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How to find money: the most relevant ways


Do you want to know how to find money? Is there a situation in which you are looking for a way to immediately receive funds? And if you ask such a question, then a loan from a bank, from friends or relatives immediately comes to mind, but there are much more methods for obtaining financial assistance. The article contains common ways to quickly find money for different occasions.

How to find money: the most relevant ways

How to find money: we borrow!

There are many organizations that lend money. These include offices, banks, credit cooperatives engaged in loans.

1 We borrow from a microfinance institution.

MFIs provide money to people who are usually denied by banking institutions. More often these include people with a negative credit history. Such an organization takes a big risk, therefore it offers money at an inflated loan rate, which covers the potential risk. Standard loans are issued for a period of up to a month, but it can be extended.

You can apply online and the funds will be credited to the card within twenty minutes. Traditionally, the interest rate on such a loan is at least three hundred percent per annum.

Interestingly, there are many MFIs that provide loans for new clients at zero interest, so if you don’t want to overpay for lending, find a profitable offer from financial institutions.

2 We take a loan from a bank.

Organizations issue consumer loans for periods of up to five years, sometimes up to seven, at an interest rate of 10-30% per annum. You can take an amount from several thousand to a couple of millions, which depends directly on the loans taken and the financial capabilities of the client.

The benefits of lending will be:

  • duration of terms;
  • taking large sums;
  • low payments;
  • small penalties for late payments;
  • there is a possibility of restructuring the loan.

Negative aspects:

  • rigidity of requirements to solvency of clients;
  • The loan amount depends on the history of the loans.

3 We borrow in a credit consumer cooperative.

You can borrow money if you make a deposit. Participants can cooperatively pay any kind of contributions. The loan will be issued regardless of past lending, delinquencies in banks, debts and more. With joining the CCP and fulfilling the necessary conditions, one can count on borrowing money. But it is worth remembering that the interest rate here is higher than that of banking institutions and it is necessary to make an initial contribution. It should also be remembered that if the CPC goes bankrupt, they may require the immediate repayment of the funds taken.

4 We borrow from a private person.

In this method, it is not a debt from a neighbor or parents that is considered, but a service for loans from individuals on the Internet, called p2p lending. Such loans are taken through exchanges that check lenders and clients, ensuring the honesty and security of the transaction.

The interest rate from borrowers is different, but many times less than that of banks or MFIs. Individuals do not maintain employees, offices, do not pay taxes, so it is more profitable to take an investor loan than a bank deposit.

Quick search for your money: where to get it now?

How to find money: the most relevant ways

1 We sell unnecessary property.

This method is obvious, but not one of the easiest. There are a lot of sales methods, but not everyone can choose the appropriate method. There are a few important tips to follow:

What are we selling?

If we are asking the question ” how to quickly find money ", then it is worth selling new and liquid things. You can quickly sell digital equipment, but household appliances are sold worse. If you make a competent approach, then customers for clothes and shoes are found quickly. Get ready for the fact that the price of new goods will be lower than the market price, especially if they have traces of use.

How do we sell?

Jewelry is always ready to be accepted at a retail outlet or pawnshop. With other property, things are more difficult. If you have to quickly search for a lot of money in a few hours, the only option is to hand over the jewelry for buying up. This is a dubious procedure, but finances can be obtained immediately.

It is best to purchase electronic and household appliances, as well as valuable jewelry. If the product does not have a high-quality appearance, then they will offer a meager cost for it. Buyers are accustomed to strange customers, so do not expect politeness from them.

Where do we sell?

In the past, it was difficult to find selling methods with free ads, but in modern times, this problem does not arise. Internet portals offer instant publication of goods after registration.

Popular sites are:

1) Yula. This site offers a loyal number of publications, provides the client and the buyer with a "safe deal". The site acts as a depository when it takes funds for goods, and the seller receives them only after the client has examined the goods at the post office and picked them up. Such a service takes three percent of the transaction amount, but is a guarantor for both parties.

2) Avito. This site offers a large number of services, so it will be difficult for a new user to sell a product. Many distributors use promotions and duplicate hundreds of ads in the feed, among which one will be lost. Also, the administration does not allow many free sales publications to be submitted. Avito also became famous as a base for scammers and a lack of communication with management. But a mobile application and a website with delivery will help you quickly sell property to other areas.

3) We transfer the goods ourselves. You can place an ad in the electronic version of the newspaper, which has few restrictions. With this option, be prepared to come to a meeting to transfer the goods "from hand to hand."

4) Social networks. This option is productive and working, since social networks are engaged in the creation of such groups. Thus, you can contact the client, clarify the details, arrange a meeting or shipment, and even bargain. But there is no guarantee of security, so be prepared for scam attempts and sell goods carefully.

5) Auctions on the Internet. If there are rare items, they can be sold profitably and quickly in an online auction. It is worth remembering about scammers who lure goods from inattentive sellers. But you can sell a thing both at the proposed price, and at a high price from bargaining customers.

2 We rent property to a pawnshop.

How to find money: the most relevant ways

Pawnshops work according to the following scheme: a person brings liquid goods (equipment, jewelry, jewelry, coins, etc.) for storage, and the organization gives the amount of funds after the assessment. If the goods were not redeemed within the agreed timeframe and the client did not extend the loan period, the property becomes the property of the pawnshop. But if the client returned, then it is necessary to return not only the funds taken, but also the interest rate of the institution.

Borrow from acquaintances or friends

Such an idea usually comes first when there is an urgent need for money. But not every acquaintance or relative will give a large amount, and if you do not delicately approach the problem, you can be left without help and without friends.

If you are going to borrow several thousand 🪙, then you can do without formalities, but if it comes to several hundred thousand, then take the process seriously. You can use the following procedure:

  • decide in advance where the funds will be spent if you are lent. Consider all costs, because this will help clarify the amount and make the request more convincing and specific;
  • tell your borrower about the purpose of the loan, ask for advice – it can be beneficial, answer the questions posed;
  • stipulate the process of repaying the debt, it would be most correct to pay in installments according to a given schedule;
  • if you want to return the full amount of money immediately – stipulate specific terms so as not to put a friend in an awkward situation;
  • so that a friend is more willing to agree to a loan, stipulate the interest that you will pay as a thank you for the funds provided;
  • agreements can be secured by an agreement or a letter for the security of the transaction;
  • agree not to talk about debts in front of other acquaintances, so as not to overshadow friendly relations;
  • pay off the debt before the agreed time, which confirms the non-selfishness of the relationship with the person.

How to find money: borrow at work

How to find money: the most relevant ways

Funds can be borrowed from colleagues or employers. Most often it depends on the reputation at work, and if the relationship with the employees is good, they will definitely help you with the current situation. This method allows you not to pay loan interest, but no one is obliged to give you a loan, not even an employer. To obtain a loan, you need to write an application addressed to the boss, state your request, indicate the amount and purpose of using the funds, as well as the timing of return.

Asking family and friends.

Loans from friends and relatives are different in that you can simply ask relatives for money. This, of course, does not mean that you can take and not return, but it limits the use of receipts or contracts. If you have a strong and good relationship with your relatives, they will definitely help in difficult times and solve the serious issue of lack of money.

Have real estate? We rent!

This method is simple and requires a minimum amount of effort. You can rent out any object that you own, and to increase the benefits, you should work out a few points:

  • put things in order in the room. If we are talking about an apartment or a house, it is worth cleaning, making cosmetic repairs, bringing electrical appliances, plumbing into working condition, and cleaning furniture. The apartment for rent must be bright, comfortable, tidy, and also empty (without personal belongings of the landlord);
  • find a tenant. You can independently find people on the ad, or you can resort to the services of a real estate agency. Choose the right institution so as not to waste time, and correctly set the cost of your home, comparing it with the average on the market;
  • we conclude an agreement. The contract will become a source of information about the rights and requirements of the landlord and tenant. Do not think that the contract has no legal force, because it becomes official after the appearance of the signatures of the parties;
  • describe the property: this is necessary to preserve the property in housing.

We rent a car

How to find money: the most relevant ways

If you have a personal car, then there is an answer to the question ” how to find money very urgently “. The vehicle can be pawned in a pawnshop until the moment of settlement with a promissory note. Or take a loan from a bank, but in this case, the possibility of selling the car disappears. The amount of funds directly depends on the condition of the car, brand, year of manufacture, etc.

You can also rent a car for a taxi service. For this they pay from 1700 to 3000 🪙 per day, depending on the class of the car.

Finding a job

This option is not fast enough, but if there is no work, but funds are needed, this is an alternative way out. Moreover, employment at a good job is a source of constant, high income.

You can find a job from different sources: through acquaintances or friends, online platforms, in companies and organizations, through a recruitment agency, an employment center, social networks.

If you need money immediately – find a job with a daily payout, but in such an industry there is little choice. Traditionally, these are vacancies for laborers at construction sites, loaders, freelancers or promoters.

We earn by providing our services

How to find money: the most relevant ways

This method of earning is affordable and effective, when compared with the sale of property and requires a minimum of investment. If you have any skills, try to put them to good use. This will help you quickly earn money and create your own small business.

  1. We collect furniture. This is a good option for men, as the furniture industry constantly requires specialists who earn decent money. Payment is most often made daily, so the work is suitable for those who urgently need cash.
  2. We repair things. You can repair everything that you have the ability to: appliances, clothes and shoes, cars, computers and telephones, furniture, etc. If you are engaged in repairs of small items, you can arrange a repair studio at home.
  3. We distribute promotional items. The work is difficult, because you need to be on your feet for several hours and possibly in an uncomfortable suit. But employers pay for such work up to three hundred 🪙 per hour.
  4. Express delivery. A good option for those who own their car. You can organize small deliveries, start cooperation with mail and courier services. It’s not bad to go to work as a food delivery man to order – there is always a lot of such work and it is paid decently.
  5. We make things with our own hands. If you have a predisposition to drawing pictures, this is a chance to earn good money, especially traditional portraits and paintings are in demand on the market.

Knitting, creating children’s toys and dolls, women’s handbags, interior decor, jewelry, clothes, bouquets and gift sets – all this brings money and, in principle, quickly.

  1. Education. This method of earning is one of the best, because it is based on knowledge. Become a tutor for schoolchildren – tutors in mathematics, foreign languages ​​​​(English in particular), the current language, chemistry, physics and biology are now popular.

How to find money – Make money on the Internet

A quick way to earn money is to work as a freelancer, and the main plus is to receive income after the work is done. Even a person who can’t do anything can earn money as a freelancer, because you can use exchanges and get money for likes and comments, but here the payment will be small.

Copywriting, rewriting and translations will become a source of income at home. There are many offers from reliable companies, so look for tasks with daily payments.

Join the labor market

If you cannot find a suitable vacancy in your specialty, join the labor exchange, which will pay benefits until a job is found. The allowance can be different, depending on the salary at the previous job.

Contact the employment agency, provide documents, a diploma and a certificate of employment, if there was employment before. Financial assistance is paid for a year, and various vacancies are offered during this period. If you haven’t found a job, register again.


For this method, you need to be healthy, because donation is not only making money, but also a necessity in the medical field. Remember that you can donate blood only once a month, because frequent blood sampling will harm your health.

You can also donate hair, although this is not called donation. They pay well for them, so this option is suitable for owners of long hair.

How to find a lot of money for treatment?

If you need to find money for treatment, seek help on the Internet. Responsive people from all over the world can help here. Social networks are filled with groups to raise funds for operations and treatment for children and adults. It is clear that no one will help you to buy a new car or an iPhone.

Contact an existing group or create your own, describe the situation that has arisen, provide evidence – photos, documents, diagnosis, etc. You can also raise funds and help if there was a fire and all the property burned down. Those who are not indifferent will help not only financially, but also financially (clothes, furniture, appliances, building materials).

Ask to repost, send out messages, comments, which will quickly spread information over the Internet.

Easy money: do not use such methods!

How to find money: the most relevant ways

  • Forex. The best way… to lose all the money. In fact, Forex makes it possible to earn a lot, but this requires an analytical mindset and understanding in this direction. For the layman, earning on Forex is a loss of money.
  • Casino. Excitement brings many small incomes, but much more often large financial losses. Do not use an online casino, because the game algorithm will adapt to your loss.
  • Options. Binary options are called bets on the increase or decrease of certain exchange instruments. Brokers can be unscrupulous, so even if they win, they take up to thirty percent into their pocket. Deposits of beginners are completely merged in favor of regular users.

How to find money – Conclusions

There are many methods to get money, and you can get a small amount out of nothing. If you are ready to invest, you will get a constant profit. Some methods have less risk, while others (lottery, forex) can result in loss of funds. The easiest way to earn money is given to people with abilities and talents.

In fact, there are many more ways to get money than what has been described. You can get a job as a nanny, wash cars at car washes and much more. Remember that serious and impressive amounts do not fall from the "sky", therefore, the more ore you invest, the more money you will be able to get.

Only resort to correct and honest methods, because those who wish to "dive into the gold mine" usually end up with nothing.

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