settings. Rewriting is paid cheaper than copywriting. Earnings can be cheaper by 10-15%.

Freelancer or company employee?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

A copywriter doesn’t necessarily work from home like a freelancer. In some cases, he gets up at 8:00 in the morning to arrive at the office by 9:00 and finishes work in a few hours. It all depends on what kind of activity a person chooses.

The freelancer works from home and has unlimited working hours. He can combine household chores with writing texts, which for some people is extremely important, but for others can be burdensome.

Not everyone is able to completely isolate themselves for several hours from the comfort of their own apartment. Such people usually choose to work in an office, in a specific advertising or marketing company.

How much money can you make from copywriting? This is of interest to many. Freelancers need to secure a good portfolio and positive referrals in order to make an income online. Thus, they will be able to convince customers of the need to use their services.

Where is copywriting used?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Sites filled with well-prepared text content can increase sales efficiency by several times, unlike pages written by amateurs without the proper level of professionalism.

The ability to send messages correctly, to influence website traffic, to use the appropriate tools in addition to language techniques, allows you to achieve much better business results. It is worth remembering this already at the stage of commissioning the company’s website.

Therefore, it is important to think about ordering content created by professionals. Remote cooperation with an external subcontractor is not always a guarantee of quality, but it is a better solution than entrusting such activities to an inexperienced person without competence. If you hire a talented specialist, with the help of remote cooperation, you can achieve your goals.

Do you think that the texts on your own site are not designed properly? Contact a copywriter!

What else does a copywriter do?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

The copywriter creates texts and slogans used in advertising. His responsibilities often include preparing scripts for commercials and editing material. He is the author of texts not only on websites, but also on leaflets, posters, folders and so on. Often a freelancer writes articles according to SEO principles, which helps to position the site.

A copywriter can work in any company, but more often in advertising or PR agencies. People who practice this profession usually work full-time, but are listed as freelancers and write texts for companies remotely.

Copywriting should not be confused with copyright, i.e. "copyright". Copyright means that a person or entity has the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell or distribute someone’s work (eg books, music, art). The purpose of copyright is to protect this material and prevent unauthorized use by third parties.

What should a copywriter know?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

A good copywriter must be fluent in the language in which he writes. In addition to knowing the basic rules of spelling and punctuation, it is important to be educated. The created texts should be easy to read, not contain water, tautologies, banal and generalized phrases. Otherwise, they will scare the reader away instead of pique their interest.

An advanced, successful freelancer must know the basics of sales psychology, as it is necessary to understand the topic on which the material is being created, the needs and behavior of the target audience after reading the text. It should be remembered that different psychological techniques are used to create content for each reader. Customers usually indicate the target audience themselves in the terms of reference.

A copywriter must be able to use proven solutions. There are a number of rules for creating compelling headings, subheadings, and text composition techniques. They can be studied on the Internet or in online courses.

Requirements for a copywriter

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Knowledge of marketing mechanisms. A good copywriter understands how to effectively advertise a product and convince a client to buy. Proficiency in sales techniques is the basis for creating advertising content, commercial offers and product descriptions.

Imagination and creativity. The copywriter writes the text from scratch, brings something new to the topic. Based on the source materials and including fantasy, the author creates new, original and interesting content.

Communication skills. A copywriter who is not able to clearly express thoughts, build a strong relationship with the employer is a bad copywriter. If a person cannot state the facts in an article, it will be difficult for him to create advertising texts.

Ability to search and verify information. Writing a thematic quality article with an exhaustive and detailed explanation of the topic requires relevant knowledge. They cannot be obtained without access to reliable and verified information. Receiving, checking and selecting are important steps in writing an article.

Earnings on copywriting – What additional knowledge is needed?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Knowledge of English is closely related to the ability to search for reliable information. On the English-language pages on the Internet you can find valuable and reliable sources.

Understanding the principles of search engine marketing allows a copywriter to create optimized content. Positioning knowledge is especially important in the case of SEO copywriting.

The ability to quickly type on the keyboard is necessary in the work of a copywriter who works “on a chord" – the more texts he creates, the more he earns. It is also useful when preparing longer feature articles and saves a lot of time in day to day work.

And the last thing – without “internal” stability and excellent self-organization, you can quickly become disillusioned with copywriting. The author must meet deadlines, be able to clearly plan, find contact with customers and prioritize for the successful completion of tasks.

Tips for future copywriters

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

To search for a job, the author can send a portfolio to:

  1. SEO agencies. The main ones in the copywriting market, who need a lot of texts for clients and promotion of their own sites.
  2. Marketing agencies. The author will need experience and knowledge to understand how to create salable content.
  3. Content Services and Editions. You can find thematic portals (about health, sports, diets, motherhood, tourism). These types of services make money regularly by posting new content.
  4. Internet shops. Descriptions of products, categories, blogging companies, writing articles on the main pages.

Try to learn how to clearly formulate thoughts and competently build relationships with employers. Skillful persuasion is important not only for establishing cooperation, but also for writing sales texts that encourage the reader to purchase a product or service.

Earnings on Copywriting: prices and offers

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

How much and how to earn on copywriting? Of course, there is no single rate here and it is difficult to determine how much a person who writes texts will earn. Do not forget that beginners should not count on a high salary, but professionals can get good money for their work.

If we consider copywriting as freelance, prices on exchanges range from 10 rubles per 1000 characters for beginners, and from 40-70 rubles per 1000 characters for more “advanced” authors. For experienced copywriters, the price for 1000 characters reaches 100-150 rubles. In rare cases, you can find orders for 300-500 rubles per 1000 characters.

In companies, wages are set by the employer. It all depends not only on the experience of the author, but also on the region. For example, in Moscow, a full-time copywriter can receive from 50 thousand rubles. with an 8 hour work schedule. In small towns, the level of wages may decrease by 2 or 3 times. For general information, you can view vacancies by scrolling through job boards on the Internet.

How should the texts look like?

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

Not only the content of the text is important, but also its appearance. This affects the “transparency” of the page and allows you to quickly find the information you need. Copywriters use Word formatting when writing articles.

In a text editor, you need to use headings H1, H2, H3, make paragraphs, numbered and bulleted lists. If necessary, the authors enter data into the table. It is customary to highlight important information in bold, italics or in yellow, blue (at the request of the contractor or customer).

At the request of the employer, the copywriter sets the values ​​of intervals, indents, changes the font and its size. When writing mathematical expressions, they use ready-made formulas, symbols. Sometimes authors insert unique photographs or pictures taken from the Internet into texts, attach links to videos and other information.

Earnings on copywriting – Copywriter tools

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

In such work, it is important to be able to improve the quality of the material. For this, special tools and online programs have been developed. They help to quickly bring the text to the required level.

The anti-plagiarism program is an essential tool for every copywriter, which allows you to find out the uniqueness of the content and, if necessary, correct it. The service automatically analyzes the text, roughly speaking, comparing it with other materials available on the network and identifying borrowed sections. Among the popular programs used to check text for plagiarism are: Advego, text.ru., Etkht, Content-Watch.

Additionally, written articles are checked for spamming, classical and academic nausea, wateriness, grammatical and spelling errors. To do this, you can use the services: Glavred, AdvegoSEO, Turgenev-Ashmanov, Spelling. The programs are free and available to all users. Some services require registration to increase the limit of checks.

Popular copywriting exchanges

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

A copywriter needs to sell written texts, receiving a monetary reward for this and regularly take new orders from customers. All this can be found on the exchanges, without investment.

Consider popular copywriting exchanges.

  1. Exchange Copywriting ETXT. Daily order flow, with prices ranging from 10 🪙 per 1000 characters to 200 🪙 and up. Thanks to a clear interface, there is no need to waste time searching for the necessary information. To work on the site, you need to register, it is advisable to pass a literacy test. You can also sell photos on the stock exchange.
  2. Advego copywriting exchange is popular among experienced copywriters. Authors earn both in 🪙 and in dollars. A clear interface, convenient withdrawal of funds and a huge number of orders are provided. An internal anti-plagiarism program is available (online or desktop – for download).
  3. RU. Copywriting exchange with thousands of orders and unlimited prices. To get a job, you need to prove your professionalism to the client. Add works to your portfolio, improve your skills and earn more and more every month.

Earnings on copywriting – Search for the author

Earnings on copywriting: ways + tips

It would seem that finding a copywriter is not difficult. After all, most ad sites get hundreds of offers from content creators, but it’s not that simple! Before choosing a copywriter, you should familiarize yourself with the portfolio of the selected artist. This will allow you to evaluate the style and quality of the texts.

You can ask for letters of recommendation from previous customers or look at reviews if you are looking for a performer on the exchanges. It is worth paying attention to the price. Cheap texts are unlikely to be written by experienced authors. The higher the cost of the work, the more likely it is to get good material.

Due to the growing popularity of content marketing and the importance of content, there are many companies on the Internet that provide professional copywriting services. Perhaps this is the best option, but far from cheap. As they say, you have to pay for quality and safety.

The life of a professional copywriter is a series of successes and failures, fluctuating emotions, a clear calendar, and a constant race against time and ability. Making money on copywriting is a job that constantly tests boundaries and possibilities, lives in a different dimension.

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