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Discipline is the only way to your freedom, success, health, wealth and fulfillment of desires


If there is no self-discipline, the mind controls a person, which means that a life awaits a person in grayish shades, according to a well-written scenario, without much joy, without fire in the eyes, with two days off a week, one vacation a year and a salary that is enough for not to stretch out my legs from hunger.

This scenario occurs for one simple reason – the mind does not like to strain, its task is to survive (accumulate fat) and multiply, which is what 90% of people do, survive and reproduce.

A person is content with the minimum and does not strive for something more than Groundhog Day, but more and more, all the realization of desires, career, money, travel, health – all this lies beyond comfort.

A comfortable life leads to degradation of both mind and body, and life becomes much shorter.

I’m not saying that this is bad, everyone makes their own choice, for me personally, this is a terrible scenario of life.

Discipline is developed very simply – take it and do it

I picked it up and got up at 5 in the morning, went for an ice-cold shower, went for a walk, refused another pizza and cola, and ate a piece of juicy meat with salad, after work I didn’t fall on the sofa, but went into business, for example, one that can bring additional income and will give you the opportunity to leave.

No need to think about how uncomfortable, cold, hungry, hard, etc. you will feel.

Thinking about it, your mind is looking for an excuse not to do, and rest assured, it will find it if you don’t show discipline – if you don’t get up and start doing what needs to be done!

This is how self-discipline is developed when you take and do something that will later benefit you, improve you.

Yes, you don’t want to do it, well, if you don’t want to, don’t do it, live according to the scenario of other people.

Discipline is the only way to your freedom, success, health, wealth and fulfillment of desires

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The thing is that you need to rebuild your mind from a position of discomfort, into a position – "hurrah, I’m getting healthier, more energetic, which means I can do a lot of things that will bring me money, freedom, joy, pleasure from life."

Self-discipline trains the mind, and in this case, it can be used as a high-class tool, and this is exactly what it is – the mind and body are cool tools, you just need to learn how to use them.

The goal of a smart person is to become the best version of yourself, and self-discipline will help you achieve everything you want in life.

I believe that discipline should be in everything, from what you think to what you eat.

Take, for example, hobbies.

Each person can make good money on his hobby, and be financially independent, and also get a buzz from doing what he loves, bringing money and freedom.

Success comes with skill, and skill is built when talent meets self-discipline.

Therefore – find the activity from which you are bursting and the fire burns in your eyes, and develop your skills in this, connecting self-discipline!

About the support and approval of others

Self-discipline is a lonely concept.

You must act whether you are supported or not.

If you are looking for support and approval, you will never develop discipline.

Do not expect support and approval from your environment, most likely it will not be, on the contrary, jokes, excuses are possible, they will twist a finger at the temple, etc.

Almost all people do not like it when someone stands out, they perceive everything with hostility, which at least somehow diverges from their opinion, outlook on life.

And the outlook on life for the majority is like this – “sit down and don’t stick your head out, otherwise suddenly the snow will fall on your head, it will become very bad" – they are afraid to build their life as they want, and snort at others if they dare to do something different from all.

Luck and self-discipline

You should not hope for luck, it is such a thing, that is, it is not, but I want to tell you about something else.

Have you ever had a good opportunity come your way?

For example, to change jobs or buy something much cheaper than the regular price, but you can’t take advantage of this opportunity because the new job requires knowledge of English, and in the second case you simply don’t have the money.

It doesn’t matter what the opportunity is, the fact is that here it is, you can take it, but you just can’t take advantage of it.

English can be learned by showing discipline, big money is also earned with the help of discipline as well.

What I want to say is that you need to be prepared for luck, and self-discipline will give you much more opportunities in life!


No pity and thoughts – got up and did it! There is no other way to develop self-discipline and get all the benefits of life by realizing your potential!


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